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Yacht Club Games Gives a Shovel Knight Localisation Update, With Pixel Graphics

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Still only at the early stages, sadly

Shovel Knight, from Yacht Club Games, is one of the best titles to arrive on the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores this year — it's a platformer with plenty of loving nods to retro ideas and aesthetics, yet moves beyond mere nostalgia with terrific design and wonderful gameplay. We put it through its paces on both systems, and it scored 9/10 on both Wii U and 3DS.

A number of North American Nintendo gamers, no doubt, already know this, but unfortunately the title is yet to make it to other regions. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this is the studio's first game and publication, and it's struggled to get the game over the line and available to all backers and gamers within its original deadlines. Necessary growing pains, perhaps, but frustrating for those in Europe, Australia and Japan keen to enjoy the game.

Yacht Club Games has published a welcome update on its official website with the rather awesome pixel-based progress bars, below, showing where each region stands in the localisation process — the news isn't particularly good, though some additional steps are close to being completed.

The whole article is worth a read due to the level of detail it provides, while it ends with a promise to keep working hard to complete an International release.

As you can probably see, releasing one game in every territory in the world is not a small amount of work, especially for a team of half a dozen people. That said, any amount of work can be conquered, and so we’re doing our best to get this game out to everyone as fast as we can!! All lessons learned here will help us know what to expect next time around, and plan even better for a simultaneous worldwide release for new games! We’ll try to keep this page updated in the future, so if you’re curious about how long it is until you can see Shovel Knight in your territory, keep this page bookmarked! Thanks again, and I hope everyone can enjoy Shovel Knight soon!

Are you impatiently waiting for this, or enjoying it in North America and feeling a bit smug? Let us know, without the smugness, ideally, below.


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User Comments (58)



KTT said:

@Unca_Lz I heard it's because Nintendo wants West games being introduced by a Japanese publisher so Japanese will get quality stuff only.



Vader_MIB said:

If they release it next year in Europe, i will have forgotten it and will pass probably.



Peach64 said:

Thankfully it's been available on Steam for weeks! I may rebuy on 3DS when it arrives.



Crimzonlogic said:

I'd be a smug North American player except for the fact that I can't buy games right now. I want to enjoy the awesomeness that is shovelry, too. D:



sinalefa said:

That's a looong road ahead of you, Shovel Knight. Hopefully you are a fast runner.



Emblem said:

If its not hitting before October i don't think i'll be getting it any time soon due to the sheer amount of Wii U,PS4,3DS and PC games i currently have pre-ordered.

I anticipate it will be 75% off in the Winter Steam sale but i'd really prefer to play this type of game on the gamepad.



Wouwter said:

Ugh, that localisation will probably take a lot of time and then we'll just get the (US?) English language version here (in the Netherlands). Just release the English version.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Read the whole thing now and i hope i can still play the game in English even when downloading it in the German eShop.

YachtClubGames wrote:

Some rating boards might want to play through the entire game firsthand!

I'd definitely want to do that as well. These guys want to have some fun too, you know.



readyletsgo said:

Oh well, will have forgotten about it by the time Europe gets it. Pity.

Unless its €3 on the WiiU/3DS when released here.



SuperCharlie78 said:

So frustrating...

I'll probably pick the pc version in some Humble Indie Bundle for 4-5 euros along with other 8 games, every day without the game on the european eShop I'm less keen to spend 15 euros for it.



anthonysea said:

Wow, they actually trying to release this game in Japan. Most Western Developers would just skip Japan. Since they need a publisher, i know who they can hire.



SanderEvers said:

@Savino There is more than "English" in our world. And translating a game / book / movie / etc simply costs a lot of time (and money).

If you want the game so badly, you can always buy the PC version.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think it will still be worth saving my eShop voucher for this but I might not be able to wait, in which case I will get an RPG from the VC.

Golden Sun or Mario & Luigi? I've never played either.



Jazzer94 said:

I hate having to wait for localisation when the game is already in english a better system would be releasing an english only version and a english plus the rest of the languages.



0utburst said:

It was asked before in the comments section. Most recommended M&Luigi first but you should get GS too sometime.

Anyway, Butt Mode in Italian? I'm not an Italian but I think it will be "Modalita Culo". LMAO



Rubyace said:

I was so excited when I saw the initial review that I missed the part of game not being in EU yet. Now I have some money on my eShop account patiently waiting for Shovel Knight to appear so that I can play it on Wii U. Just going to wait for that and skip the PC version.



smikey said:

From the looks of those pictures I'll be playing the American version long before the uk one as I'll have an Nstc wii u next by mid September if not before.



Ninhau said:

at least we know theyre working on it. hope it hits the euro shores soon



AlexSora89 said:

A simple "yeah, it will come out in Europe" would have sufficed. Still, I wonder how interested in the game I will be, in the post-3DS Smash Bros. period...



AlexSora89 said:

"Culo" means a-s-s, which in turn only means the rear end in general, rather than any part of it. Conversely, a less vulgar term is "chiappe", meaning "buttocks" - it's still very informal ("natiche" and "glutei" are the more formal equivalents), but I don't know how that one will fly.
Just asking, but how did you know about "culo"? Did you watch Dana Carvey's Master Of Disguise?



Hony said:

Nothing smug about my enjoyment. Ok maybe a little. Either way, can't wait for you all to get your hands on it, it's surprisingly amazing.
I say surprisingly because these nostalgia games almost never live up to the hype, and this game hits home so hard and the mechanics are an absolute blast that the hype is far exceeded for me.



0utburst said:

I work here in Italy. for "butt", I think " culo" would be more appropriate on what the devs are trying to convey. I don't really speak well in Italian to be honest.



unrandomsam said:

@SanderEvers I did buy the PC version. I hope this isn't used in any argument about people in the EU not supporting Nintendo though (What do they expect).

If I had backed it though then I would be seriously annoyed by this point.



Geonjaha said:

NA tends to be ahead with the releases or localisations most of the time. I'd be able to deal with this better if we got some of those six Mega Man VC titles for the 3DS sometime soon. Please? Compared to that, having the GBC Pokémon TCG seems like nothing.



Monkeh said:

I think there'll be far too many other things to enjoy when Shovel Knight finally releases over here.



Savino said:

@SanderEvers yep... And as a brazilian I can agree with you, although I'm tempting to believe that most people wouldn't mind play the game in english and you can always add another language via patch later, for those who, whatever the reason, feel the need to play a game like this in other language!

I mean, I speak portuguese and never had problem to play any game in english... In fact, I can only thanks games for making me able to talk to you right now!!

I will rectify my point here, for most games localization is meaningless and can be added later!



cfgk24 said:

@anthonysea I have Japanese friends desperate for this game lol. Fortunately, I downloaded it into my U.S. import 3dsl. It's brilliant!



Prizm said:

In Australia here, and already bought and beat the Steam version. Great game.
Looking at those development progress pics — man what a pain in the ass for the creators. I have a hunch that getting this game through Japan's system will be a one in a million shot (disdain for western developers, closed-country mentality that NOJ seems to still cling to).



Steel76 said:

Got it on PC, and it´s even better than I had expected
Will buy it again on the Wii U, when it´s released here in EU, as this games will feel more at home on a Nintendo console



SecondServing said:

The wait will be worth it my European and Austrailian brothers and sisters. I'm really enjoying Shovel Knight!



SleepyCrossing said:

All I have to say to those in regions that Shovel Knight hasn't come to yet is.. do NOT pass on this game. Waiting is annoying, but the quality is simply perfection.



Dezzy said:

Why on earth do they wait for the ratings before doing the localization? I assume the main part of that is just the translating into non-english languages. Why don't they have that done ahead of time and then just make any necessary adjustments after getting the rating?
Essentially what's happening is that english speaking europeans are having to wait for the french, german, spanish etc. Ridiculous nonsense. It's stuff like this that leads people to hate the EU.



TingLz said:

@Dezzy If you look at their website, they are already working on the translations. Part of the problem is having to redo text bubbles to fit all languages



Demmi-Alpha said:

Uhg. I've been waiting for so long! Perhaps I'll buy it through Steam? I'm not sure if it's worth the wait...



Finntendo said:

Umm, you do realise that they won't be translating to every European language? But oh the big ones: German, Spanish, French, Italian.. don't know about Russian.
But I'll wait. Could bribe hubby to buy it on Steam but he'd never let me stay on his PC so long that I could actually play it..

It's amazing how well we played games as a kid even everything has always been in English and we start studing it on 3rd grade. Oh well, back in SNES days the instruction booklet was in Finnish. Or at least a printed paper with some instructions (like F-Zero GX ).

Yet my coffee machine is even harder to maintain, since the only piece of instruction I have is in German (lol, studied that for 7yrs and all I can do is order a beer and count numbers.. )



Ferret said:

Pathetic. It's not as if they have to change anything at all for the australian version. Tempted not to even buy it with this level of delay.



Sionyn said:

agreed red tape nonsense from the like of silly parent groups and politicians with nothing better to do. than worrying about finding something to blame Jimmy bad behaviour on.

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