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Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Console in North America

Posted by Samantha Sofka

An import classic that will be missed

If you've yet to play Hudson Soft's adorable Turbografx cute-em up Star Parodier, you are unfortunately out of luck as the title has been removed from the North American Wii Virtual Console.

It joins some other titles in the past year and more that have been removed from the service, with issues such as licensing agreements likely to be the cause. Detailed explanations are rarely given, and with the Wii Shop now less visible than ever these removals can fly under the radar. At the time of writing this title is still available from the Wii Shop in Europe.

Would you have picked this up if you knew it was going to disappear? Let us know in the comments below.


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unrandomsam said:

I already have it. (Strange how no review mentions the slowdown that happens in the level with all the balloons yet they all say how easy it is).

Wish it wasn't filtered (Like Rondo of Blood) though.



JCnator said:

If I heard that it was going to disappear, then I would've gotten this gem via Wii Shop Channel. And it's even more saddening when considering that 3rd party companies are less interested bringing their retro games to Wii U eShop service outside of Japan.



TruenoGT said:

Fortunately already have it. With some Hudson games coming to the Wii U VC (at least in Japan), maybe it'll make a comeback down the road... Looking back on it, the Wii really had a great VC run.



MussakkuLaden said:

Oh! I'm currently playing Turbografx anyway, having recently downloaded the wonderful Ys Book 1 & 2, and Star Parodier was always on my yet to buy list – I just could not decide between Star Parodier and Cho Aniki. Well, fearing that the first may disappear in Europe too, I may still download it...



BearClaus said:

This happened at the beginning of this month at the latest. It's happened to other games as well, but I don't know which ones and where.



earthwormjimx3 said:

Hmmm... This worries me a lot... What if more games get removed yet the Virtual Console of the Wii U doesn't receive them?



ogo79 said:

ha, i was just looking into this game for the first time yesterday, and today its gone lol
wii vc really cant afford to lose its imports. thats a blow



tripunktoj said:

Its sad, but this was completely expected. Im glad I picked up all of the Wii Shop games I wanted back when the Wii U was launched (including Star Parodier), the only delisted game I missed and really wanted was "The magic obelisk"



LztheQuack said:

Well it should have been obvious by now (heck two years ago) that if you want any digital Wii games, get them sooner rather than later



gojiguy said:

Im so angry about this! I was gonna pick it up but never got around to it. Now, without warning, it is gone!!



BearClaus said:

I just checked—Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure is gone too. Dang, I was gonna get that. I guess I'm not missing that much, but this is still alarming. And this forum post indicates that Shanghai II is gone as well.

I ought to get Strider before Capcom follows suit. The old Strider, that is. The new one's probably not going anywhere for a while. 😌



Bikeage said:

Hate to see anything removed from the VC but for removing Star Parodier especially someone should publicly shame reps from Hudson and Nintendo at whatever video game event/convention/trade show they appear at. SHAME.



Uberchu said:

0/5 staph removing meh games I haven't bought yet.

Will pay triple to DL all removed VC and WiiWare games... (I know one WiiWare game got removed!)



brooks83 said:

Dunno if it was mentioned elsewhere, but Super Turrican 2 was removed. Super Turrican and Mega Turrican are still up though, so get them while you still can.



ungibbed said:

I hate it when TurboGrafx / PC Engine games get pulled as many of them are great and highly overlooked during the original game releases on the original hardware. In Japan, the system was a amazing success but ignored between the SNES and Genesis when they were on the market.

Still random games disappear from the classic Wii Virtual Console offerings in which many hidden gems exist and has made the system my safe haven for classic gaming glory when hearing yet more negative news.

I hope to get all the SNES games as well as N64 and even more games worthy of keeping. What saddens me is the removal of the DKC series and other quiet removal of other games.

One thing I'd advise, if you don't have Dracula X for the PC Engine, get it now for some Castlevania greatness that costs a fortune for a physical copy let alone the real hardware to play it on.

Sure you could use Magic Engine, but playing a emulator on a PC just doesn't feel the same as having the real deal and Piracy is bad... M'kay...

Another thing that bugs me is many games for various systems that were an amazing level of awesome, never came to be for the old Wii which it would easily handle.

Making a memo to grab the N64 version of Sin & Punishment before it disappears along with other import games on various systems and find the best WiiWare short of titles from Shin'en.

I have the Strong Bad series and a few other WiiWare games. I'd like to grab more before they all go



Sean_Aaron said:

I expect the Wii Shop will wind up soon anyway, however it would be nice to see a better method of playing Wii downloads a la the 3DS with DSiWare. I understand the technical reasons for having a Wii Channel, however they could at the very least give you links in the Wii U that would launch the Wii Channel a la the Disc Channel when you have a Wii disc loaded.



8bitforever said:

Nintendo could be making so much more of their VC but they are so slow. GBA seems to be getting more releases at a time so hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. On a side note, you can get Ys 1&2( upgraded PC port) Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Rondo of Blood for the Vita via Sony's VC. All the Final Fantasy games are there also.



YoshiTails said:

I got this in Europe a good while back and it's probably my favourite Wii VC game... lots of fun and mental, outlandish designs that hook you in.

Bit of a shame as it's one of those undiscovered gems.



FX102A said:

Will download once I return home (please still be there).

Darn I just had to chose to cycle in today!



Genesaur said:

Never heard of this one, though it makes me think of how I got Pulseman when I did, for fear of its permanent removal.



GumbyX84 said:

I would have bought it in a heatbeat if I knew it was going to be removed. I'm tempted to follow GeminiSaint's lead and get Neutopia 1 and 2 asap. Sames goes for Pulseman. Here's hoping for some extra money after PAX East.



Captain_Toad said:

"Would you have picked this up if you knew it was going to disappear?"

Nope, and that's the worst part.



LittleIrves said:

Is there an updated list anywhere of all the VC/WiiWare games that have been removed? This is making me antsy to pick up some games before they're gone.



Windy said:

Huge bummer for those who don't own the PCEngine version or have already downloaded it. Such a fun shooter. very Colorful fun filled game.



Number_6 said:

Wow, for once I got lucky. This was my most recent purchase for the Wii - just picked it up a few weeks ago. It's up there with Blazing Lazers, Axelay and Castle of Shikigami III as one of my favorite shumps. May be time to get all the Star Soldier games before they disappear too.



Excep7ional said:

I have never even heard of this game, but for some reason that picture makes me want to play it.



accc said:

@Donjwolf You thinking of a different game? It's not available on the PSP unless you pirate it and play it on an emulator.



TenEighty said:

I never saw it on there? Looks cool! Just wish they would give a heads up on removing games.



AtelierFan said:

I would have purchased it had I known it was going to get removed. It was on my 'to get' list. I already had cute-em up Detanna Twin Bee, so I wasn't in a big rush, but disappointed none the less.

Oh yeah... when I went to look at the VC yesterday, one of the headings above featured games said: "Popular this week in 2008" Sad.

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