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Sat 22nd Jun 2013

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Sonic_Phantom commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

What a farce - make a toy line that:
1) only adult fans can get anywhere near
2) risks alienating the younger audience
3) is irrelevent to everyone else, as the toys are nowhere near stores and sold out online

They could stock more Shulk, Ness and Lucina if they wanted to, but no, they're generating an increasingly tiresome treasure hunt which, if anything, is perpetuating the image of a niche brand rather than increasing their mainstream exposure.



Sonic_Phantom commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (Europe):

I cannot get my head around this sort of thing. It's as if someone at NoE enjoys trolling the minority who cares enough (like me!).

It's even worse that Wii U forces 60hz onto 50hz games which creates an odd stutter - this is not a problem in Wii mode so why they won't patch it for Wii U mode is baffling.



Sonic_Phantom commented on Mega Video Game Fan Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Nor...:

Well as long as the seller is sure... sellers remorse can creep up on you years later in my experience. I'd definitely end up regretting the sale to some extent if it was me (especially the Mario and Zelda lines, which he's clearly fond of).



Sonic_Phantom commented on Pikmin 3 Listed As £39.99 On The Wii U eShop ...:

Good shout. I just tried what you described and now have Pikmin 3 ordered for £23.76. I'm trying the same with W101.

£39.99 for a console-tied download or £23.76 for a more tangible product that I can sell later if I want? I think physical is clearly the better deal in this case even considering the 30% off W101 deal.



Sonic_Phantom commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (Europe):

I suppose it depends on what you value. I see something like this Pilotwings as worth the price. If Nintendo stick to these prices and they sell well enough, I think it reflects well on the value of Nintendo's history.

That said, I'd only pay for Pilotwings with clarification that its an uncompromising version. The "optimized" PAL Balloon Fight from last week is a shambles.



Sonic_Phantom commented on Poll: Are You in the DLC Brigade?:

@WiiLovePeace Theatrhythm: FF is a great example of tempting DLC menus that get on my nerves. If you don't buy it all, the DLC menu will constantly remind you that your package is incomplete because you haven't got 52 out of 52 DLC songs.
First I ended up choosing my favourite songs but eventually gave in to songs I was indifferent about, like from FF XI. 40+ pounds is annoying but Nintendo/Square obviously did well out of me!



Sonic_Phantom commented on Poll: Are You in the DLC Brigade?:

I think the Fire Emblem DLC is actually some of the best content in the game and I've begrudgingly ended up paying up. Unfortunately, the game is a superior package when you include its DLC.

I find the whole concept of DLC unsavory as it prays on peoples natural desire for completeness. I'm the kind of person who's bothered by missing manuals in second-hand boxed games and missing DLC feels similar. That tempting menu of paid-for add-on content never goes away and its irritating.

I like to think I'll avoid DLC-heavy games in the future but unfortunately I'm voting more and more with my wallet...