Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS arrives in Japan on 13th September, which means that we're rapidly running out of time for Nintendo to formally finalise the roster and other features. Another perspective is that advertising and hype around the title is currently moving into full gear, and TV adverts will be a part of that.

The most recent TV commercial released by Nintendo is particularly entertaining, as it very literally — and we use the word correctly — applies the rules of Smash Bros. to real world players; you can check it out below.

We rather like this approach and certainly wouldn't object to similar adverts in the West; it also highlights the role of local multiplayer in the Japanese market, though the gamer in the train station is either in single player or has perhaps jumped onto some free wi-fi...

As a little bonus, below is the latest Cat Mario Show which shows off some nice footage of Smash Bros., an impressive speedrun in Super Mario 3D World and uses an adorable Link puppet to promote Mario Kart 8 DLC. Oddly, after the series kicked off in Europe it doesn't appear to have progressed beyond the first episode.