If you're looking for video games, creativity, and urban culture, all three intersect in Toronto, Canada. Not only does the city boast a sizable indie scene, but signs of gaming love sometimes leak out onto the streets as well.

An artist under the pseudonym "Andrew Lamb" has been slapping healthy doses of nostalgia over the Neighbourhood Watch signs in Toronto, replacing the standard (and some might say rather creepy) logos with characters from classic shows, movies, and games.

Several fan favorites on Nintendo systems have made an appearance, including Tanooki Suit Mario, Link, Samus, and Mega Man. We have made a gallery of the above signs here, but Lamb's entire repertoire can be viewed on his Instagram page.

According to a CBC interview, Lamb is aware what he does is considered vandalism, but he has received only a couple complaints while altering signs in broad daylight:

What I'm doing is technically illegal, but I don't feel it's ethically or morally wrong. So there might be a fine some day but I kind of feel like that's money well spent. I'm not that worried about it.

While we at Nintendo Life do not recommend breaking the law, what do you think of Lamb's retro displays? Feel free to sound off below, but remember: you never know who may be watching.

Well, aside from moderators.

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