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Video: Nintendo Approves of this Mario Kart Song

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

For the First Time in Forever, for you Frozen fans

It's a well-known fact that, aside from the occasional multi-platform game that many will happily ignore, Mario Kart 8's 30th May arrival is the closest major release for the Wii U. One consolation is that there is an enticing line-up of eShop games, but retail titles can still arguably get the blood pumping in ways that a download-only treat can't quite match.

It's a bit of a wait, still, and that's inspired a rather humorous song from YouTuber RogersBase — real name Roger DiLuigi III — which is based on For the First Time in Forever from the Frozen movie. With plenty of music theatre-style exaggeration and some amusing lines it's rather entertaining.

Yet we didn't find this ourselves, but through the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, posted over the weekend.

Either NoA's social network team is taking some good jokes on the chin — the song highlights the long wait for MK8 and acknowledges the "kid's game" accusations that'll inevitably come along — or simply didn't watch the video. Based on the account's efforts with a Cranky Kong Twitter takeover and the fact that DiLuigi has worked for the company as a product demonstrator, we'd suggest that Nintendo's happy to take some gentle — and fair — teases over its thin current line-up for the home console.

Check out the song in all of its sugary, Broadway glory below.

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babyguess said:

Kind a weird and freaky. Next Pit Stop, American Idol. Nice swags, sporting his Club Nintendo shirt and hat.



Luna-Harmony said:

To save the wii u fate indeed if mario kart fails it's up to X then that's it game over if they both fail. Then will be the turn of the Fusion.
If only if only wii u had trophies like playstaion & xbox and gamer tags with your stats it would give you more to play for and play over & over.



Senario said:

I watched frozen yesterday. Elsa is awesome. And this song is also awesome and funny.



CasuallyDressed said:

I'm surprised Nintendo posted this to their Twitter feed, considering the negativity towards the Wii U in the video.



rjejr said:

@Portista @Senario - Seriously, my family and I just watched Frozen yesterday, and I didn't even know there was another song in the film besides "Let it Go" which my wife and I can't get out of our heads. That song won't stop. MAKE IT STOP!!

OK, I want Let it Go back in my head now, 52 seconds of this guy was all I could take. Oh, and if MK8 gets delayed, it's all his fault.



Mr-DNA said:

I watched about 30 seconds before my fremdschämen went critical. This is the kind of stuff people point to when making fun of Nintendo fans.



Senario said:

@rjejr lol let it go is my favorite song of the movie. Elsa is also my favorite character of the movie. The other songs were pretty good too though.

I am glad Disney still makes musicals as they really add wonderful magic to movies. I heard pinar is working on incredibles 2 so that should be awesome.

And why are people saying this is negative? It is all in good fun and just really great.



NintyMan said:

Well, that was cute at least. For games to play, though, I'd kindly refer him to Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.



allav866 said:

A cover for a song from Frozen, and it's not Let it Go? Feels like it's the first time in forever that this happened.



Silent said:

Guys, Remember the point of the video is to appreciate the song. We don't need any idiots going into the comment section and starting a pie match.



Senario said:

@allav866 HaHaHa....I like the songs but that was a bad joke XD

@TeeJay yeah, I dunno what it is about this site and negativity about Nintendo. Surprisingly I see less negativity in the comments on IGN for Nintendo articles and that is a sad sad thing.



kuribo4 said:

Yeah Ninty, we are all waiting for a new Wii U game.
Also Surf's Up director is objectively not better than Miyazaki.



erv said:

Frozen is awesome. Great movie for sure. But I cam't bring myself to play this movie over the current steve vai track. Sorry, nintendo.



jreed3842 said:

Haha. That was a good video. Combining my two favorite things, Disney and Nintendo!



Lunapplebloom said:

Cool video there. They both have a pretty good voice, and I enjoyed the visual retro product placement. Love that Nights Journey of Dreams poster.

@TeeJay I have that shirt as well. Saw the 8 bit characters, and I couldn't resist.



ThomasBW84 said:

@TeeJay Hardly negative, it's making humour out of a disappointing scenario, and showing enthusiasm for Mario Kart 8. It's better to acknowledge and make light of realities like a slow retail lineup and the relentless trolling on the likes of NeoGaf than to be in denial. I think some of this rung true.

And Nintendo of America posted it!



YouSeemFRAZZLED said:

Nintendo pays attention to fan work silliness, but not to suggestions on the company's decision? They must be thinking we just want Goku playable in the next Zelda or something.

Also, they were OK with him saying Wii U hasn't had any games until now!? And acknowledging Nintendo Land!? I thought they wanted to forget that ever happened for some reason...



SCAR said:

I didn't see it as being negative. They said it was a "kiddie" game, but they said they still like it.



SanderEvers said:

@jreed3842 And then really mess it up.

If Nintendo and Disney ever team up I hope with all my heart that it will be better than this.

Like Peter Pan teaming up with Link (and TinkerBell with Navi) to save Princess Zelda and Wendy from the Evil Pirates / Ganondorf.
See what I did there



Davidiam007 said:

Uhm...there are plenty of games. Here's a few that are awesome:(this is not all of them)
The wonderful 101(I have no issues controlling this game)
Pikmin 3(brilliant)
Deus Ex director's cut(gamepad is awesome)
Splinter cell(gamepad is awesome graphics are near pc compared to other versions and no screen tearing! Barely noticed any framerate issues. I'm looking at you DF!)
Super Mario 3d land(brilliant)
TLOZ windwaker HD(brilliant)
Donkey kong tropical freeze(brilliant)
Trine 2 director's cut(beautiful and almost on par with pc)
Monster Hunter 3 ultimate(awesome)
Lego city undercover(awesome)
Plus there is more.
If you are playing and beating more then 20 games a year you seriously need to go outside and get in shape.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Senario Disagree Let It Go was such a disappointment for a flagship song. The other songs were so lukewarm Disney should be ashamed of themselves. But yeah Elsa was a tolerable character.



camerica1618 said:

I'm a Frozen fan!!!!! Seriously I love that movie so much! I'm so shocked to see that so many people are offended by this. Guys, its all in fun. They said in the song that they like the WiiU. They weren't bashing it at all.

I really liked this video for real though. Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movies. I watched it for the first time on Thursday and I've seen it 3 more times on top of that since. "For the First Time in Forever" is one of my favorite songs from the movie too. Two things I love combined into one video. I want more! That was awesome.



Senario said:

@PrincessEevee9 This is one way to be a downer on an amazing movie with amazing songs. Sounds like your heart has been frozen over long ago. Lol ok that one is bad. But quite fitting.



Rafie said:

Disney animated movies never disappoint me. They are the most original with the most original songs. Love it! I have Frozen on blu ray, but haven't seen it. My kids saw it and they LOVE IT! I have to admit I liked this version of the song. LOL



Shirma_Akayaku said:

Elsa: It sounds fine to me. What do you think Rosalina?
Rosalina: This is.... okay... I thought it would sound more like Mario Kart in-game music.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Wow so much negativity in the comments!! I hate to use a bad pun, but seriously people, LET IT GO. It's a SONG. It's supposed to be just a fun little video.

But you can't ignore the fact that this man brings up some very valid points about the Wii U. While the console does have quite a few fantastic games, the lineup is still very thin. Which brings me to another point...Mario Kart 8 is currently the ONLY upcoming Wii U game that has a solid release date. Let that sink in for a moment. And he was right when he says this is the chance to save Wii U...if this game doesn't cause a big boost in Wii U sales that will remain CONSTANT, then that will be a major hit for Nintendo.

All in all, this guy makes a lot of valid points in his parody. But seriously, set your fanboy rage attacks aside and just enjoy the song, because it's actually quite clever.



Cosats said:

Nice song! Great Singers! Awesome sense of humor from both the singers and Nintendo of America.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Senario I don't commend movies support child abuse and silly "plot line" son. Perhaps you should get your brain unFrozen and see the truth that that money was a freakshow accident. Not even as good as Wreck-It-Ralph.



theblackdragon said:

@PrincessEevee9: come on now, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round. I enjoy Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph both, and Senario just made a bad pun was all. I hate to continue the awful pun, but... let it go :3



J-Manix98 said:

It's hysterical how some people just LOVED this movie, while others completely hated it. I'd say I'm right in the middle.

Dat Toad voice tho...



J-Manix98 said:

I've had these songs stuck in my head for days... Great movie, like I said, but why are the songs so dang sticky??



PrincessEevee9 said:

@theblackdragon Nah it's more fun telling people how stupid and wrong they are to their face. I guess we should allow the same stupid to run amok causing trouble for other people too huh?

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