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Weirdness: Ocarina of Time is a Lot Less Legendary With Waluigi as the Hero

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The horror!

Poor old Waluigi. While Wario's obesity and capitalist greed nevertheless enables him to be relatively popular with a series of his own games, Waluigi's fate is to be a rather unloved member of the Nintendo family. He's just there, and those that declare themselves supporters of the purple one are relatively few in number.

Thanks to fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a lot of time on their hands, Waluigi now has the chance to be a true Hero. Naturally this utilises a hacked ROM, which is naughty, but it's so darn amusing that we can't help but watch.

Something tells us that this game wouldn't be widely considered one of the greatest games of all time with Waluigi as the star, but we'll never know; below is some footage of Waluigi's star turn.

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Bizzyb said:

Waluigi, best second banana ever...but like sir Dangerfield, can't get no respect.



2Sang said:

Waluigi of Time? Waluiigi Time Sakurai!
...just kidding maybe when he gets his own game he can join.



ueI said:

If this game existed it would have been followed by Wajora's Mask.



sinalefa said:

"However, there is one boy who does not have a personality..."

And his name is Waluigi.



DreamOn said:

Ocarina of Time commercials will be a lot less legendary without Robin Williams. Terrible news today. Heart out to Zelda Williams!



Chubblings said:

@ModestFan93 Yeah I was going to tell Thomas that too. However, Robin Williams' cause of death (which you most likely know), is not exactly something very appropriate for a website that can be viewed by younger children.



DiscoGentleman said:

@Chubblings Death is a part of all life. Shielding kids from it like it doesn't exist only makes them fear it more.
But, imo, it doesn't belong on this site really because Robin Williams has hardly anything to do with Nintendo other than having a daughter who was named after the Zelda series.



Megumi said:

This should be Waluigi's thing if he ever got his own official game. Going into other Nintendo games and wrecking them. >



redsoul91 said:

I always pictured Waluigi having an open city game where your goal is to make life as miserable for everyone else as possible



Dodger said:

First, The Legend of Waluigi: Ocarina of Waluigi Time. Next, the Legend of Waluigi: the Wind Breaker. The Legend of Waluigi: A Link to the Gas? This could be a series.



ZettaToad said:

The title of the article has a typo, it should read "more legendary." It's a pretty big one, but I'll let it slide.



Tsurii said:

@Xiao_Pai Waluigi remix? Waluigi Ware, but with bigger/longer stages?
man...I think that would be THE best thing they could do with him tbh



Link506 said:

All the things you could do with this hack. Anyone remember Princess Reto? Looks like Waluigi finally gets a girlfriend.



Genesaur said:

They really should take this all the way. Get those voice clips in there - it was weird hearing Link's shivering voice at the beginning. Change up that dialogue; "the legendary hero of Waluigi time," it should say.



DerpSandwich said:

I'll bet the guys at Nintendo will be pleased as punch to see this. ND's have shown that this is their exact brand of humor.



Megumi said:

@Tsurii897 Not a minigame compilation, though...but more like an adventure/platformer game with the Nintendo games being the stages. lol



Dolphin64 said:




Doge said:

THIS IS THE BEST EVAR. Plus he could easily fit, he doesnt talk like link does, only grunts



eltomo said:

Haha, love the dream scene, Waluigi doesn't even bother looking at Gannondorf he's that badass!

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