Kicking off a new week's worth of daily pics, Masahiro Sakurai today revealed a shot of Luigi in a Miiverse post sure to scare off any ghost.

The younger Mario brother has been continually tweaked as the Smash Bros series goes on, with altered mechanics and moves to make him stand out from his mustachioed counterpart. Now, a familiar piece of equipment might help make him even more memorable.

Luigi might be thinking, "Who would've thought I'd get to show off the Poltergust in Super Smash Bros.?!" Wondering if it's going to suck something in? Yeah, it probably will.

Representing last year's quite brilliant Lugi's Mansion: Dark Moon on 3DS, Sakurai's comment confirms that the Poltergust 5000 will be added to the green wonder's arsenal this time around.

If that familiar glowing aura is anything to go by, it would seem as though E-Gadd's device will be used as a new Final Smash for Luigi, replacing the 'negative zone' first seen in Brawl. It's worth referencing back to a previous Miiverse post here which mentions how an introduction of every Final Smash would take over a month's worth of posts. Does this credit the sizeable roster or hint at multiple Final Smashes per-character? Wild speculation ahoy!

In any case, let us know if you're excited for the change, and for the chance to suck up a similarly confused-looking Donkey Kong.