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(Japanese release. Europe and North America got "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" instead)

Monster Hunter 4 represents the biggest leap forward ever for the series with more new content and exciting features than ever before. Also, for the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series on a handheld system, players will be able to join up with friends over the internet via the Nintendo Network, as well as the previously available local wireless option.

Monster Hunter 4 will take players to new heights, literally, with the introduction of more vertical and lateral movement than ever. An expanded repertoire of actions will create more dynamic hunting experiences with fluid climbing motions and the ability to jump attack from walls or ledges. In addition, players will be able to ride atop a monster for a limited time as they hang on and deliver attacks. With the addition of two new weapon classes, challenging new monsters and numerous locales, Monster Hunter 4 will be the most robust hunting experience yet.

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Kerry takes on the mighty Kechawacha!

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User Comments (32)



iBeatz said:

im getting this game it looks soo cool i have like all the monster hunter games on other consoles



Crazygamerfreak said:

I'm not exactly sure if this is too much monster hunter at 1 time. I mean really, I have max hours that I can keep track of on Tri and I still want to keep going. Too much though? Meh, I don't think so (says the monster hunter addict who has nothing else to do in his life).



pixelman said:

I'm really excited to see how this turns out. Nice to see them trying new stuff!



SkywardLink98 said:

This better have online. That's what made Tri great, and that's also why 3G isn't gonna be near as good no matter how many new weapons and monsters they add.



Nardar said:

Well I see MH4 possibly coming to USA because Japenese does have 3G and 3G hasn't even been out a year yet.



amjh said:

Do you think it's possible this gets intercontinental multiplayer?



Sharingan029 said:

The trailer looks kinda funny. Though the game looks fun though. Isn't this version coming out for another platform?



TheLilK98 said:

@Sharingan029 Naw bro. MH4 is 3DS exclusive. There's a rumor about a Vita port but Capcom's only said not to believe everything you hear. You may be thinking of MH3U, which is launching for 3DS and WiiU in March.



Vincent294 said:

Can't wait for this. Screenshots look better on my smaller 3DS screen since the images are blown up to bigger proportions on a PC monitor.



Vincent294 said:

Hasn't there been new info lately for this? I mean, E3 is where all the big detail are released, but I want to see some sort of new announcement for this before then.



SkywardLink98 said:

@bunnyking That'd be interesting... stamina added a level of difficulty to the game I liked. Without it I'll just end up holding the run button the whole time.



FOLEY said:

Will this game be coming out in America. I would love it if it did. Please get back to me



Rigormortis said:

Please make it able to connect to online multiplayer through 3ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-without the need of wii u
-pretty please.



Vincent294 said:

@Rigormortis It will have online multiplayer.

Can't Capcom just announce a release date for this in the US? Come on. I want a nice open-world online multiplayer RPG on my 3DS.



Vincent294 said:

Oh my. Hopefully Capcom makes an abrupt surprise announcement of this coming to the US soon. I'd buy it.



Gingadreadman said:

Really looking forward to this! Wish Capcom would just announce a new Mega Man game or at least give his IP to Nintendo.

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