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Former Cing Vice President Would Like the Story of Hotel Dusk to Continue

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Seeking Kyle Hyde

The story of developer Cing is just about as morose as their cult hit adventure title, Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Signed on to develop with Nintendo, Cing released several interesting games, including Little King's Story and Another Code (aka Trace Memory), but were unable to escape a fate of bankruptcy. They released Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, a Hotel Dusk sequel found only in Japan and Europe, before disappearing into the night.

However, in the fashion of Hotel Dusk protagonist Kyle Hyde, Giulio Vitali at Italian site Nintendon went on a quest to find answers; namely about what happened to Cing after their departure and what future the Hotel Dusk series may have. Vitali ultimately found those answers with former Cing vice president Rika Suzuki, who was kind enough to grant an interview.

Suzuki speaks fondly of the former studio, emphasizing their style choices and desire for a narrative continuing over several games:

We, at Cing, were developing games by creating unique characters and a world which could not be found in previous Nintendo games and also by preparing scenarios keeping in mind future serial works.

We also emphasized originality for graphical expressions and incorporated rendering, game elements and sound effects which allow users to be immersed in a story. Although our games seem to have less aggressive elements, all of them are extremely challenging titles whose details we worked very meticulously.

Suzuki went on to open a new studio, Bellwood, but still keeps in touch with other former members of Cing. While the desire to continue the story of Hotel Dusk remains, the rights to directly do so are currently owned by Nintendo:

Kyle Hyde’s story has not ended in myself, yet. However, we gave the right concerning Kyle Hyde to Nintendo as a publisher so I cannot make a new game featuring Kyle without any permission.

Having said that, I hope that I will be able to produce his story, which is still going on in myself, in some different way to be delivered to players.

It's rough to see someone so closely involved with a property unable to finish all they had in mind for it. Hopefully Suzuki and others from Cing will be able to do so someday, in one form or another. The full interview with Suzuki can be found at Nintendon.


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onery said:

Please do! Nintendo, do consider bringing Cing back as their adventure games were lovely to play (except for Again... don't do that )...



DonSerrot said:

I remember Hotel Dusk fondly. I actually lost the original copy I had and bought a second copy just so I could go back to it again in the future. I didn't hear about what happened to Cing, though I did know they had done a sequel that never made it to the US. I'm actually kinda glad they passed on the rights to Nintendo. Maybe if enough people say they want it Nintendo could do something with the IP and let Bellwood work with them on it.



jahasnell said:

Hotel Dusk is one of my favorite DS games! I would absolutely love a sequel. Maybe even just an eShop exclusive.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

It's not like the 3ds Eshop gets anything unique, not even the indies are that great on the system so I welcome a sequel.



8BitSamurai said:

I'd really like to play this game sometime, it seems like something I'd really enjoy. It's always nice to see these sorts of games in general, really.



MrMonotone said:

EU Version of Last Window (and any other EU games for that matter), is region free. Scored my copy last year and would love a follow up.



SonataAndante said:

I love Hotel Dusk and bit the bullet on importing Last Window awhile back. It was a bit pricey, just a little bit, but I didn't care. I like Hyde and wish Cing hadn't closed it's doors. I'm not much for text heavy adventure games on PC but the style found on the DS was right up my alley. Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk/Last Window, all fantastic games.



Mr_Video said:

I really do hope Nintendo will consider another Hotel Dusk sequel, that game was amazing, a masterpiece even. I just wished the sequel could have been released in America...I'll cross my fingers for a worldwide release of Last Window when DS VC comes out.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I really enjoyed Hotel Dusk, they did a pretty good job turning crime-drama into a game. Maybe Nintendo could bring in the guys from Cing to wrap things up and do their own trilogy bundle, you kinda need to localize Last Window for a sequel to make much sense after all.

Didn't realize they also made Trace memory too, so I'll have to give that game a try one of these days.



sinalefa said:

it really is a strange coincidence that her last name is Suzuki and she is interested in making the third chapter of an interesting story.



DerpSandwich said:

I didn't know there was a Hotel Dusk sequel. Great to know there are sequels for both Hotel Dusk AND Trace Memory, neither of which I can play despite them already being in my language.

Gotta loooove that region locking. Makes a ton of sense to put out games that just can't be played by a huge percentage of the world despite them already being translated. For all we know the dev wouldn't have gone bankrupt if Nintendo would just be reasonable.



Morph said:

Always found it strange that nintendo didn't pick up cing, they already published a few of their games and obviously hold some rights to the games too. They were a very good studio and I think nintendo missed an opportunity to bring them under their umbrella.



MagicEmperor said:

Please continue it! I miss Kyle Hyde! (Being an American I imported Last Window. Thank goodness the DS wasn't region-locked!)



Garo said:

I'd pay big bucks for a third Kyle Hyde game. Fingers crossed that It'll happen someday.



luke88 said:

Absolutely adored little king's story. Would to see hotel dusk continued on wii u.



Dizzard said:

Here here!

Absolutely agree. I played both of the Kyle Hyde games and really enjoyed them. It really was awful to see Cing go under.

Nintendo doesn't have anything in that genre right now, I think it would be a smart move to start using the Kyle Hyde IP.



LunaticPandora said:

Man I hope they can make this a reality. Hotel Dusk, Last Window and the Another Codes were some of the most enjoyable point and clicks in years. It would also be nice if they could make that planned third Another Code, I was gutted about the way it ended with the sequel hook only for them to go under before they could do anything about it.



Solid_Stannis said:

Ahh, Cing games are nearly all of them classics. Miss those guys. I'd love to see another Kyle Hyde game!



Mr-DNA said:

I imported Last Window. It's the only video game I ever gave my girlfriend as a gift. (Its the only one she'd want as a gift.) I'm still bummed that I'll never see a release of Another Code R in the States, though.



Late said:

@DerpSandwich: DS games aren't region locked. You can import Last Window and play it on your DS/3DS. Same can't be said for Trace Memory sequel which is a Wii game.



Shambo said:

I remember being very hyped for Hotel Dusk when I first saw the first trailer. Hotel Dusk turned out to be one of my favourite, most memorable games ever. Last Window came so unexpected I literally had to try it in the store to make sure it was also about Kyle Hyde. And guess what? It was a little less memorable, but still better than the original. Only the movement controls were pretty weird. And the only reasons Last Window was less memorable, are:
-seen the style before (still A-friggin-MAZING!)
-it felt a bit weird to be 'home' and having to check the map to know where a certain neighbour lives, the first couple of times.

But please, PUH-LEASE (!!!) CONTINUE! Please bring back Cing! Aside from Again, I own all their Nintendo games still, and loved them all!



invictus4000 said:

Freakin love Hotel Dusk. One of my favorites from the DS era. I'd buy a sequel in a heartbeat for sure.



oats-81 said:

I loved Hotel Dusk and the sequel import. I think i'm one of the few who enjoyed and actually finished Again.



SilentHunter382 said:

I really hope so. Loved Hotel dusk and Last Window. I was disappointed that Cing had to go bankrupt but at least Suzuki would love to continue the series.



zip said:

Title is misleading. Hotel Dusk already has a continuation of its story in Last Window. Just because it didn't receive a north american localization, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Plus it's the better game out of the two.



Metal_Slugger said:

I would like to see Hotel Dusk, or something similar for the WiiU. I think it would be interesting.



Ven said:

Ok, hotel dusk was epic, last window was great, and for those of you greasing the region lock, please get a emulator and just get the rom for last window. Screw those $60 amazon prices, I went for the best deal, a iOS emulator with thousands of Roms.

GO COOLROM!!!!!!!!!!!



Henmii said:

Nintendo could at least offer Hotel Dusk (and its sequel/prequel, and Another code DS) on the Wii u vc. That way people who never played those games (like me) can try it out.



Yasume said:

Man, I would love a 3rd installment. I remember them saying they also had plans for a 3rd Another Code/Trace Memory game.

@zip: Hotel Dusk is the name of the franchise.



Eldoon said:

Didn't think I'd happen upon an article like this. Did a bit of a double take!

I'm glad to see something come out of the former Cing folks — and to know they are still in contact with each other! --, especially this in-depth. It got really damn quiet and I didn't like it one bit. I love every facet of Hotel Dusk and Last Window and hope has been a bit restored for the possibility a new entry.

By the way, I totally paid about $60 for my copy through Play-Asia three and a half years ago. Big ol' light grey/silver PAL case in the middle of my black DS game collection.



zip said:

@Yasume No, Hotel Dusk isn't the name of the franchise. Why do you think that? The second game is named "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West". As you see, no Hotel Dusk there.



sevex said:

Such awesome news! I really liked Hotel Dusk and absolutely love Last Window. (Imported from the UK, suck it NOA.)

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