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Downloadable 3DS StreetPass Plaza Content Has Generated 400 Million Yen In A Month

Posted by Damien McFerran

And that's with virtually no promotion

Nintendo recently introduced four new downloadable games which made use of the 3DS console's StreetPass functionality. Available for purchase individually or as a bundle with a discount, this quartet of titles marks a new phase in Nintendo's online strategy with its popular handheld.

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the experiment has worked — despite the company not spending any money on promoting the new games:

With the 3DS, there is the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which you can use to play games with Miis that you meet by walking past other people carrying a 3DS. However, because people were growing tired of playing the same couple games, we have, in fact, brought four new StreetPass Mii Plaza games! Four new games have been added, where you can buy one game for ¥500 or all four games at a discounted price of ¥1500.

One month has passed since we added these new StreetPass Mii Plaza games, and we did not use any type of mass advertising. It was written on our homepage, with information about all the new content included in the update. You are also made aware when you visit the StreetPass Mii Plaza for the first time after the update, but we didn’t use anything like television commercials to advertise.

However, in this state, we have generated a lot of income from our customers. Furthermore, a lot of the people who are playing and enjoying the new games are communicating and advertising through outlets like Twitter. Thanks to this, the circle of customers is growing bigger and bigger, and interestingly, sales were a strong ¥400 million in only a month.

That's an impressive achievement when you consider that Nintendo hasn't been shouting from the rooftops about these new titles. It's also interesting that Iwata has identified social media as a strong driver behind downloads — a statement which proves that despite the launch of Miiverse on phones and PCs, Nintendo is well aware that more traditional social networks are a valuable tool when it comes to spreading the word.


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Sanqet said:

what does that work out in pounds i'm not sure of the exchange rate



MAB said:

Ninty will be unstoppable next year when the WiiU kicks into overdrive...



LordGeovanni said:

Great Job Nintendo!

Now if they could, I would like it if you could "cache" new entries into your plaza and be able to hold about 30 people so that you can keep getting them and attempt to use them (up to 10 still, no more) on the games that need a lot of people at once (Mii Force) while still allowing you to enter them one at a time (like if you keep SPsing the same person, you still want to play the other games with that person...)

And I can STILL see another 4 games for this sooner or later... Just, hopefully with some cache system or something, because playing all the games while at a convention of sort is FAR too intense when attempting to cycle through all the people!.



DePapier said:

Well yeah. Nintendo knows how to make money, and knows how not to lose it.



Emblem said:

Sweet, i have yet to check out these games myself, too many games on my 3DS to clear before Pokemon hits.



SCAR said:

Mii Force is brutal with only 1-2 streetpasses, but that's my favorite one. The mansion one is cool, too, but I hardly run into any ghosts.
Also, it's hard as heck to build an army in the army game. My bro gets like 3500-7000 troops a day(he gets at least 5 street passes a day at school), and I get like 100.

I think their entertaining, it's just hard to get the streetpasses sometimes. Those relay stations should make the whole thing alot better for 3DS owners. I go by a McDonalds once a day that has the AT&T wi-fi.



WiiLovePeace said:

I haven't bought them yet as I rarely get streetpass hits but I will eventually. Awesome free monies for Nintendo though!



Shambo said:

@MadAussieBloke hilarious picture I definitely hope so, for the awesomeness that is 3ds and Wii U deserves way more attention. These are actual gaming systems, from a gaming only company with the mind and heart of true gamers. The quality and possibilities are awesome as well, with both systems.

Also, on topic, the downloadable extra games are worth the money for the bundle. I had 7 street passes on a day of shopping, and I got about 1.5 hours of -sometimes ACTUAL- gameplay out of the multiple games combined. A space shooter with a rather awesome and original mechanic, a 'strategy' game, exploring a haunted house,... Truely nice value.



AltDotNerd said:

With all the things to spend play coins on (not counting New Leaf fortune cookies) Nintendo needs to up the play coin limit, as well as how many you can earn in a day. It would encourage people to walk more.



Victoria said:

Well in over crowded Japan people probably get Street Passes regularly. I'm lucky if I get one or two a month.



Folkloner said:

I'm lucky in that i live in a country (Wales) with only 3 main cities, all of which are relatively close to each other and 2 of which have very active StreetPass groups, ensuring that at least once a month I can score a ton of hits and make progress through the games.



Luffymcduck said:

I spent like 2 hours in Animecon for playing the games (exept for Mii Force which takes too long) because I got so many Streetpass hits there.

I was really surpirised how good these games were. Not AAA quality but good still. Finally got a reason to try to get Street Pass hits again after getting all the hats in Streetpass Quest 1&2. Collecting puzzle pieces is just stupid since there´s always going to be a new one before you get all the previous ones, not to mention how boring and pointless it is. At least the DLC games were good.



Mahe said:

The games are great, so it's no wonder they're creating good word of mouth. The deal for getting all four for a bundle price is probably also helping.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm enjoying them as I had a nice party of 5 go at it yesterday and no play coins used either! Mii Force is getting hard early on but its the best and deepest by far of the 4. Still love the other though as they offer quite a bit as well!



Spoony_Tech said:

@Luffymcduck I really like the puzzles. I just wish more people did them. Its the first thing I always do and the more puzzles the better as I was getting to the point where only streetpasses were the ones I was getting.

@SCAR392 I'm with you on that. I got 5 streetpasses in the last 2 days but only got 303 for my army that sits around 3500 people atm. The most I've got was from mine over 900 and one other over 600. I was told by someone that beat them to save the upgrades as the more you upgrade the more the other armies get. I have however conqured 5 lands so far so that's not too bad.



iphys said:

That rabbit!

I'd say half the people I'm tagging have the games, but I suppose the people that bought the games are more likely to be taking their systems out and about.



Sanqet said:

streetpass is useless where i live i owned my 3ds since day one and only got five streetpass hits so far



Sanqet said:

@mihimarcelo in scotland it seems here nobody bothers to keep there 3ds switched on when out and about so the only time i get streetpass hits is in game shops but even then not too often



Windy said:

Let the flood Gates open!

I still need to download these. I'm waiting to see how the Nintendozone works since my work is a Nintendozone wifi area I typically so far have had about 8 streetpass hits per year since the 3ds has come out. Not good I carry my 3DS everywhere! Just where the people are not, I guess. I live in Las Vegas you would think I get huge amounts of streetpass hits since my 3DS is in a hotel lobby 8 hours a day



Klimbatize said:

I enjoy the games, but my major gripe remains. They need to raise the Play Coin limit now that there are so many games that use them. 10 a day is not enough.



Dpishere said:

Nice to see they are so popular! Once the Nintendo Zone Relay system is activated I will likely get them as well, because as of right now I am lucky if I get a single street pass every six months. The games look great though!



ollietaro said:

@LordGeovanni You see ANOTHER 4 games coming out for Streetpass Plaza? It already takes forever playing these 4! If they do, I will be selective this time. Flower Town is my favourite and second to that would be the RISK-style one, but I could do without the shooter and the haunted house. My garden is so sick!! So you can only take in 10 ppl to these games? I thought the Plaza can hold 50 new ppl? At least you get to play the games over and over when cycling through ppl. You'll be able to make a bunch of progress in one day. I want to meet a lot of Monster Hunters, too!



soma said:

The games are very good so I'm glad they're selling really well. My favorites are Mii Force and the Gardening game which I found very addictive.



brucelebnd said:

HAHAHA in one month street pass plaza content makes more money then Sony's entire gaming divison did in 4 months. it lost 14.8 billion yen.

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