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A Spaniard based in the United Kingdom. Big Nintendo and Sega fan, but a true gamer above all. Fond of technology and entertainment in general, including films, TV shows, comics, and music.

Tue 18th Jun 2013

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Kaabiitorori commented on Mighty No. 9 Confirmed for 3DS:

The Kickstarter has just ended: $4M have been funded on this project. It's amazing how much money they have managed to raise, and totally well deserved. Congratulations to Inafune-san and their team for achieving such an incredible goal. You have given us one of the biggest surprises of this year in terms of gaming. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed U...:

Gotta admit I was a little disappointed with this delay, but after watching the Nintendo Direct I thought to myself: "Well, I'll have a tremendous bunch of games to play for both my 3DS and my Wii U, aside from any non-Nintendo platforms, until February!".

While the delay may serve to polish the game a bit more, I suppose it can be quite sensible to push the game for a later release to get the benefit of not being undermined by the rest of the Christmas line-up. 2 Zelda's, 1 Mario, 1 Sonic, 1 Mario & Sonic, 2 Wii Series (Party & Fit), Pokémon X & Y... including a good 3rd Party line-up, I think both Nintendo systems will be well catered for. Not to mention, a February 2014 release will help to keep the Wii U with fresh releases unlike the first half of this year which suffered quite a gaming drought.



Kaabiitorori commented on Super Mario 3D World Brings New Power-Ups to t...:

For those who thought this was gonna be a simple sequel to 3D Land, today Nintendo seemed to have proven them wrong. The trailer surely has changed a lot of people's minds. To me, it sold me the game greatly, even more than back on their E3 conference. Here they have shown more content, more power-ups, more fun stuff to do throughout the levels, slightly better graphics...

Glad to see this game is turning out even better to the eyes of many people around here. Cannot wait for Christmas to grab a copy of this game for some fun Mario co-op platforming! =)



Kaabiitorori commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sha...:

Making the resolution of the dungeons in a non-lineal structure, while a little risky on one side, this could be quite an interesting approach in the series. If done well, could be definitely an improvement. Gotta give them some confidence and see how it turns out!



Kaabiitorori commented on New Kirby Game Will Be Blowing Up The 3DS in 2014:

Wow... I did not expect any new announcements from today's Nintendo Direct, let alone a new entry on the Kirby series. This absolutely made my day. o___o

This Kirby 3DS game is very reminiscent to Return To Dream Land, being the latter the best traditional Kirby game of all time IMO: loads of abilities and combo moves, nice level design, tight controls, great content included (Challenges, Extra Mode, The Arena, etc.) and a fun 4 player co-op multiplayer. All these ingredients alone made them a very complete Kirby game. If Kirby 3DS is as good as Return to Dream Land or even better, count me in! =) The 3D gimmick at first glance seems a good fit indeed too. Can't wait to hear more about this game: being the portable consoles his main home, it was about time Kirby needed to have a new entry on the 3DS.

@DarkKirby Difficulty in Kirby games, while it's mainly conceived for unexperienced players, there always have been some treats for the experienced ones. The most obvious one is the Extra Mode, which while I see your point on wanting it unlocked from the beginning, I prefer to have it as an unlockable and therefore get some replayability value.

Completion in itself granted some sense of difficulty in several games of the series, with The Amazing Mirror being a very notable one IMO; Air Ride's checklist was an interesting approach as well. Mass Attack, IMO, had a very well structured sense of difficulty. First you had clearing the main game (Easy), then collecting all the Medals (Medium), and then finally unlocking all tasks/achievements (Hard). Very unusual for a typical Kirby game to have such a distribution, yet a very interesting way to set a good sense of difficulty in the series.

As for whether some Kirby games don't seem as actual Kirby games, while Epic Yarn was not originally conceived as a Kirby game, it delivered a charming feeling akin to the series, and therefore seemed to fit well with Kirby (aside from the probably less risky approach to use a well-known IP rather than creating a new one). I always believed Kirby had a very good versatibility, with such ease to adapt any kind of concept or gameplay style: Tilt 'n Tumble, Power Paintbrush, Mass Attack, Epic Yarn... just to name a few, had such interesting gameplay concepts that could perfectly work as brand new IPs, yet fits like a glove for Kirby. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on The Wii U Continues to Struggle in Japanese Ch...:

@Daggo I understand what you mean. In my case, while gameplay matters the most in a game, I will be absolutely fine if the story complements it well enough.

With The Last of Us, it felt to me like both had a good balance. Story-wise was lineal yet good enough to show how well it developed alongside the connection of the characters (although I gotta agree with you about the ending); gameplay-wise, it felt to me like it was an action-adventure game within its own way, something that Naughty Dog was doing throughout the Uncharted series. The game overall was very good, yet not as perfect as many people claim.

Now that you mentioned this, BioShock Infinite was whole different story. While story-wise was excellent (God, that ending was just mind-blowing), the gameplay wasn’t even close to the magnificent first BioShock game: too lineal with non-existant backtracking and combats were scripted, open area based. Elizabeth’s interaction aside from the story was reduced to give you items and open mere tears, but originally, she was intended to combine her powers with your Vigors. There was so much wasted potential. Overall, the game felt like a run of the mill shooter and not BioShock. =( Now let’s see about the upcoming DLC if things can change though!

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel games should stick to its old roots and not depart from ‘em at all. Yes, there can be amazing stories in a video game, no doubt; but it seems like the norm is going towards caring more about the story and less about the gameplay until making it almost non-existant, something I don’t find comfortable at all. =(

Sorry for digressing about the main topic as well. XD



Kaabiitorori commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

@Einherjar Exactly, they are all optional. You like it, take it; you don't like it, don't take it. No need to fuss about something that does not affect to an already fully developed game.

At least, as the article points out, in an scenario where you need a paid subscription just to play online, Nintendo seems to stay out of that policy in the inmediate future. And I hope it stays like that for many years to come.



Kaabiitorori commented on The Wii U Continues to Struggle in Japanese Ch...:

@ricklongo @Savino Cinematic games might start to become a norm in the industry, and quite frankly, I wouldn't like to see that happening.

The Last of Us seemed like a good balance between gameplay and story development to me. I don't mind it when you have to sit through cutscenes as long as they don't compromise gameplay and it feels like you are playing... well, a proper video game! The Walking Dead, on the other hand, showed to me the horror of cinematic gameplay mechanics (yes, gotta admit I am in that minority who dislike that game). Yes, it does have an amazing story and characters, but when its gameplay is only based on dialogue and QTEs, then it stops to be a game as we know and goes more towards an interactive movie.

If interactive movies are the maturity of the video game industry as some experts pointed out with The Walking Dead... I am afraid I won't take part of that lead. =( I would take any actual video game with actual gameplay mechanics any day.



Kaabiitorori commented on The Wii U Continues to Struggle in Japanese Ch...:

Logically, the announced price cut is holding people to buy the console. While America and Europe will have their price cut, I haven't heard a thing about Japan though. Anyone knows?

@Caryslan In theory, Sony is not launching the PS4 in Japan this year: this might help Nintendo sell the Wii U substantially. I say in theory because Sony could announce their release date and price at Tokyo Game Show in a few weeks as well as announce several games targeted to the Japanese market (quite frankly, the vast majority of its launch catalog is more aimed towards the western market).



Kaabiitorori commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

This is a topic that has been discussed many times in other articles regarding to other developers; in the case of Bethesda, something is a bit buggy here (ironically speaking). First off, in their long history they never ever developed for a Nintendo console: it was mainly PC, and then Microsoft and Sony as their consoles of choice to port their games. So why do they complain about Nintendo in the first place? Secondly, this contradicts the fact that many developers (mostly Indies) have praised the Wii U and Nintendo’s support. And thirdly… are they implying they want to convince Nintendo to craft a box out of THEIR needs? Gosh, here we go again~

Nintendo does not approach the exact same way to 3rd Party developers than Microsoft or Sony. First off, they make their console to fit their own needs, that’s their top priority; then they approach to the rest of the developers and collect their feedback. Microsoft and Sony, on the other hand, develop their consoles mostly to please the 3rd Party segment: I know Sony and Microsoft (the latter to a much lesser extent) have their own 1st Party studios, but unlike Nintendo, they don’t develop games for a living. They do need to secure a big 3rd Party segment or else they will fail. Nintendo does craft game hardware and software for a living, and that’s how they have been doing since the beginning; heck, even from the N64 era onwards despite the so-called lack of 3rd Party support! Secondly, it’s not that Nintendo NEVER cared about 3rd Party support, more like the contrary: how many times have we seen developers praising a Nintendo console on every E3 conference and then some (I repeat, SOME) of them ended up abandoning the ship? And thirdly, for those who claim Nintendo should catch up with their competitors by making a juggernaut of a console in terms of specs and therefore more 3rd Party developers would join ‘em, that would be a complete suicide: there would be 3 identical consoles on the market and there would be no reason for many consumers to buy a Nintendo console that would do the exact same thing than the others. That’s why they took the path of differentiation once again with the Wii U and their Gamepad. I’d rather see Nintendo being… well, Nintendo! Why would they suddenly want to copycat Microsoft and Sony's approaches if we all know Nintendo goes on a different route? With its pros and cons, but again, it's their strategy and it's something that fitted 'em well. This whole “Nintendo vs 3rd Party” topic, from both consumers and developers perspectives alike, is getting really old already. -_-

Back to Bethesda (from my personal experience), the only game I’ve played from their Game Studios division was Fallout 3, a game I praise for its immersive setting and RPG elements, which manage to achieve remarkably well. However, I cannot take any game seriously when glitches, bugs and crashes constantly ruin your experience, and when I played Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 I had plenty of these. Oh, and don’t get me started on New Vegas… By now the game is partially fixed, but this happened right when the game hit stores: that is THE VERY FIRST SEQUENCE of the game! How come no one at Bethesda saw it!? O_O I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo ever rejected their games. And I don’t blame them, because quite frankly as a consumer I wouldn’t like to pay $60/60€/£40 to do the role of a beta tester, which is supposed to be their damn job!

@Blastoise Good solid points on your comments indeed! Welcome to the community! =D



Kaabiitorori commented on Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On ...:

That's good news indeed! Clearly shows to Ubisoft the Wii U version had a lot of expectations and shows the platform has a viable outcome. If these numbers can be translated in the upcoming Ubisoft titles (Watch Dogs, AC IV, etc.), I'm sure they will keep on supporting the system.

Now I hope the game keeps on selling long enough. Rayman Origins wasn't exactly a blockbuster success, and with upcoming beasts like GTA 5 this could hurt Legends a lot. I hope I am wrong!

@Peach64 GOTY or not, both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 deserve healthy sales as well. Well, any really good game (especially new IPs) deserve healthy sales in order to succeed. These two, as well as Rayman Legends, look very impressive and I'll definitely get them altogether throughout this month, that's for sure. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Interview: Hideki Kamiya on The Wonderful 101,...:

@JaxonH Totally agree. I'll always say this: Wii U has a lot of potential. The asymmetric gameplay, the Off-TV mode, the gamepad's integration and its controls, all of what you mentioned are pretty good aspects to reason its value. Heck, if not, then why Microsoft had to come up with the SmartGlass or Sony with PS Vita's Remote Play to counter the Wii U Gamepad for instance?

Just like you, I cannot ditch the other platforms: I love playing games no matter the platform it's located on. But as a Nintendo fan, I cannot let how people ditch the console out quickly (could I say there's some sort of prejudice?). At least there will be people that, just like us, will appreciate what the Wii U truly is: I just hope it can be reached out more and more people, and hopefully the upcoming line-up and the recently announced reduction on its retail price will change that. Oh, and let's see what Nintendo awaits for us in 2014!



Kaabiitorori commented on Interview: Hideki Kamiya on The Wonderful 101,...:

@JaxonH Wow, 18 Wii U games on pre-order, you said? o_o And yet people dare to say Wii U has no games for it... oh the irony~

Regarding to this topic, it's also just what you said: fanboys seem to be very closed-minded when it comes to console choices nowadays. They rage whenever a particular game is not on their beloved platform, they even have to reach to violent terms if they have to: Bayonetta 2 has been a good example of this. It's like their pride and ego are too much that they would rather, as you said, quit gaming altogether rather than be caught with a Nintendo console. =/



Kaabiitorori commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Aut...:

Well, I've got The Wind Waker HD already pre-ordered (Ganondorf's figure edition, to be more specific), so that will be my first most anticipated Wii U title. Although the list goes on with Sonic Lost World, DK Tropical Freeze and Mario 3D World. I could say Watch Dogs is another game I'm so looking forward to play, but I gotta decide whether it'll land on my Wii U or PS3.

This is going to be a tremendously huge quarter ahead in gaming, boys! =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Working On Spir...:

Capcom couldn't give to Mega Man (Inafune's creation) the treatment it deserves, so why not starting anew then? The concept and design, the level design, the characters... yep, a Mega Man spiritual successor indeed. Definitely gonna back this up: Mega Man fans wanted a new game, and if Capcom doesn't care much about it, so be the legendary Inafune who makes the proper job. True, it's not THE Mega Man, but in essence and spirit, it'll be the same and that's what matters.

At the time of writing this post, $545k have been pledged: at this rate, I am 100% positive it will reach all stretch goals.

Good luck on your project, Inafune-san! =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Kamiya: Nintendo "Totally Respected" The Creat...:

I said this in one of the recent news articles about Platinum Games: if that is true, very good indeed. Platinum Games is a valuable Japanese developer to take seriously in mind, and alongside with Nintendo they could bring very interesting IPs to their consoles just as they did with MadWorld or the recent TW101.

Although I have to admit that the idea of a Star Fox game by Platinum would be pure glory. ^_^ However, I just hope Miyamoto is not too conservative and lets his precious creation to Platinum: give 'em a chance, dang it!



Kaabiitorori commented on Kamiya Doesn't Think Bayonetta 3 Will Ever Hap...:

@ScroogeMcLz +1. So true. While sequelising something is alright (as long as such sequel is on par or even better than their prequels), there is need to always bring new IPs (once again, as long as such new IP is really good): they give the market some room among the typical yearly sequels. But as you said, why people complain about getting so many sequels if sometimes they don't help on making these IPs successful by buying 'em?

BTW, if what Mr Kamiya says about Nintendo letting 'em have all sorts of development freedom is true, very good indeed. Platinum Games is a valuable Japanese developer to take seriously in mind. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Because I am holidaying in my homeland Spain I cannot get access to my Wii U, so I cannot get to play to any of the recent gems such as Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 or Rayman Legends until I am back to the UK in a few weeks. .w.

Nevertheless, I did good on taking Zelda: Twilight Princess with me for the Gamecube, and luckily I still have my good old Gamecube at home, so that will be my next game to play. Especially after just finishing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team; such an amazing game! =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Reggie Has Seen The Xbox One And PS4 Launch Li...:

Well, I am not surprised at all with these words. What else would he say then? Their competitors' line-up is better than ours? Of course he would defend his company's line-up; Microsoft or Sony would do the same thing if they were asked about theirs. Same thing when they point out their own IPs: while Nintendo has Zelda, Mario and DK, Microsoft has Halo and Gears of War, or Sony has Killzone or Gran Turismo just to name a few. These IPs sell on their respective consoles, so obviously they gotta point 'em out.

Personally, I am very well catered with my 3DS, my Wii U and my recently acquired PS3 throughout 2013-14. I am very content with the upcoming line-up of games for these three, so I don't have to worry about getting a PS4 until 2014-15.



Kaabiitorori commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

I said this before in its respective news article, but I'll say it again: I like the idea of the 2DS. It's good for a younger audience, the design is quite reliable and sturdy (fixing the broken hinges issue), and it's also a cheaper method to get a new 3DS. Not to mention, it's released on the same exact day than Pokémon X & Y: that alone will guarantee a succulent bundle for young kids.

I have seen a hell of a ton of criticism about this move not just on NL, but on social media as well. I need to leave one thing very clear though: people need to understand there are products that may not be made for their target. The 2DS is a clear example of a model directed to a different (and younger) audience. It's there for that target, while keeping the other SKUs we all know. So why complaining? Will you really buy that model? If not, then why do you have to bash on something that is not for you on the first place? With all respect, I find this just a plain yet unnecessary critisism. This strategy is much akin to what, say, Apple or Samsung would do with their phone and tablet products: release different versions which would not only cater different types of audiences but also broaden themselves in the market. And besides, you know Nintendo are very keen on remodeling their handheld consoles, and this is no exception.

As for the Wii U, all I can say is about time! $50/50€ price reduction and phasing out the Basic SKU in favour to the Premium SKU. The Wii U will now be in a slightly more comfortable position for Christmas with a good line-up of games and special bundles such as The Wind Waker HD one. However, will there be an Ambassador's Programme like the 3DS did? Aside from the temporal Famicom 30th Anniversary promo, we gotta wait and see. But for now, this is something that most (if not all) of us were claiming for. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Okay, after giving a quick glance to the comments... I think I am in the minority who thinks the 2DS is a good idea.

First off, this seems to be primarly aimed to kids under 7 who wants a 3DS. I know, the 3D can be switched off by parental controls on the 3DS and 3DS XL, but this non-3D option is a straight, quick option for parents aside from the price tag.

Secondly, design-wise at first I thought it could be an awkward idea, but then I couldn't help but take a look at my ol' trusty DS (the very first SKU) and then realise how the hinges could break. You don't know how many people (kids especially) had this problem!

Thirdly, this is an alternative model aimed to another audience. Say what you will about Apple and its practices when it comes to releasing different models of their products: whenever they release a new model or even a specs update of the iPad, people still will buy it. With the 2DS case, this is gonna attract lots of people who want not just a new model, but also a much cheaper 3DS. Not to mention, the release of a new model of their handhelds is what Nintendo ALWAYS have been doing since the first Game Boy!

And last, but not least... the 2DS is released the exact same day than Pokémon X & Y. This could mean an avalanche of kids wanting the game and the console guaranteed. XD

But hey, it's easy to say that on Nintendo they have lost the plot and decided to make a console aimed at kids and it's not my target and therefore you are not gonna buy it. Just sayin'~



Kaabiitorori commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Download Needs 6,789...:

Man, this is another one I gotta pick up sooner or later, but not downloadable though. Hope I can make it some room on my 3DS after finishing a couple of more games!

Meanwhile in Japan, they will get this alongside Mario & Luigi:


Wish it was released overseas as well... .w.



Kaabiitorori commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I recently finished Fire Emblem Awakening on Normal – Casual: the best 55 hours I have spent with a video game in a long time, totally worth it! =) I’m planning on taking another playthrough on Lunatic – Classic; wish me luck! XD

Apart from FE Awakening, I gotta start DKC Returns 3D, so I will be alternating between these two on the 3DS. On the Wii U, I would like to pick up New Super Luigi U, but I am currently collecting all the Star Coins and completing the challenges on the main NSMBU game first, so I'm not rushed to buy the expansion.

As for non-Nintendo titles, The Last of Us. Guess it doesn’t need any introduction at all. X3



Kaabiitorori commented on Miyamoto Unsure Nintendo Can Make Another "Gre...:

On the one hand, Miyamoto is aware we all want a new F-Zero and/or Star Fox game, and that is good to know. But on the other hand, how come these franchises cannot have new ideas to turn them into a great game? Both series have been dormant for quite a while, and surely bringing them back to life should not suppose a big dilemma when it comes to ideas.

I can understand he wants to work with these franchises internally, but I don’t see what’s so bad about outsourcing these IPs to external studios just as Nintendo have been doing recently with other franchises, especially when these studios are asking for a chance.



Kaabiitorori commented on Nintendo Teases Majora's Mask Remake Again, Again:

If Ocarina of Time had a 3D remake, why not Majora’s Mask too? I definitely want it remade too, since I couldn’t finish the original N64 game back on the day. Not to mention, and pretty much with most remakes, it will bring newcomers and veterans alike to enjoy the game. =)



Kaabiitorori commented on Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Doo...:

The real deal about DLCs is that these additional contents must bring an expansive experience to the main game, and most importantly, value for money. Cases such as overpriced DLCs with very little content or DLCs used to unlock an incomplete game are a big no-no for me: Capcom is probably the worst example in DLC handling, let alone their retail “editions” of Street Fighter VI or Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Contrary to what some people may believe, New Super Luigi U is, in proper order, an expansion. The same can be said about other expansive DLCs such as Rockstar’s GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption, or Ubisoft’s FarCry 3: they are run under the same game and engine, but they feel like they were a totally new game and not a mere additional content. The examples I have mentioned had retail versions as well.

So yeah, I applaud the arrival of expansions such as New Super Luigi U. Once again, as long as both content and price tag are equal, they will always be welcomed, and let’s hope Nintendo knows how to handle this in future releases.



Kaabiitorori commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Resolves DLC C...:

Good news indeed! Time to update (again). XD

I will wait for the reviews of these new StreetPass games though. £4.49 for each game is a bit too pricey and I don’t usually hit as many Miis as I would like in order to compensate the purchase of these games. Let’s hope the latter can be solved with those future StreetPass hotspots very soon!



Kaabiitorori commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

I cannot imagine Animal Crossing transformed into a ‘freemium’ franchise, at all.

I am not saying that Nintendo should not attempt this model at all, but if they ever will expand themselves into the ‘free-to-play’ market with their key franchises after their first experiment (Steel Diver), this is something VERY tricky to pull into success. A ‘freemium’ game must be crafted well enough and it must not compromise the gameplay and the player in order to win the game by the old standards.

In all honesty, whenever anyone mentions the ‘free-to-play’ model, I cannot help but always point towards Team Fortress 2: amazing and extremely fun gameplay paired up with a sustainable ‘freemium’ model and an extremely strong community. Now THAT is what I would call a good example to follow!



Kaabiitorori commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:

It is an extremely complex topic to address. For starters, these companies may be aware of the ethical issues found in their manufacturing lines, and therefore they must address these issues. I am sure most of the companies must be aware of these problems, but there are many factors that hinder any progress, mainly due to the laws and taxes imposed by the governments from their respective developed countries. I do not want to go further from political aspects, but it is up to both governments and companies alike to counter these issues: after all, it is not the kind of reputation to hold. Transparency is the key to success, and while Nintendo may be transparent in certain areas, this is one where it certainly must be addressed.

On the other hand, people need to raise awareness about these issues without criminalising them. You cannot tell and criminalise anyone who buys and uses a certain product to stop buying it because that company is not ethical enough in their production policies. I mean, you cannot say “Hey, whoever bought an iPhone, look where they come from!” and point out Foxconn, while you have a Galaxy S4, which basically comes from the same manufacturer: you will end up looking yourself like a hypocrite. Whatever device you use or even the computer you work with could have been manufactured in the same conditions. In other words, barely any company is free of guilt in that matter, but it is important to raise awareness between consumers without criminalising them.

As far as I know, very few seem to be in process to change their production lines to their home countries: recently, Apple announced their new line of Mac Pro computers will be assembled in Texas, and hopefully this will mean many of their products will progressively move back to the USA. Nintendo, alongside with many others, could invest money to bring their production lines to Japan, as well as promoting new jobs to tackle unemployment nationwide as well.

(BTW! This is my first comment here in Nintendo Life. Hope I am welcomed among the community!) =3