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Weirdness: Level-5's Favourite Character Poll Doesn't Go to Plan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And the winner is...

As part of the celebrations for its 15 year anniversary, well-known Japanese developer Level-5 recently held an online poll to allow gamers to vote for their favourite characters from the company's lineup. With franchises such as Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven in its portfolio, some would have expected the voting to be fairly predictable, with the top 10 characters to all receive new desktop wallpapers to celebrate.

The problem is that it can be dangerous entrusting an open vote like this to the internet as a whole, as Level-5 has discovered. Rather than its most successful IPs populating the list, the number one winner with 46,263 votes was... the airplane from Guild01 title Aero Porter. That game's success continued with the presence of the rather orange porter from the same game in 9th place.

Apparently Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino had made a plea on Twitter for those manipulating the results for strange outcomes to cease and desist, but that certainly didn't have the desired effect. You can see the 'top 10' below. For the record, Professor Layton was voted into 13th place. Oh dear.


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Erixsan said:

Just internet trolling Level-5...

Waiting Professor Layton x Ace Attorney... still waiting...



shingi_70 said:

Pretty sure Layton isn't that popular in Japan anymore and is aimed at a older audience. Inazuma Eleven is stupidly popular and is why everything Level-5 makes these days have an anime related to it.

Plus that Plane I pretty dope.



Daggo said:

I really want to see that wallpaper now, I mean it's going to feature a bunch of Inazuma characters (sans Tenma or Endou) on a plane along a shadowy man...!



SKTTR said:

I wish this Aeroporter game was on Wii or Wii U. Looks fun. I liked the 2 WiiWare games Airport Mania and Flight Control.



ueI said:

Anyone care to explain who those 10 characters are? I can't read Japanese nor have I played the games they're in.



bahooney said:

@ueI They're from that soccer (?) game Inazuma. I don't know anything about it, but that's what the katakana says.



Chris720 said:

A plane... from some random game on the eShop... got... first?

Oh internet, what are you?



ShanaUnite said:

There are actually people who like sangoku? O.O And why does everyone automatically assume that people messed with the results just because number 1 is slightly unexpected?



Jaz007 said:

What, this can't be right. Either something is rigged or enough idiots voted for it as a joke and it ended winning because of that.



Morpheel said:

Way to go plane!

I wonder if they'll make him a sequel or spinoff to please his many fans?

"Aeroporter: Adventures of Plane"



Macarony64 said:

I think the real meaning of this if you want to have your character win using the internet you most have all the games released world wide.



AugustusOxy said:

Just because an airplane wins doesn't mean the voting was manipulated. That is racist. Stop discriminating against airplanes. They are good people too.



Daggo said:

1. Airplane (Aero Porter series)
2. Kirino Ranmaru, defensive player for Raimon soccer team, he is a guy (Inazuma Eleven series)
3. Kinako, Raimon ace striker due a time paradox (Inazuma Eleven series)
4. Shuu, mysterious child protector of God Eden and soccer player (Inazuma Eleven series)
5. Hakuryuu, arrogant captain of soccer team Zero (Inazuma Eleven series)
6. Tsurugi Kyosuke, bad-turned-into-good true Raimon ace striker, anger issues (Inazuma Eleven series)
7. Shindou Takuto, crybaby and former Raimon captain, also piano player (Inazuma Eleven series)
8. Zanark, egomaniacal fugitive and a rogue FW soccer player from the future (Inazuma Eleven series)
9. Mr. Porter (Aero Porter series)
10. Sangoku-senpai, Raimon's stand-in goalkeeper, wants to make his mom proud (Inazuma Eleven series)



SCAR said:

I would have chosen the airplane, TBH, too. I haven't really played Professor Layton game all the way through, despite trying.



ValentineMeikin said:

Proves that Level-5 REALLY need to get back to selling their games rather than letting others do it for them.



Dizzard said:

Well people do like aeroplanes.

I hope they uphold what they said they would do regardless. You reap what you sow after all, for better or worse.

It looks more like a favourite inazuma eleven character poll to me, except you don't see many aeroplanes playing soccer.



Intrepid said:

Either way, it seems unfair that Level 5 has a mentality of "You didn't choose the one we expected, so the result is invalid".



Dizzard said:

@Intrepid Exactly, I really don't like this kind of mentality.

They asked and that's what they got, they should suck it up and just not ask in future if they don't like what happens.



WYLD-WOO said:

"Thank you for flying with LEVEL-5. We hope you enjoyed giving us the votes as much as you enjoyed taking us for a ride."



nomeacuerdo said:

@Dizzard sometimes you do.
Your image is absolutely, positively inappropriate. Please don't post that sort of content here — TBD



Windy said:

Someone pulled off a pretty good funny. They were probably protesting to get Fantasy Life released in North America and Europe



JuanitoShet said:

HA-HA! Eat THAT, Level-5. This is hilarious. x)

Also, I honestly have no clue who any of those characters are.

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