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Weirdness: This Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is Fairly Impressive

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's HD Mario, which was a novelty once!

Fans just can't get enough of retro Nintendo games, often recording themselves on speed-runs or producing animations, short films and music albums dedicated to various classics of years gone by. Some go a step further and decide to do their own remakes of the classics, no doubt hoping that their humble efforts aren't shut down by over-zealous publishers.

We know that Capcom is pretty happy to let fans run riot with the Mega Man franchise, and wonder whether Nintendo will show similar benevolence towards YouTube user aryoksini, who's released a video demonstration of his own project — a remake of Super Mario 64. This is an interesting one as it takes the move-set and animations — or so it seems — of the Nintendo 64 but incorporates more modern Mario assets. It's a work in progress using the open-source Blender engine, but it's an impressive early showing nevertheless.

It'll certainly be worth seeing how far this progresses, and again shows the lengths that some fans will go to celebrate their favourite games.

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eichs22 said:

Looks horrendous. I applaud his skills in recreating the controls and mechanics though.



Jazzer94 said:

Lets hope these guys don't get to much exposure as we all know what Nintendo will do.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Jazzer94 Nintendo will know about it, because Kotaku! I'd hope they'll leave it alone, but it's hard to tell what they'll do.



larry_koopa said:

I would not pay for an HD remake of either of the Galaxy games, but I would pay good money for a remake of Mario 64.



2Sang said:

This is what nintendo should be remaking. N64 games like DK 64, F-Zero X, and Majora's mask are much more worthy and needed of remakes than games like Windwaker.



Megumi said:

As long as he's not making any money off of this (like kickstarter stuff, for example), he should be fine. But yeah, visuals are...bleh.



K-Gamer said:

Looks cool, but mario looks like SSB Brawl Mario.
HD request-
Majora Mask
F-zero X with online
A sequel to Wii sports resort with Online.



solcross said:

Looks like someone had fun on

Not a bad thing, I use it as well



FriedSquid said:

He does look pretty plastic and robotic, but all in all it looks like a good effort. Trust me, I am super nostalgic with this game and way prefer the original graphics, but this looks like after some proper tweaking it could shape up to look much nicer than it is now.

That is, until Nintendo disapproves.



cheleuitte said:

I applaud your programming skills but you better learn how to speak english and stop messing with nintendo's masterpiece like this one!!



mamp said:

it looked creepy but only cuz it's not fleshed out. Good mechanics though.



bbve said:

Very impressed this guy made this. Too bad Nintendo may do something (bad) about it



KingGanny said:

@2Sang Of course you also realize at the time of WWHD's release the game was a decade old right? Sure if already looked fantastic, but it looks even better now along with improvements. Yes I do think N64 games do need remade as plenty of them did not age super well when it comes to the graphics. Controls too for some, but there is nothing wrong with bringing some of the excellent titles of the GameCube back for a new generation to enjoy.



maceng said:


It is really sad to hear so many comments on what seems a very uneducated nintendolife's audience. First, the visuals are very good, but what is lacking are small details such as grass, dirt and real backgrounds, as well as a major heap of proper lightning. That's it!! Well, also, details as when Mario comes to a halt, a small cloud of dirt should arise to enhance the illusion of physics and movement.
@ cheleuite: Man, you are so full of .... it!!! His English is more than OK, and is the accent of more than 1 billion (Asian) that speak English as a second language. Chances are, if you manage to try to educate yourself, that you'll have to deal with it whenever you are abroad. As a matter of fact, do you speak any other language besides "Americano"? Didn't think so!! (By the way, I'm a Latino, and speak and read 5 different languages, including English (duh!!) and Japanese).



AlternateButtons said:

Mario looks off.....he appears strangely lanky and looks like he's a plastic doll. I appreciate his craftsmanship but Mario games should be bright, colorful and appealing. This looks like Mario is about to run straight into a call of duty game with how darkly tinted his color palette is.



WWammy said:

The graphics look ugly like plastic.
I prefer the cartoon style of the new Super Mario 3D games and the original Mario 64



cheleuitte said:


I live in dominican republic, I'm a video game journalist, I speak spanish, english and french and I'm also the biggers nintendo fan and collector from my country...

I'm trying to do a little constructive critic here and as I said: applaud hes programming skills but he's is using music, sounds, voices, enviroments and looks like character from a multimillionaire company and this is very serious, this kid will be in trouble if not stop this!!! just worried!!



cheleuitte said:

by the way, I also have 360, XBOX ONE, PS3 and PS4 besides all my nintendo systems and games!!



OptometristLime said:


Agree, I think the point should be how far the animations have come along. Truthfully it's not so great as a video reveal, but it's an OK tech-demo.



StarDust4Ever said:

Judging by some of the platform wall jumps, he's a pretty skilled gamer. Sadly, Nintendo will kill this before it ever gets finished



ToniK said:

Well, there is nothing Nintendo can do about it if this guy wants to do the whole game. He will not benefit from it but it would be downloadable and playable forever. The internet, you know...



AJWolfTill said:

This has inspired me to give the Blender Game Engine a chance. I hadn't seen 3d Platformings being done in it before.



Dipso said:

@cheleuitte As a mochup and proof of concept i think it will be ok. But if the project goes any further and does any form of release it might be a different story.



SebCroc said:

I cannot believe the negativity in these comments. Do any of you even know how much time and effort it takes to make something like this??



Mommar said:

Note to these developers, only ever spring onto the internet completely finished products based on Nintendo works. That way it will be torrented/archived/etc... and people can go find it. Release an early preview and you're guaranteed Nintendo is going to shut you down. This is fricking Mario, if they shut down something like Star Fox that they don't care about at all do you really think they're going to let you muck with their flagship character?



allav866 said:

YouTuber Skelux made an impressive sequel to SM64 (Star Road) a year ago, and Nintendo never did anything about it.



Captain_Toad said:

Mario games are colorful and bright, Game maker guy, Please take that into consideration into your finished product.



CharlieLoneWolf said:

The only thing I don't like too much is that it looks too dark and gritty. Part of the charm of Super Mario games is the bright, whimsical worlds. But, he did say that the visuals weren't final and that he was still working on them. I'd love it if he somehow got far enough into the project to be able to remake the whole game, although that's just wishful thinking. Overall, I applaud his effort. This is really cool.



Dark-Link73 said:

@2Sang THANK YOU! That's what I said when the WWHD remake was announced. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great remake, but why make a remake of the game that probably has withstood the test of time three best!!! Miyamoto should've pressured Aonuma into making a MM, or even aTP HD remake instead of WW. I think Aonuma picked WW because one, it was the probably the easiest to convert and two, because Toon Link is Aonuma's pride and joy. Otherwise he wouldn't have used it in four different Zelda games.



bezerker99 said:

It would be cool if Chucky were to pop out of a warp pipe and take out this 'doll-like' Mario impersonator.



TruenoGT said:

Cool proof of concept, particularly in Blender. I'd argue the hard part is getting the feel right, then it's just about importing and enhancing the level/character geometry. Great start on capturing the camera/animation from SM64!



TenEighty said:

I actually prefer low poly 3D graphics of the late 90's. Newer games just don't give me that same feel or interest like they use too. I also prefer pixel art in 2D games. I guess I like games to look like games and not the next Pixar animation.



Ren said:

looks great. Tough crowd here, that takes a ton of work. And those textures don't look much worse than Nintendo' lazy HD graphics. Nintendo is so stuck on their signature, plain look they never thought through what to do with it in HD, and it shows.
This take on it is a little darker (if too shiny) a look I wish Nintendo would take on to give it a fresh modern look. It's not the end of the world to combine some realistic elements to classic cartoon models. Anyway, cool video.



maceng said:

I'm also from dominican republic. We should get together and compare collections (2000 plus games, 20 plus systems!!).I mean, juntemonos!!

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