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1001 Spikes Hitting 3DS and Wii U on 3rd June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

With a $5 loyalty discount for 3DS owners

1001 Spikes — formerly known as Aban Hawkins & the 1,001 Spikes — has been a long time coming for the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores, and Nintendo gamers may have been disappointed when it was announced earlier this week for a 3rd June arrival on Sony systems in North America, with no mention of the Nintendo platforms. Nicalis has now issued a press release confirming the title for both Nintendo systems in the region on that same date, though there is a positive and equally a negative with that news.

To start with the positive, 3DS owners that own another Nicalis game on the system — VVVVVV, NightSky, Cave Story, Ikachan or Grinsia — will receive a $5 discount on 1001 Spikes. That means it'll cost $9.99 instead of $14.99 for those gamers on 3DS.

The downside is that Nicalis has found " a few issues" at the 11th hour, and the initial releases will have those issues — on the flipside it says "Nintendo has assured us that an update could be issued within a couple of days of release to knock out those bugs". As a result the studio has decided to release the games alongside the other platforms and will, presumably, get that fix applied promptly.

1001 Spikes should be tempting to platformer fans, particularly those up for a challenge, as it cites its difficulty level as a key factor — you have 1001 lives to get through the game, obtaining a key and getting to the exit in every level. As well as single player action there will be competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes, too.

At the time of writing there's been no mention of a European release for the title — on 3DS or Wii U. If you're in North America, however, are you planning to pick this up next week?

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lividd3ad said:

I want it on Wii U, but that 3DS discount sure is tempting...

That said, I'll be waiting a while for it either way. Europe.



Drac_Mazoku said:

Stop releasing games Nicalis, fix the whole freezing mess that is Grinsia right now, you know, the game you released 3 weeks ago only!!! This is really something, not content to release buggy products, they now warn us in advance that the product will be buggy. WOW! I don't know what to say!



Webby-sama said:

Ehhhhh maaaayyybe? I do have Cave Story so five bucks off is nice, but it's going to be broken on release. Maybe I'll see what the all around word is and go from there.



brandonbwii said:

If I get it it'll be on Wii U because of the ease of multiplayer.

From my understanding they did release a patch for Grinsia. Since I don't own the game I don't know how it turned out though.



wicked636 said:

I was thinking about buying this until i seen 14.99.Also does anyone know if pier solar will be out next week?I think i read before e3 so hopefuly.



Drac_Mazoku said:

@brandonbwii Oh the patch, yeah, they released it because of EVERYONE getting freeze when entering Harva Town, which is a major town for many side-stuff. BUT even with the patch, the game still freeze EVERYWHERE ELSE, and there's even report saying that the game still freeze even in Harva Town. The game will start to freeze everywhere up until the very end of the game as soon as you leave the inner sea. So yeah, Nicalis failed really hard both with the initial release and their patch. And it's not the first time. Remember VVVVVV? The Mirror mode when simply selecting it was giving you a black screen? I mean simply testing it by SELECTING IT would have been enough to see the bug, but nope. Nicalis just like to release buggy product instead of really debugging beforehand. And 1001 spikes is really the third pathetic strike. I'm sorry, but I don't understand why Nintendo is allowing this. They should block all possible release until they make Grinsia playable with a real patch, not one they just correct one specific freeze, and that doesnt even work all the time....



maxcriden said:

@ThomasBW84, assuming you (or another NLifer) already have the game for review purposes, I'm hoping you can answer a question for me. I've been really looking forward to it but when I saw the alternate character teaser trailer I saw that the female character is...kind of drawn in a cheesecake pin-up style and that's not really my kind of thing. It's one thing if that's concept art but if that's in the actual game in some capacity I'd really like to know going in (maybe that or some similar content is the reason for the T rating?). It's just not the kind of game I like to play. Thanks for the help, Thomas!



Auracle said:

@ThomasBW84 - I hate to be 'that guy', but I'm pretty sure there's no such place as "North Americam".

Wow. This wasn't already released? Oh well. Better late than never I suppose~



GeminiSaint said:

Nicalis has bad luck with their releases. I think they need to consider getting a new, more competent playtesting team.



gojiguy said:

Nice! I might pick this up on Wii U. Always looking for more neat titles like this, especially gruelling hard ones!

Wish the Wii U version had a loyalty discount.. but I guess it's Nicalis' first Wii U eShop title!



shane1228 said:

Totally. I have never heard of an 8 bit platformer being that expensive. $8.99 sounds about right for this game starting out.



Windy said:

Nope I won't pick this up until the issue is resolved. You guys have an RPG (Grinsia) which is also in need of patching. I will get them both when they are working the way they were meant too. Sorry I have to be picky these days funds right now are very low



brandonbwii said:

Yes, and I also remember Cave Story on WiiWare. It was so buggy that even Nintendo briefly relaxed their policies and allowed for a "pity patch."



Klunk23 said:

Well, I've got Cave Story, VVVVVV, Nightsky, and Ikachan. Nicalis is one of my favorite publishers on the eshop. I'll have to try this out eventually. Once they've fixed the bug and I've got the money.



smikey said:

I love vvvvvv & wish that or a sequel were comming to wii u i'd get this on wii u anyway don't really buy much from the e-shop on 3ds.

ButI live in uk so I guess we'll have a long wait at least if itdoes ever get here maybe it will actually work properly by then



Kaeobais said:

Hm, want it on WiiU, but that 3DS discount is tempting. May end up getting both eventually, but I'll grab 3DS one first.



TruenoGT said:

I'm interested in this, but I've got enough to play ATM so I'll likely wait a while and let the bugs sort out. Nice to see a 3DS discount... Does this game incorporate any 3D layering effects ala Cave Story and VVVVVV?



Tops said:

Sorry, not spending $15 (or even $10) on a buggy game. Especially with their track record.



sketchturner said:

The game looks cool, but not necessarily $15 cool. The quality looks less like Shovel Knight and more like IWTBTG. I'll wait for a price drop or a stellar NL review.



sketchturner said:

BTW... this is an interesting conundrum. Should Nicalis have pre-warned buyers that a patch is coming? Or should the game have been released without any negative context and THEN put out the patch. From a sales POV, I think it would have been better to keep their mouth shut. But from an integrity POV, I think it's kind of awesome that they are eager to get the game out but also pre-warning people. Then again, maybe the best option would have been to simply postpone the Nintendo release by a week or two and have it right from the start, even if it means a delay.



FineLerv said:

Loyalty program is a great idea. Hope that kind of thing keeps up.

Either way, I'll get this on my Wii U if it ever comes to Australia.



sinalefa said:

The right price is obviously 1,001 cents

So if I dont want it on 3ds and/or dont have any of those games I have to pay 1,499 cents? Not a chance.



Stu13 said:

What sort of mental deficiency do I have that causes me to be so eager to drop $10 on a game that is basically designed to make my blood boil in frustration?



emayer said:

$15 for an 8-bit 2D platformer is too much, but $15 for a "remix" of a bunch of 8-bit games is perfectly fine...?

The glitches are concerning, though. Hopefully the patch will work those issues out quickly.



Windy said:

Sounds like the Eshop is slowly becoming the Android Market (buggy games) I never thought I would see this from a Nintendo operation. Please Nintendo don't let the Eshop become like the Android Market.



HeroOfCybertron said:

I don't care how much of a discount I get, I don't think the game should release with issues that Nicalis knows about they should fix them first especially since they know about them even before the game releases.



JaxonH said:

GBA games for $6.99/7.99? Done. I'll buy em all day at this price.

1001 Spikes for $15? Eh... I don't think so. It looks half as good visually, half as fun game-play wise, and half as sound structurally. And for twice the price. Granted, I could get it for $10 on 3DS, and I may just end up doing that. But first, the game will need to prove its worth. I'll wait for my brother to buy it and check it out, then decide accordingly.



legend_of_Shawn said:

I'll wait for reviews to see,and then wait for patches if it turns out good. Also nice idea on loyalty discount! Would like to see more of that!



Iggly said:

I was kinda hoping to see that the Wii U version would still get a discount if you bought something from the 3ds eshop. They are linked to your Nintendo Network ID after all.

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like the promotion also works for Wii U. ...I still don't have enough to buy it though.

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