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Violetta: Rhythm & Music Coming To 3DS, Wii and DS, Yet Shimmying Past Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's a "smash hit television show", we're told

Little Orbit, the masters of licensed games and no doubt literally rolling around in mounds of crisp dollar bills during lunch breaks, is taking another IP and pushing it out as a game. This time it's Disney's Violetta, a "tween telenovela" broadcast in Latin America and Europe, which is coming to 3DS, Wii and DS as Violetta: Rhythm and Music; the Wii U clearly isn't groovy enough to handle it.

Published by Bandai Namco, it'll hit stores on 26th September, promising rhythm based games around dancing and song writing along with, wait for it, "creative quiz questions". We're sure it'll be fun for the target audience, but do have fears of appalling mediocrity — yes, we're judging a game by its cover.

No news on a North American release as, well, the TV show doesn't seem to be broadcast in the region, so this will come to Latin America, Europe and Australasia. If you want to know what it's all about there's an excerpt from the press release and a video below — think Glee, but with a lower budget.

The Violetta TV show tells the story of a musically talented teenager who returns to her hometown of Buenos Aires with her father after living in Europe for several years. There she finds friends, discovers true love and a passion for music as she navigates the trials and tribulations of growing up. Each episode includes original musical numbers from diverse musical genres.

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Tsurii said:

"It's a "smash hit television show", we're told"
As much as a hit as Sonic Boom is already? lol

Not sure if it's a bad or a good thing, that this skips the U tbh.



Haxonberik said:

Wow, it never ceases to surprise me what Disney gives a game to (I'm from Latin America and have unfortunately heard a little too much of this series)



alLabouTandroiD said:

There was a flesh palace called Violetta in the city where i lived as a child. This name will never sound right to me.



Nintendzoey said:

What a joke. Bandai Namco is the same company responsible for Disney Magical World (although Nintendo published it in NA). So they can bring this Disney (?) (never heard of it) game to Australia but not Magical World? What gives?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Seriously, how is Disney still so popular when all they do is screw with kids' perception of a 'normal life', just to rip them off at the next corner?
This stuff here is yet another magical Disney low point, and I'm beyond done with them...



TriforceShoe said:

This won't end well, even my seven year old sister thinks the show is "SO STUPIDLY ANNOYINGLY DUMB". (Her words, not mine. Though she's not too far off...)



sillygostly said:

I strongly, strongly doubt that this will be released in Australasia.

Zumba: World Party wasn't even given an eShop release here despite being released on Wii and Xbox 360 at retail. Barbie: Dreamhouse Party and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge were eShop only (mind you, the latter was publicised in the Australian media for being the first game to be issued an R18+ classification), and One Piece wasn't even released at all (despite the availability of the 3DS version at retail as well as the $120+ limited edition for PS3 -.-).



ekreig said:

@Tsurii897 I was thinking the same thing when I read this. I'm thinking I should just go ahead and put "executive producer of smash hit TV show" on my resume; this stuff apparently isn't fact-checked very often!



sinalefa said:


I am too but I don't watch TV at all, so I have been able to escape from this, but not from Reggaeton. You can't win all the time, I guess.



EverythingAmiibo said:

BLEEEEUUUURGHOh man, oh man, why! Oh, maBLEEEEUUUUUUUURGHI just wasted 5 minutes of my life and took off five years!! That was disgusting! WHY?!?!...BLEEEEEUUUURGH



SirQuincealot said:

yeah, so if the music in the game is anything like the that video There will be no question that theres a question of why this game got made. i mean did they get actual tweens to write the music and lyrics? that would be the only way that song is excusable



Stu13 said:

The Wii iron is hot and Nintendo is poised to strike it with this game.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

You know there in it for sales when it skips Wii U. At least Wii U is capable of skipping shovelware.



AlexSora89 said:

As some of you might remember, I'm Italian, and let me say - I'm not enthusiastic about this at all. In fact, around here Violetta kind of symbolizes the way southern american "kid operas" (as if the concept of a kid-oriented soap opera makes any bit of sense) have overtaken animation when it comes to [mostly] children's programming. Really, you yanks thought CN Real was bad? Check our major broadcasting stations out, and witness the near-complete abandonment of animation.
Bottom-line: not a fan.



Volmun said:

the Lip Syinc is terrible and I was ready to give this a fer look (thinking the clip may have been gameplay but no) ik its a kids thing but really? they couldn't have acted out the rutean better!? half the time when they were "Singing" there mouths wear not even moving...



Hy8ogen said:

I usually feel sorry for Wii U owners when games skipped the Wii U. But not this one.



HopeNForever said:

@Volmun Don't be surprised the lip sync is off. This Disney-branded show was originally in Spanish actually, and later dubbed into English for its pan-European release. Yeah, who said all of Disney's productions are of American origins?



DarkEdi said:

Why is in english the video? And what about the game? is a karaoke or a just dance style game?



SethNintendo said:

I'll never understand how shows like this and glee can be popular. Makes me want to bash my head against the wall.



Fidu21 said:

Listen to me, and listen well. This show airs where i'm from, and this is my honest opinion on it:

IT'S AWFULDOGGIEPOOPOO. Superman 64: The Show would be around 9000 times better than this crap!



JacketsNest101 said:

@SethNintendo Agreed. Random question: Is it sad that I can take one look at your avatar and know exactly what game series, and game, he is from? Fire Emblem FTW!!!!!



GC-161 said:

I was looking over the news articles here and notice that this article had nearly 40 comments.

So naturally, I was curious to know what could possibly attract people to talk about a game based on a Tween show from South America.

Reading the comments, I understood the appeal. It's hatin' time!

Now I dunno how things are in other countries. But the Disney Channel in the US is full of these live action shows. They call them telenovelas down there. But its the same crap up here. No big difference from what I can tell.

But one thing is for sure, I won't waste any more time hating on this game. That clearly, CLEARLY is not targeting me. But is instead targeting tweens.

I say, let them have they lousy games based on even lousier shows.



KDChronos said:

@GC-161 Well Telenovelas or "Soup Operas" and TV Shows "Comedy", are a little bit different, but yes this is one of the few LA Shows from Disney Channel, and it has a lot more from what it should have. And well this is not the first LA Dance Game to come to the wii, but i'm surprised this one get a Different region release. (Sorry for my bad English)



Action51 said:

For whatever reason this shovel-ware is staying off the Wii U.


Having useless entertainment tie-in licensed shovel-ware can only hurt the profile of the Wii U...third party shortage aside, it's better to have a small library of prestigious games.



Action51 said:

I went back and actually started to watch the I have a wide and varied taste in music, and I can appreciate good pop music even if it's not what I might listen to or purchase...

That was bottom of the barrel bad...I don't think kids actually like this, they just don't have anything else of better quality to watch - even the production values and dub over were cheap and lazy.



Inkling said:

You know what would be better than this?
Crickets sounds
No, not nothing, but a cricket sound



retro_player_22 said:

I'm glad this meh game ain't hitting Wii U so we don't have to see too many bargain bin trash for the system.



ManateeBlubber said:

@TantXL Well, it went down the toilet as soon as Disney Channel was founded. Even Pixar's losing its touch, in my opinion. Sequel after sequel, and Planes. Oh gosh...
@Dr_Corndog Well, iCarly was mildly entertaining. The Thundermans, tho... eck. It makes me cringe. And don't get me started on SpongeBob. I can quote him in about any situation.
But, in reality, the girl in this video made me cringe. Literally. She's weird-looking, and she lip-syncs terribly. Either that or I have a laggy browser.



SyntheticPerson said:

Yeah, in Spain all the young girls love Violetta. I wonder how long it takes for the actress to 'do a Miley Cyrus' and go a bit insane.



DBPirate said:

It goes to the DS and it doesn't go to the Wii U. That's about as logical as that Fifa game going to the Wii but not the Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

Why did the people coming up with the term tween not use something else. (I presume anybody doing that sort of thing has read Lord of the Rings so would know the definition used there which is a more meaningful one).

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