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Super Mario 3D World Producer Says DLC is Unlikely To Happen

Posted by Liam Doolan

Title will be largely traditional

Nintendo has experimented with DLC on relatively few occasions, and it doesn’t look like its approach to modern-day gaming will be changing pace anytime soon. In mostly unsurprising news, Super Mario 3D World producer Yoshiaki Koizuma has revealed DLC for the upcoming Wii U title is unlikely to happen.

Although the house of Mario has dabbled in DLC content recently with New Super Luigi. U, and even Pikmin 3, the newest entry in the Mario series won’t be so lucky.

Speaking with French website Gamekult, Koizumi explained there were currently no plans to release DLC content for the hotly anticipated Wii U title. He concluded by saying Mario games would return to an open-world style approach if there was enough demand for it.

This news follows Shigeru Miyamoto’s recent comments to Kotaku about the possibility of online multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World:

"While online play is certainly technically possible for us, it simply wasn’t the focus for us this time around… what we really wanted to do was to create something that people could experience fully while playing comfortably with others who were nearby them, and this is something we decided would be best for Pikmin and the best case for Mario here as well.”

It seems, at least for now, that the main entries in the Mario series will remain largely traditional. How do you feel about this? Do you think exercising some restraint in this day and age is a positive when it comes to online and DLC offerings, or do you think it’s been mostly a negative impact on the Big N in recent times? Share your thoughts below.


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Freakazoid said:

Well i dont see any point in dlc in mario and online doesnt appeal to me in this case. Also open world mario makes me interested.
How would they approach this hopefully not like mario 64 or the others but a whole new world concept would be interesting.



readyletsgo said:

I just hope it is the same as 3D Land, in that, when you finish the first 8 worlds, another much harder 8 Worlds open up.

I would also think they are saying this just in case it doenst sell to well (which it will) so that in the new year (feb-mar 2014) suprise, they will announce DLC for 3D World.

@Freakazoid As someone how has no friends that play video games (I'm in my 30's) I really want them to do online play for this Mario, I wish they would stop being to child safe and parent aware, nothing is going to happen. I mean 10 year olds play CoD/BF online...

Also, I want the next Mario to be as realistic as possible, but I doubt that will ever happen, maybe in 50 years when they have milked mario to death they will change the formula



MeWario said:

I feel fine about this news. Mario Kart on the other hand demands DLC. I got bored with the last Mario Kart too fast and would kill for some new tracks every year or so!



snoox said:

I'm totally fine with this, as long as the product is complete as a work of art, like the movie I just saw, Gravity, hehee, it's confidently to the point & not long, nothing more needs to be said, it's perfect as it's presented & any more would subtract from the experience. Just give us a complete game & then give us the next great title as soon as u can



Reynoldszahl said:

I am ok with that. But I would be ok with DLC too, if it makes sence.

I didn´t like MarioKart Wii as much as Double Dash on GC because it lacked the 2Player Grand Prix Mode.
SP was fine and lenghty but DLC would be cool to expand the game with a view tracks.



marck13 said:

For this title that seems to be rather good news.
For Mario Kart 8U it would be nice to receive DLC-options after a few months.



Goginho said:

People complain about these things (no online, no DLC...etc.). But I like tradition
The more traditional, the better (for platforming Mario games of course). This is the fun, little kind of 'party' game you pick up and play, either by yourself (and make a traditional Mario adventure out of it), which is obviosuly fine and nothing wrong with, or with others, with whom you can share reactions.
I realize not everybody will have others to play with, and that is their main argument, but I'm positive it's not that hard today to make some gaming buddies with a tiny bit of effort. If we were to constantly get online for every multiplayer game in our ever so modern times, then I'm sure, gradually, our only 'friends' will become the ones we cannot see and share live reactions with, which will be a pity, and might have social consequences and what not. I hope I'm not being too stuck-up here, as I tend to be old school ..but I just find that there are games where online is a must in this day and age, and games where online isn't at all needed.
As for DLC, if the game is complete from the start, then there shouldn't be need for DLC. If the developers rush things, or deliberately leave things out, in order to make it seem like DLC is an actual extra (which I'm sure Nintendo's devs don't do), then no thank you, that's just low. I like Nintendo's approach with DLC, where it doesn't make a game. For example, NSMB 2 was a complete game as it is. Then we got some extra challenges and Coin Rush packs spread out a bit, which made us come back and play again every now and then. I can say that, those were really extras. Either that, or the developers did a good job in making them seem like extras and hiding the possible fact that the game may have been incomplete lol I doubt it.
Super Luigi U is another great example of extra content (a bit pricey though).

Nonetheless, I'm a more traditional kind of person, and I don't mind no online for 3D World, as well as no DLC, since I'm sure the game will be complete as it is. Although, some DLC wouldn't hurt. After having enjoyed the DLC for NSMB 2, I couldn't help but feel that 3D Land could have gotten some DLC as well, since it is the perfect little 3D Mario game in which they could have added some fun and challenging little obstacle courses for us to tackle.



GoombaJMR said:

Damn they better add some sort of 3D open world exploration or add that mechanic to the next 3D mario - I mean, that's like one of the main selling points and is an extremely great system! Super Mario 64 was absolutely incredible, with no time limit in places, and the will to explore such a large castle with such large places in each painting!

I'd rather not have DLC though, and It would be nice if they could add online to 3D mario, as that would definitely raise the gameplay hours for your regular gamer who wants a challenge. Not everyone (this doesn't include me) has someone to play with locally, so it would be a nice addition of Online for those who do want to play with others (but not locally)



NintyMan said:

I'm fine with this as long as there's plenty of levels, and I imagine there will be. DLC would be better suited for games like Mario Kart 8.

Interesting that the Mario team is open (pun intended) on the possibility on making an "open-world" Mario game like 64 and Sunshine if there was enough demand.



KevTastic84 said:

I seem to be waiting on a wii u price drop that won't happen i think this Autumn. I missed the boat when HMV and Asda were doing the Premium packs for £199.99 with Nintendo Land and Zombi U, until they sold out. Now everywhere is back upto the £249.99 allbeit with decent games bundles.



Bass_X0 said:

I want them to keep adding DLC characters to Mario Kart 8. It doesn't matter who or how many characters they put into the game from the start, there will always be someone left out. Be it the Koopa Kids, Wart, Pauline, Stanley etc...



Kirk said:

I don't see why they wouldn't be considering the option of extra DLC for a game like this once the main game has released.



Tsurii said:

@Freakazoid I could imagine, that an open-world as in Lego City Undercover would work really well with Mario. Maybe not as big, but with a huge hub world with some collectibles and smaller tasks for Blue Coins (to exchange them for Stars similar to Sunshine) and certain buildings or areas, that are separated and accesed as the story proceeds.



MrGawain said:

So no Super Daisy 3D World?

In all seriousness, I think Nintendo have got far better things to do with their time and resources instead of DLC.



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo's DLC policy is awful. (Perhaps with the exception of NSLU - But there is no reason they couldn't have done what Rockstar has done and make it freestanding).

Fire Emblem's DLC is something I will never accept.
NSMB2 Totally not worth it. (I do own all this though).



ULTRA-64 said:

I don't see why everyone has an issue with more content for good games! Whist I hate to see things held back or charged extra that could be in from the start. Nintendo has never done that before so it's unfair to assume that would follow a cod model and charge us for minimal upgrade to our games. Instead I see it as an opportunity for devs to put some of the more controversial ideas and concepts into a package for the more hardcore or dedicated gamers! No need for hand holding if you picked the 'nightmare' dlc pack for example. I bet there are entire games of mario, game & wario, Nintendo land that ended on the cutting room floor because they wanted only the guaranteed hits in there to be safe. Not everyone has to buy dlc but more choices is never a bad thing in gaming and if you don't have to buy it, and it was not effecting the main game, why would you mind if ther was the option of more levels they weren't sure about !?!?!



ikki5 said:

Why does everyone get all concerned about no DLC? Do people really want to be playing the same game over and over? personally, I'd rather skip the DLC and they move on to the next killer game. The only reason why companies do massive DLC is because it makes them more money than the actual game does (or close to it).



Zeargo said:

Seriously, why worry about a game getting no DLC when you should worry about the game itself. Well if there was going to be DLC for the game, would be cool for secret areas and secret levels added to the map due to the epic change on it.



SilentS said:

I am fine with DLC that is added after the fact. But if a game is designed around the DLC model, like so many other games, then it is not worth it for the players. This means that Nintendo is releasing a complete game. Anything more is just bonus. However if they take up the same stance as EA or Capcom (for example), then you know you will have to keep paying just to unlock content that is already in the game and has been planned around.



larry_koopa said:


I agree. If there is any Nintendo franchise that is screaming for DLC it is Mario Kart. I would love for some of the great tracks from Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii to be made avaiable for Mario Kart 7.



marko said:

I am fine with no DLC Nintendo should move on to other projects instead of focusing on DLC. they should allocate their resources as best as possible to produce more full games.
It bothers me that their is no online play however Nintendo has so much untapped potential with Miiverse and Mario is a fantastic franchise to leverage that concept I don't always have friends over to play videogames none of my friends have wiiu why can't I make new friends online with other people who play wiiu.
why not have both online and local multiplayer. (i think they needed to remove it to finish the game on time to compete with ps4 and x1)
Maybe if they didn't focus on DLC for Pikmin we would have online for mario.



thesilverbrick said:

@readyletsgo Sorry, but "realistic" Mario is a terrible idea. The nature of the series would make it truly disturbing as a realisitic-looking game. I need only to reference the Mario Bros. movie to make my point. I think 3D World's visuals are as "real" as Mario should ever look.



readyletsgo said:

@thesilverbrick Just my opinion dude, it would never happen I know that, but its what I would like to see, maybe as a small eshop game in the future, just an experiment with the franchise, you know, like Nintendo used to do all the time.

Also, never speak ill of the Mario Bros. movie, EVER! ;-P

@ULTRA-64 Completely agree with what you are saying!



StephenYap3 said:

Eh, I'm not surprised that this game won't have DLC.

But Open World Mario? Man, I missed that since 64 and Sunshine.



MasterBlue said:

DLC would be great for a game like this. But if this game has the massive amount of levels that 3D Land had (16 Worlds + A Hidden Final Level), I think we will have our fill with whats on the game itself!



ultimate321 said:

To be honest, DLC is a mixed bag. I always thought it was great because it gave additional content until I realized the way it was misused. IF publishers were trustworthy enough to release a full game and come up with something after to extend the game life, I think that would be perfect. As for no online multiplayer... I'm really tired of hearing "in 2013 there's multiplayer"? I don't know what the year has to do with having a GOOD single player experience. I know not relevant to this game but as a rant, I really dislike multiplayer being shoved in a game particularly when its the faceless online only and there is no local -_-.



FJOJR said:

I wouldn't mind it being like Mario Galaxy in which 2 of the games were released withing a couple of years of each other.



Rezalack said:

No DLC is fine with me but no online is a huge fail and was probably the biggest disappointment in gaming I've heard since the announcement of this game. You'd think it would be a given to have online play for this game, but nah. To all who say you don't care if it's there or don't want it, that's fine, that doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt to have it. I don't have many friends that would want to play Mario so at least being able to play online would have been great and possibly keeping me coming back after beating the game.. -_-



tripunktoj said:

Its OK, you don't have to include something just because you can, specially if that is going to change the experience intended.



GalacticMario28 said:

I think DLC can be good for some things, but not so much for others. In my opinion, a game like Super Mario 3D World doesn't need DLC.



larry_koopa said:

I'm sure there will be more than enough content in this game to justify the $60 price tag. Call me old fashioned, but I've never been a big fan of DLC anyways. I believe that a game should be able to stand on its own merits the day you buy it, not requiring additional content down the line to make it better or complete.



SamsonCat said:

The next main series Mario game NEEDS to be open-world like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. Galaxy added more smaller levels with 3-5 stars and eventually we ended up with 3D Land. It's like the Mario series is going from giant non-linear levels with mission objectives to smaller and linear levels with a single goal flag.



UnseatingKDawg said:

As long as they go the New Super Luigi U DLC route - that is, something that adds on more, not what should've been there to begin with - I'm fine with that.



element187 said:

"Speaking with French website Gamekult, Koizumi explained there were currently no plans to release DLC content for the hotly anticipated Wii U title. "

Bad journalism.... He only said there is no plans, not that it won't happen.... That is a massive leap in logic. If the game sells decent and Nintendo wants to pump more money out of the game, DLC would come.

No where did they rule it out, just that they aren't planning for it.... Well duh, they are trying to get a game to ship, they aren't EA,Ubi, Activision, Sony, Microsoft, Eidos, Square that intentionally hold content back from their games to do day-one DLC.... I personally think day one DLC is an incredibly ===) move by publishers.

Can we wait for Nintendo to completely rule it out before reporting that it won't come at all? Not planning before the game even launches is not the same thing of never coming.



element187 said:

@marko dlc won't take a full team, heck it could be done by 5 devs at the max. All the assets and game logic is there. All the hard work is done. I see no problems of getting a handful of devs and let them bring in extra revenue on the side, it won't impede other projects.



TheGreatLord said:

Nooooooooo! I need the DLC, or I will have to wait till someone goes to America because my Wii U is American This game is a chance for them to shine, and get a lot of sells. There will be a lot of online players, and downloads if both of these are added.



Luffymcduck said:

Great, not needed. Pikmin 3 had only few multiplayer levels and you had to pay for few more. It doesn't cost much but I don´t like that kind of thing, compared to how many multiplayer levels Pikmin 2 had.

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