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Monster Hunter 4 G Due In Autumn / Fall This Year

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Just for Japan at the moment, though

Capcom has just announced, at Monster Hunter Festa 13, that the 3DS will be receiving an updated version of Monster Hunter 4. It will release in Japan this coming autumn and, most importantly, saves will carry over from the original 3DS game, so professional wyvern-botherers can enjoy all the new content without sacrificing any hard-won equipment.

The trend with the previous entry of this type — Monster Hunter 3 G — was that it became the "Ultimate" games that were localised to Wii U and 3DS. We'd certainly hope that, with the success of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan, some form of localisation of this updated version is on the cards.

More news will pop up here as we get it, but for now why not let us know how excited you are about this news in the comments section below?

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EverythingAmiibo said:

second My neighbour posted an article about this, minutes before this popped up. In a way I'm more annoyed than happy, seing as this means the MH team can't have been working on a localisation



hiddenstampede said:


Edit: Then again I'm a lance user, so I'm fine if it does.. 8D



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Kimimi might want to add this video
Edit: darkgamer001 beat me to it D:



Einherjar said:

Of cause it will be just released in japan. Why should capcoms only good selling franchise be released elswhere ? They would actually make money off of it. And this would be something, capcom is anything but used to. And wouldnt it be a shame if capcom had to confess that it was its biggest failure to neglect the 3DS with its projects (LostPlanet Spin-off, MML3 e.g.)
and that truely japanesy, quirky games still have a market, and a strong one too ? Wouldnt that be a shame to admit ?....



Poki said:

A 4 Ultimate on Wii U would be great! A release mid next year leaves enough time to hunt everything in 3U a dozen or so times to prepare for the new Monter Hunter!



Chris720 said:

Gimme MH4 Capcom. Dammit, why do you make me wait?! I'm moving to Japan, screw this neglect.



Tsurii said:

Guys it's not a "trend", that we get the G versions....we only got Unite (it's not the ultimate versions either ^^) and Ultimate, that's half of the G games.
By now, I really doubt we will ever see MH4 here in the west. MH4G made this almost impossible - or at least stupid at this point - and I won't hold my breath on it coming instead.

I decided today, that I'll simply import a japanese 3DS and play MH4G, Triple Deluxe and Yoshi's New Island in japanese. There aren't any other games on 3DS I'm really interested in anyway and this year will be even more expensive to me than last year with all the "must-haves" on Wii U, that are coming (and I got already about 35 games since christmas 2012 - I'd need to count them to tell the exact number).
It may be expensive to import those games, but it'll save me a lot of frustration (still not against region-locking )



Tsurii said:

@PvtOttobot The team itself isn't doing the localisations. That's always the job of teams either here in Europe or in the Americas.



Emblem said:

Intrested to see what's in it. Surely they could have just made this an update or dlc.



PrincessEevee9 said:

For some reason seeing this has only made me believe that instead of screwing with us but that Capcom's going to give us a port weird.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Chris720 Ugh, my thoughts exactly. I don't want to wait for 4g. I want it by no later then July tbh. Stop messing around with slight upgrades. I think Capcom has only ever made 5 games in 25 years!



Jamester0722 said:

Bring it to America already! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for WiiU was my first taste of MH. Now I LOVE the series. I can hardly wait for the next one!



Ichiban said:

Geez how many versions of the same game can Capcom plop out?! SF4, MH3, MvC3, Dead Rising 2 just off the top of my head!
Hate to say it, but they deserve the troubles theyre going through, and to those people buying the same game over and over: shame on you!



shigulicious said:

Another opportunity for me say that I really want a new Monster Hunter here in the West. I popped in 3U yesterday for the first time in many months. Good times, good times.



GuSolarFlare said:

it's just Capcom being Capcom, at least we get the extra content.(if they bring it to the west)
but I wonder how much of the newer version was suposed to be in the original but removed to not delay the release... I mean I don't think they can make so many re-releases with new content so fast if there is no removed content in the original one to use in the new one...



Warruz said:

@Ichiban This Monster Hunter frequency is not new as other people have stated, Japan eats this stuff up so they make a version with more stuff every year until a new generation comes out.

It's only new to us Westerners because they dont do that with us figuring we are not so in to the series to do that.

Ironically Capcoms issue that they try to change franchises, some times a lot ,and every time it bites them back hard: Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Operation Racoon City, Mega Man X7 & X8, DMC, and Lost Planet 3 are all prime examples of this.

Whats working for them now? Games that havnt changed much likes the ones you just listed.



GuSolarFlare said:

^ pretty ironic huh? Capcom's problem is that they changed too much what was fine while almost all the gaming companies are bashed for not changing enough. XD
it just goes to show how the old times Capcom was great.

it's also weird how Capcom acts like an entirely different company when it comes to Monster Hunter(maybe it's with things that appeal to the japanese market in general)



yojo said:

Really glad it imports save data from the first one, but I am wondering what monsters they might bring back, since they already brought most of the non-water ones back.



Tsurii said:

@Warruz this

Anyone, who says the MH G games are just updates are ignorant and/or have absolutely no idea, what they're talking about - or what the series itself is all about...And as Warruz said: it doesn't really benefit Capcom, when they decide to include some new things.

@yojo everything from MH4 is pretty much confirmed - that's part of the "G experience". I'd say we will also see every monster, wich parts you could trade in MH4, some completely new monsters and some sub and rare species. Wouldn't be surprised if they surpass 100 bosses this time.



Peach64 said:

And people say Call of Duty is bad for yearly releases! How many 'updated' versions does each game get? There was MH3, MH3G, MH3 Portable and MH3 Ultimate. People will argue the updates are worth it, but obviously the tens of millions of COD players feel the same way about that game.



Pikachupwnage said:

I assure you all this will hit America. Its sold over 224K copies at retail alone(an additional 93K from the Wii U version). No way Capcom will pass this up.

Not sure now European sales are though...



GuSolarFlare said:

@Peach64 except in call of duty you'll pretty much be against the same "creature" almost all the time(humans) and with weapons that look the same and act the same(mostly)
don't underestimate what some extra flashy moves, cool weapons that take aesthetics over realism and having creatures that need different strategies to beat can do!
plus military themes are pretty limited on what can be changed so CoD couldn't change too much without turning into a completely unrelated game even if the devs and the players wanted so.
and the western players can't complain about MH being a yearly game(that's actually the main reason and the only one that can't be taken down )



archlord said:

I'll buy it if it comes out west for my 2DS, but I really want it for the Wii U. PS3 even... I don't care, I just want to play it on the big screen! MH3U is amazing on Wii U.



divinelite said:

@Peach64 I feel the same
Well always doublesstandard anyway, even yearly mario/zelda is always a good thing for the fans

While I am not really a CoD fans but I am confused because of that thinking



IKAY said:

I own MH4. I'm not sure to download it or go physical... I hope they're going to release 4G in the west, then.



Warruz said:

@IKAY Digital all the way for any game that has some multiplayer function, that way if you have your 3DS you are already set.



Warruz said:

So its time we update the hastag to bother capcom with to #BringMH4GToTheWest



unrandomsam said:

@CanisWolfred If they can sell 3 iterations in Japan I suspect even the one that does the worst will outside sell the entire rest of the world. (Or that happened last time so factors in to the reasoning).



Ash_Anne said:

I'm glad we are finally getting it but it kinda sucks that we have to wait until 2015.



Ecto-1 said:

I'm so happy it is finally announced for the west! Now, please make a Wii U version too Capcom!



JaxxRaxor said:

I will definitely get MH4U if it comes out on the Wii U. I'm less enthused about playing it on my 3DS, I don't like the circle pad that much and it isn't really conductive for short sessions like most 3DS games.



KnightOfNothing said:

At least have some time to get my finances in order. This is just one less game I have to buy this year. It'll still be too long of a wait...



Flux_you said:

I just got into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a couple weeks ago and have already logged 40 hours...Capcom needs to work on another Monster Hunter game made specifically for the Wii U!



SavoirFaire said:

Just saw that as well, early 2015! I played MH3 demo and couldn't get into it, but anytime a successful franchise makes it over here I'm happy for other gamers. Always good to see companies not so risk adverse!



SonataAndante said:

@Relylp Oh dear lord you just made my day (I went to go look it up myself to be certain and it's true). That said I expected the far off date on it and was JUST about to post that we wouldn't see MH4 until roughly 2015 now. Looking at release dates for Gen 3's incarnations, it takes them between about 6 months to a year or better to localize MH games.

Oh man I just couldn't be much happier now. I love this series even if I only started with Tri.



Nintendo6400 said:

It was announced worldwide and will be called MH 4 ultimate. Google it. Producer confirmed it himself in a video!



zionich said:

Im happy we have a time frame and conformation for a US release...but 2015



Diavir said:

Any of you complaining about this being released in 2015... it was a complete crapshoot as to whether we would even see the game over here or not. Please don't look a gifthorse in the mouth.

Besides that I could not be more excited. Online multiplayer is going to be amazing!



HandheldGuru97 said:

Woop!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see that it is also coming out in the west next year. I will probably try and pick up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate here in the next few months. Tired the demo and was indifferent to it but everyone is saying that the demo wasn't a good representation of the final product so I have feeling this will be right up my alley.
Also 4U will have online play right?????? (I know 3U doesn't on the 3DS, but does on the Wii U, so not really big deal for me just want to make sure!!!!!!)

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