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Moon Chronicles Lands on the 3DS eShop in North America on 15th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

First episode to cost $8.99

Moon Chronicles, the enhanced and episodic remake of Renegade Kid's DS retail title Moon, will make its 3DS eShop début on 15th May in North America.

As previously revealed this will be released in four parts, with the opening section costing the most and including a sizeable chunk of the storyline. It is a "season", with the following structure:

  • Episode 1: $8.99 (contains chapters 1 - 4 + 6 VR Missions: ~4 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 2 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 5 - 8: ~2 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 3 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 9 - 12: ~2 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 4 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 13 - 16: ~2 hours of gameplay).

This first season, as highlighted above, is a remake of Moon, while a planned second season will feature a new story. As for a release of this first season in Europe, the studio's co-founder Jools Watsham has told us the following.

Now that Episode 1 is approved, we're working hard to finish the remaining episodes (2, 3, and 4) in one focused effort. Our plan is to submit the game to NOE when we have all episodes completed, so a confident release plan for Europe can be scheduled.

The latest trailer is below — are you interested in picking up the first episode next week, North American gamers?

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Liquid_ice said:

Okay, let's think for a second... When should I be able to get this game? I live in Europe, so... January 2015? Summer 2015? Or should we be absurdly optimistic: Winter 2014?

I really do like Renegade Kid, because Mutant Mudds (for which I'm waiting for an update) is probably the best game in 3DS' eShop. That said, I'm really disappointed for the fact that we Europeans have to wait half a year / 1 year more than Americans for one game. I don't even know if I should be excited or sad about this new trailer and other information we got today.



Tops said:

Not really my kind of game but glad to see them finally start releasing stuff.

I don't want to sound impatient or greedy but I'm looking more forward to Treasurenauts and the MM update. Hopefully they'll come soon.



ToniK said:

@6ch6ris6 They've said before that the european rating system is a pain in the butt. I'd think that's the reason.



lividd3ad said:

I have to say the trailer kinda turned me off the game. Graphically, it's nothing special and the framerate looked a little shaky in some clips. I'd be lying if I said I was excited in the first place (I'm terrible at FPSes) but this combined with the news that Europe won't get it until a long time after America (as with Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which we didn't get at all) leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

At least there's Treasurenauts.



XFsWorld said:

Uh the gameplay looks kinda sloppy.

Would have been nice if there was a demo.



PJR0cks said:

I don't have a 3DS, but if I did, I would rather play FPS with graphics that don't remind me of the original doom.



Stargazer said:

For a remake of a mediocre game it is a bit too expensive. The only thing the original had going for it was a nice atmosphere and the remote control vehicle thing.



Savino said:

I still have the original one so I dont see many reasons to buy it again... They needed to improve way more this game to get my atention a second time!



AyeHaley said:

Nice! Thanks Jools/Renegade Kid! I've never played the DS version so this is pretty cool and 15 bucks for the entire season isn't a bad deal after all I think this will be my first 3DS shooter. (if you don't count RE:R or Kid Icarus)

Scram Kitty, Kirby and Moon Chronicles next week Sorry wallet..



iescalie said:

I will buy the first episode and decide from that whether I want to purchase additional episodes.



Nico07 said:

I will probably buy the first episode to try it out. It was ok on the DS, and with this more or less being the first FPS game out on the 3DS, aside from the RE games (I'm not counting the on rail shooter eShop games) I want to try it out.

I would be happy with a RARE re-release of the original Goldeneye 64 in 3D with online play, but that is never going to happen.



Zemus-DJ said:

@PJR0cks I kinda like the original Doom xD what's funny is this trailer reminds me kinda of doom and then I was thinking "hey we need a Doom for 3ds" lol. thou I understand your point. I guess it's my "age" grafix mean nothing to me, playing from atari 2600 on.



WaveGhoul said:

I really enjoyed the first Demntium on the DS, but i could never really get into Moon. Maybe the stereoscopic 3D may help immersive me into this generic barren & dull looking First Person Space romper. Take my money honey!



daveh30 said:

I can't get over the people complaining that this is too expensive. This could have just as easily been put on a cart and retailed for $40. Remake or not, its a full game, $15 is not expensive.



Itglows said:

Yeah I really don't have any desire to play First person shooters on my 3ds. I don't even like shooter's on my consoles with two analog sticks, shooters were meant for Pc's imo.

Really looking forward to Treasurenauts though.



PJR0cks said:

well I started my gaming on Atari too, I was 3 or 4 back then, but I never got doom really, it just made me dazy, I hated first person shooters back then, until 1998 that I played Half Life and it suddenly changed my gaming world, and it started there and was followed by Unreal Tournament, counter strike and more recent games like COD, I just don't think I want to go back to those times you know, I guess I appreciate all that's been achieved in the genre. having said all that, Doom was one of the games that started it all, so no disrespect intended, and I know you aren't the only one that really liked that game.



bizcuthammer said:

Cool. At $9, i'll try it out later this summer when i have more time and stuff. June is so packed for me that i'm not even sure how often i'll be able to play Mario Kart 8, let alone get to all the great eshop and VC games that have come out lately and arr coming soon. Too many games to play, not enough time or money.



kyuubikid213 said:

Might be getting this. My Circle Pad Pro hasn't gotten much use after I beat Resident Evil Revelations.



tj3dsXL said:

@daveh30 Amen to that ! I'm happy that nintendolife called out the prices a LONG time ago too ! Some how they knew *wink *wink !!!!



tj3dsXL said:

@kyuubikid213 What did you think of R.E.R w/ the CPP? That game took me from Mario bros platfrom style to Real Life Pro-Pad radicalness/leved-up my gaming skills in a way no other hand held game had prior! Nano Assult EX is also really cool to play with the CPP !



Action51 said:

Hey! it's...Quake 1?

Meh...not impressive. I don't just mean the graphics, but the art-style and design is quite bland. I don't want to shoot floating glowy-ball-things in dull corridors.



AG_Awesome said:

I cant wait. I got glitched out of the original so Ill finally be able to beat this thing. I just hope it plays well with the circle pad. Ideally we will have a lot of customizable controls/sensitivity sliders to make sure it does.



kyuubikid213 said:

@tj3dsXL It's pretty great. It's a little weird because I hadn't played third person Resident Evil with dual analog control until then. Once I got used to it though, it worked out well. The walking animation can look a little funny at times if you start strafing, but otherwise, it's an enjoyable option to have that changes up the game a bit.

If you really want a shake up in Revelations, try using Gyro aim.



tj3dsXL said:

@kyuubikid213 OMG = so fluid !!! I def. have a new wrinkle in my brain...i had no idea this was an option, i gotta learn to truly "play" around with ALL the settings from now on ! Thank U



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@kereke12 As others have said, if you consider $15 is too much for a game then... This isn't the App Store. I wish all games, including retail packaged ones, were all $15!

Anyhow, I'm excited this is already here just about! I played some of it on DS but never got a chance to finish it (was a friend's cart and had to give it back lol). Plus, the Circle Pad ought to make controlling things a lot easier this time around and the updated graphics, 3D... Oh, man! Haha. And I'm cool with the pricing strategy: I don't mind paying for episodic releases.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

1) Episodes 2-4 are considered to be the "first season" and are still in development.
2) Anyone wanting to play the game is required to pony up the cash for episode 1 (which is the remake of the original DS game). After episode 1, you'll be able to purchase a season pass for the remaining episodes when episode 2 drops.



JoakimZ said:

This trailer makes me want to play this game. The gameplay looks very old school, which I love, and the music reminds me of Doom
Will buy this when/if it comes to Europe.



El_Scorpio said:

So let's summarize it. Renege Kid made slightly enhanced remake of DS game. Game, which is pretty mediocre and it's original version is 100% compatibile with 3DS system. They decided to release it only via eShop on the platform, which has no proper account system and all digital titles are bound to specific piece of hardware. And on top of that - episodic release. And they expected money for that... And my question is - are they nuts?!



Shambo said:

I still have the DS cartridge, for which I payed more than double. Since we have to wait that much longer, I might just play through the DS game again, then maybe still get it. After all, I've been aching to see an FPS with stylus aiming, in 3D, since LAUNCH OF THE 3DS! DS shooters worked great, most of the time! And while Kid Icarus Uprising felt a bit weird on the controls, it was still an amazing game! Resident Evil had no touch aiming (although the variety of other options all worked great), and I gave up hoping to ever see a Dementium 3. Now with Cult County's future being unclear...



tj3dsXL said:

(っ-●益●)っ ,︵‿ USA = "1st" on the MOON once again this time !!! [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]



unrandomsam said:

@c1pher_c0mplet Its a poor deal considering the competition. Which is Ironfall for the 3DS. Borderlands 2 for the Vita (Which is only slightly more and still a port but of a much better game). Or say Doom Classic Complete on PSN. Moon was rubbish to start with. It is also not far off say Deus Ex : Human Revolution Directors Cut for the Wii U. They are all similar type of situations.

Ironfall certain looks a far better proposition (And $15 for that would be fine or more). (Old demo).

(It is not the cost its the awful quality in relation to the cost associated with Renegade Kid).



Jaz007 said:

Sweet, I think if I buy this , it'll be when all of them are out. Because this really is one game being released in stages, and a rather unique payment plan.



Firebird360 said:

Is that music from the game? Or does anyone know what it is? That's worth the $9 alone, if its in the game.

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