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Kamiya: Nintendo "Totally Respected" The Creativity Of Platinum During Wonderful 101 Development

Posted by Damien McFerran

Famed designer still wants to work on Star Fox, too

The Wonderful 101 is Platinum's first title for the Wii U and has met with widespread critical acclaim, scoring 9/10 in our review. Eurogamer recently sat down with director Hideki Kamiya to chat about the production of the title and Platinum's relationship with Nintendo, and the resultant comments suggest that the often outspoken designer thoroughly enjoyed working with the company which fed his childhood obsession with video gaming.

Kamiya reveals that The Wonderful 101 started life without a specific platform in mind, and it was only when it was shown to Nintendo that Wii U exclusivity cropped up:

I started thinking of ideas before thinking it was necessarily for any particular hardware. Once we showed it to Nintendo again and we reached an agreement - but we were never really thinking about a particular console at all.

Before it was decided that it was going to be for Wii U, the core of the game had already been developed. Only after that was it decided that we'd have this partnership with Nintendo. Once we had the opportunity to do something with the GamePad it provided us with some interesting opportunities - as developers it's something that really piques our curiosity.

The game is certainly impressive, but like so many titles it's not entirely perfect. Kamiya was asked about the complaints some players had raised about the dual touchscreen and stick controls, and replied:

I can only really speculate about the problems that people are having, or why they're having them. But if I do speculate, I'll start by recognising that the game's really for core gamers - though there are elements that make it accessible. Personally, I find that using the stick is something more suited to the hardcore gamers, because if you take time to look down at the screen you lose time. If you're hardcore, use the stick and it'll be better - the screen's for people who aren't quite as hardcore.

On the topic of working with Nintendo — the company he says he wanted to join when he entered the video game industry — Kamiya had nothing but praise to impart:

Before working with Nintendo I thought they were a big company and they'll have some big marketing guy telling them what to make, but once I started working with them I found the human side was deeper than I thought. You could have real conversations about how to make the game, and how to make it better.

We were never really forced to do anything, but there was a dialogue and we got some pointers from Nintendo. The biggest thing was probably the graphical style - originally it was a bit darker. I wasn't really satisfied with it, and Nintendo said why don't you change it? Why don't you find something with a broader appeal, and the result's what you see now - it's a bit brighter, and it feels like action figures moving about in the game. I like the fact that Nintendo didn't ask to change too much - the creativity of Platinum was totally respected by Nintendo throughout the process.

Given the strong working relationship between Platinum and Nintendo — tied with the latter's recent keenness to entrust its IP with outside developers — surely the chances of a Kamiya-fronted Star Fox title have never been better?

I can't really commit to anything - if I was going to work on anything like that it'd come with huge responsibility, so I can't say this lightly - but it's something that I really love, and I'm personally speaking a huge fan of the franchise.

Go on, Nintendo. Give this man Star Fox — he won't let you down.


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AlexSora89 said:

Okay, StarFox Assault was lame. That said...

Ninty, make it happen. A Platinum-made StarFox is the stuff of legends!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't want to deter Platinum from making a great Star Fox game but I would much rather see Factor 5 revived so they could make the next Star Fox and good as Rogue Squadron 2. I like the on-rails levels but "all-range mode" was never a patch on the aerial dogfights of Rogue Leader.



CrazyMetroid said:

@AlexSora89 Assault wasn't that lame, I fairly enjoyed it, spent some time with my friend blasting each other in the multiplayer mode. Quite enjoyed the game.
That said, it would be awesome to see them work on a new Star Fox. I think a blend between Adventures and Assault would be great.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Star Fox + Platinum = LOVE & GLORY

Edit: What if the next Metroid uses Samus' ship for something playable... that might be interesting.



Subie98 said:

If they made it like starfox 64 id buy it day one. If its like more adventures, ill pass.



smashbrolink said:

Platinum would only gain from becoming a second party studio to Nintendo at this point.
Kamiya wants it, and he'd be great for a Star Fox title or Metroid title.
Plus, the chances of a Vanquish sequel....drool



WiiLovePeace said:

According to an interview with Kamiya on IGN he wants to make a sequel to W101 and also would like to become a 2nd-party developer for Nintendo: I don't understand the business side of it at all, but would absolutely love to see his crazy style exclusively in the Nintendo family forever. Very lucky to have 2 major games as exclusives, let's see if they can take it to the next level haha



sinalefa said:

Cool to hear they had the creative freedom, even if Nintendo is producing the game.



Mahemoth said:

When I played the demo, the music did sound like proper Starfox music, maybe that was like a hint.



rjejr said:

I bet what Kamiya wants most from Nintendo right now is to start the price drop on Sep 15 rather than wait to Sept 20.

FYI Sept 15 is the US W101 release date, which nobody cares about now as everybody is looking forward to Zelda on the 20. As if that game wasnt going to have enough problems selling.

Note to Nintendo - dont announce price cuts 3 weeks in advance, thats idiotic. Have the price cut "effective immediately" like any sane company would have done.

Just kill the "why uh" why dont ya.



Aqueous said:

I'll give them a sale of W101 but It won't be till around winter when I'll have the system again with me.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm all for it. Seems like a good match and I'd be 10 times more interested in a Star Fox sequel if he was working on it. This is from someone who is really just becoming a fan after the Wonderful 101 demo. I just really like the layers of depth in gameplay and I think that would apply very well to Star Fox.



Shiryu said:

Come on Ninty, let them reboot "Star Fox" while you work internally on a new "F-Zero" so we can all have closure in our lives.



Shambo said:

It's been said before, I'll say it again and it will definitely be said again after this too:

give him Star Fox, and we're all WINNERS!



Shambo said:

@yuwarite that would ALSO make a hell of a lot of sense! Wii remote AND touch screen work wonders for this.
Well, Nintendo, he did say he wants to become second party, right? Please, work on that! And keep letting them do their thing for you.



Ryno said:

I must be the only guy in the world that doesn't want them to make Star Fox.



Kirk said:

I would not want him to make the next Star Fox game.

I think I'd rather a proper Nintendo first party team did that.



Kirk said:

I think Nintendo probably should have pushed even further on the tweaking the graphical style front because I still don't think his team went quite far enough in realizing that "broader appeal" and it's still a bit too "niche" for my liking (the whole overly shiny plastic look on all the characters for example).



Marshi said:

@WiiLovePeace If platinum became the new Rare for nintendo,i genuinely believe sales of the wiiu would skyrocket. Ive heard from so many friends that they wont buy a wiiu as the game they want(bayonetta 2) for it will come to other consoles eventually. Despite me telling them nintendo is publishing it they still believe this will happen. If ninty bought platinum it would be a genius move



Warruz said:

@Marshi They really need to, it would add an aspect sorely lacking on nintendo which is high action games, typically on the mature side.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Marshi Agreed. It's beyond the level of simple publishing with Bayonetta 2, but rather, Nintendo are literally paying Platinum Games to make it hence it's an exclusive to Nintendo consoles as long as Nintendo keep making them. Your friends should start saving for a Wii U now because it's clear that Bayonetta 2's non-Nintendo platform release date is: Never.



KLZ said:

If Platinum makes a Star Fox, the whole game would be like Area 6 with 10 times more enemies and explosions.



digga said:

nintendo???? get platinum on board,, imagine,, exclusives for nintendo like vanquish,, metal gear rising etc,,, nintendo would benefit greatly from getting platinum on the team,,, i also think nintendo should buy SEGA



JimLad said:

I agree that ideally, Nintendo should make the next Star Fox themselves. But since that looks like it's never going to happen I say give them a shot.
...or Retro
...or Sega
...I'd even accept Atlus at this point



MeloMan said:

Wow, so many devs want to make Star Fox and F-Zero. C'mon Nintendo, listen to SOMEONE at least...



Blue_Yoshi said:

This might be the ONLY reason I'm going to buy The Wonderful 101 in between the releases of Kingdom Hearts HD and GTA V is so that I support Platinum Games and there contribution to nintendo.



Kaabiitorori said:

I said this in one of the recent news articles about Platinum Games: if that is true, very good indeed. Platinum Games is a valuable Japanese developer to take seriously in mind, and alongside with Nintendo they could bring very interesting IPs to their consoles just as they did with MadWorld or the recent TW101.

Although I have to admit that the idea of a Star Fox game by Platinum would be pure glory. ^_^ However, I just hope Miyamoto is not too conservative and lets his precious creation to Platinum: give 'em a chance, dang it!



raith said:

Always good to hear positive things from other studios who collaborate with Nintendo. I do hope Platinum games becomes a 2nd party developer. Since they have two teams, one could create a new IP while the other makes a sequel or franchise revival such as StarFox or Nazo no Murasamejou.



the_beaver said:

Come on Nintendo! Let them do it for you! And let Shin'en do the new F-Zero as well!
They could be supervising them deeper this time, just to make sure, as they are Nintendo IPs.
And meanwhile, Nintendo could concentrate on creating new IPs, for example, which I think it's starting to be a must...



JaxonH said:

It's a shame isn't it? That Wonderful 101 hasn't sold well and is already overshadowed in the US? I think so. I feel so bad for Kamiya- he makes some of the funnest, most amazing, fresh new games in the world, and no one ever buys his games. It defies logic. W101 got a tough break with that unfair IGN review though, and surely that has impacted the masses to an extent.



JaxonH said:

New IPs are a pipe dream. Nobody wants new IPs- they just don't. A few people on gaming websites say they want them, but that's such a small minority it almost makes no difference. Look at Wonderful 101- a completely brand new Nintendo-owned IP that's probably the funnest game I've played in at least 5 years (exception being Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem Awakening). No one bought it. Didn't even hit the top 20 in Europe, and only sold 5,000 copies at launch in Japan. That's beyond abysmal. Even Pikmin 3 sold 100,000 at launch.

But again, even look at Pikmin 3. It may as well be a new IP- there's only been 2 others before it and they were a decade ago. Pikmin 3 did ok, but wasn't exactly a huge hit. Even though the game was one of the funnest I've played in YEARS.

No one buys new IPs anymore. It's almost a guarantee that any new IP on a Nintendo console will flop nowadays. That's ok though- there's a reason Nintendo franchises are so popular- it's cause the games are really good. I can live without new IPs, just so long as the game is good. That's all that matters. New, old, doesn't matter.



Kriedler said:

Man, would SOMEONE just make a damn Starfox game?
Anyways, I bought the Wonderful 101 yesterday. I wasn't going to, but after hearing how badly it was doing, I pretty much had to. I feel really bad for Platinum. They make some awesome games that hardly get recognized



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - It amazes me people still read IGN. Who does that, Xbox360 owners? I'ld rather watch Adam Sessler on Youtube.

"Didn't even hit the top 20 in Europe,"

I forgot W101 already came out in EU. Must be selling great amistd all this Nintendo news madness /sarcasm

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