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Metal Gear Solid, Ace Attorney, Hotel Dusk... I'm set.

Sun 25th August, 2013

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Eldoon commented on Former Cing Vice President Would Like the Stor...:

Didn't think I'd happen upon an article like this. Did a bit of a double take!

I'm glad to see something come out of the former Cing folks — and to know they are still in contact with each other! --, especially this in-depth. It got really damn quiet and I didn't like it one bit. I love every facet of Hotel Dusk and Last Window and hope has been a bit restored for the possibility a new entry.

By the way, I totally paid about $60 for my copy through Play-Asia three and a half years ago. Big ol' light grey/silver PAL case in the middle of my black DS game collection.



Eldoon commented on Exclusive: Shin'en Multimedia Bringing Art of ...:

This is exactly what I've wanted and I'm so glad it's actually happening. Hopefully if this does well enough, a sequel or downloadable content will be in order.

Why I loved Art of Balance on 3DS is because of the fantastic music. With a new, ambient song to accompany you in each new world really showed where their hearts were with the game, and it was only $7. $7 got you just about 200 levels.

What I also loved was the loose/forgiving fail-state. If your perilously stacked tower of terror is wibbling and wobbling and in the midst of falling down, you can still win as long as the countdown hits three and none of it hits the water. I've gotten a "Level Cleared!" with my pieces barely an inch away from the surface. It's hilarious and satisfying and makes me wish Miiverse existed then so I could screencap that stuff.

Now that I think about it, a level creator would be friggin' amazing and would provide everlasting replay value.



Eldoon commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

Here's a great image that recounts everything everyone is outraged about, and I recommend you view it: (yikes)
[open links in new tabs for full images]
The tweets you see in the first image were then deleted. She locked her Twitter, deleted the offending tweets, and unlocked it. Maximum sketchy.

In the end, I just wanted a successor to Mega Man. I just want to play video games.



Eldoon commented on Nintendo States Its Wii U Case With a Holiday ...:

@GN004Nadleeh When you're putting down 300 bones on a console that supports backwards compatibility and has a pack-in game, it's actually quite a humble asking price.

I never thought I'd say it at this stage of the Wii U's market life, but I think it has the quality games to justify its purchase. 3D World was the tipping point.



Eldoon commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

Yeah, this game is inundated with typos. I've played through all the Ace Attorneys barring AAI2 and it is absolutely nuts how many errors slipped by; it's never been this bad.

And some of these errors then appear in flashback scenes multiple times which gave them extra chances to catch them. It's mind boggling. Overall though, the dialogue so far is kind of flat, and I'm disappointed that you can't examine anything outside of crime scenes. Typos seem to be the least of the game's issues.



Eldoon commented on Hardware: Here's What The Nintendo 2DS Looks L...:

@KnightRider666 Until you've had a hands-on experience with the XL Circle Pad, don't speak for its quality. And seeing as how there are presently only 9~ games that support a second circle pad out of a library of 200+, I see why it's not in Nintendo's cards to implement an underused feature.

If this isn't something you want to discuss, don't outlandishly call for Nintendo to put out yet another hardware redesign that would make the system even more expensive for no good purpose. Same goes for before the XL's production.