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NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

NBA 2K14 is jogging onto the court this Autumn, but one of the formats it won't be gracing is the Wii U — despite the fact that the prequel was a launch title for the system.

Speaking to Kotaku, Jason Argent, the senior vice president of sports operations for 2K Games, explained the reason for the snub:

We are not doing a Wii U version this year. The decision was made internally that our resources would be best put toward making a really amazing current-generation and next generation game, and we did not want to take resources away from making a great experience on those platforms.

Another no-show to add to an ever-growing list, then. Were you looking forward to shooting some hoops on your Wii U this year? Let us know what you think with a quick comment below.

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Kifa said:

It is as though Wii U was not considered a "console" at all by publishers. Would be funny if it weren't so sad, to cite a classic...



pntjr said:

Yeah that's it I'm getting a PS4. I'm sick and tired of all this BS. No NBA 2K? No me. I'm seriously regretting that I bought a Wii U.



Shiryu said:

So this means they wont bring NHL"k to the console either? That means not a single ice hockey game on the entire library, and that does indeed bother me. People without the new EA FIFA and without a new 2K Basket Ball game can still play last years release to get their fix, but I'm 100% screwed out of the virtual ice rink... back to Game Cube's "NHL Hitz " as usual...



Ezra said:

@hendie001 No NHL games coming out as well, you can bet.

These seamless negative updates on games that will not be dispensed on the Wii U console are shaping up as a one big joke. Not the news itself, the lack of games.



XCWarrior said:

What are these companies going to do when no one buys Xbones or PS4s because you can't trade games back in? Oh thats right, PS360 are going to continue to be the two lead platforms for FOREVER.

Give it to E3 people, once PS4 announces similar DRM restraints, and the masses revolt, Wii U will get some love. Might be delayed, but they'll get it.



Jamester0722 said:

I don't care about Sports games at all, but there is honestly NO reason this isn't coming to WiiU (I am mainly saying this because WiiU needs more games and more support, no matter what it is). If it's coming to X1, PS4, X360, and PS3 they obviously have an engine that will run it. And they can't blame it on current install base, since with X1 and PS4 they are technically making a game for systems with an install base of 0. I just don't understand why the gaming industry sees Nintendo as this "black sheep" they want nothing to do with...



Peach64 said:

@MiNiStRy That's the point! The games don't sell enough to make any money, and once they do, they'll make them. It wouldn't be 'crawling back', it would be smart business.

I really wonder how some people think the industry works sometimes. Almost like 2K don't want to be friends with Nintendo right now, but will have to come back and apologise. It doesn't work like that! There's no friends!

As for putting games out on PS4 and Xbox One... well, they're going to give those consoles a chance, just like they gave Wii U a chance. It's reasonable to assume decent sales on a new console, but with Wii U they just look a the figures and see games aren't selling. It's dumb to spend millions on a game that you know you will get less than a million dollars back on revenue for. When Wii U sales pick up, they'll put the games out. It's not third party responsibility to boost Wii U numbers. Their aim, like ANY business, including Nintendo, is to make money.



ThumperUK said:

Can't say I'm surprised, or at all bothered. I presume the real reason is that these games are only popular in the US, and EA wants to kill off the 2nd hand market so won't support the WiiU as we can freely trade shovelware or games we're bored with.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Based on what Argent said, I find this a really bad excuse to not release it onto the Wii U. I bet their hiding something.



Scubahustle said:

""All current and all next gen consoles." What does that make the Wii U?" It makes it a "tweener." It's more powerful than last gen, but not as powerful as the new PSXBONE. Why should 2K spend any resources on making this game? There's a small wii u install base, and I'm sure their last nba game on wii u sold horribly in comparison to other systems. If wii u starts REALLY moving some units, third party support will come.



Shworange said:

Nice fightclub reference in the tag line. I just bought a paper street soap company t shirt from the shirt store Nintendo life advertises for.



rjejr said:

"put toward making a really amazing current-generation and next generation game"

Yeah, he never said "all", he said last gen and next gen. I said a few weeks ago after one of these announcements that WiiU was suffering from goldilocks syndrome - not selling as well as last gen, not as powerful as next gen. It's the new excuse that has taken root and we'll be hearing a lot of from now on.

Too many above to quote, sorry.



Haxonberik said:

@pntjr Dont jump into conclusions so close to the E3, after, has Nintedo ever needed third party pity to make great software libraries?



PorllM said:

@pntjr if you bought a wii u expecting games like this you made a foolish mistake, Nintendo consoles have always been first and foremost for Nintendo games



sonicfan1373 said:


I agree. There are certain third-party franchises that do well on Nintendo platforms from the get-go; but most will not do well unless there are more units of the console sold.

However, I think Nintendo should start at least looking at the possibility of filling the void created by the lack of sports games (not just for 2013 but for the long term); they certainly have developers that have worked on sports games before and they are opening a new studio at the end of 2013.



MrCharles77 said:

I like Sport games, but have no sport games coming to WiiU...First was fifa, then PES now nba2k14. I dont even want to talk about GTA, Bioshock, Far Cry, Crysis,Tomb Raider,Metro and the list goes on and on and on.

Wake Up Nintendo, the 3.5M units sold are from your loyal fans (me included), You need to reach another audience. Where are the games?!?!



Fazermint said:

I don't think of this as a big loss. I'm a Nintendo kind of guy, and if I am any indication of the Wii U audience (in that I love Mario, Zelda etc, and I don't care about games like CoD, Fifa etc), I don't think many people care.

In a year, the Wii U will have launched a dozen of big name titles (Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Monolith Soft's X etc) and will be back on top.



Drobotic said:

Who cares?The problem we should be worrying about is the Wii U's atrocious advertisements.



Drobotic said:

Also,most games that don't make it to Wii U,I can get on Steam on my PC.I don't even have to buy the competition's dumb systems to play amazing games!



Banker-Style said:

Seems like a perfect time for Nintendo to churn out some Mario sports titles in the absence of actual sports titles on Wii U.



Royalblues said:

Shame. And this game sells like crazy. Some Wii U exclusive features alone would have gotten thousands of people to buy the console.
Stupid 2K games.



comixtheawesome said:

This is why the WiiU is failing. Developers just don't want to make games on the platform for some reason. The WiiU has potential, but no one wants to show it's potential



GiftedGimp said:

Only ever enjoyed Nba Jam, so doesn't bother me. Blow to thr US WiiU owners though.
Install base of WiiU is not the Problem really, although thats why the Ps3/360 versions are still going ahead having 7/8 years to build a huge install base. Its down to the restrictive Used game/Rent/Borrow DRM on Xbone which almost definatley will be there in a simular way on Ps4. Lets be honest niether the Xbone or Ps4 will have anywhere near the userbases of the current gen and I doubt that WiiU will have the lowest userbase for a good 12-18 months... if ever.
If WiiU implemented the same on WiiU there would be no problem from most publishers.
It pains me to say but maybe Nintendo will be forced to implement it, even if its via a one-use code with new games bit like the online pass system is/was but to unlock the whole game, rather than a system update.
Although it would help if more Nintendo fans actually brought 3rd Party games aswell as 1st.



GiftedGimp said:

@MrWalkieTalkie worldwide Sales are comparable to 360/Ps3 for the time period from each consoles release.
Lack of Sales not the real reason, Lack of WiiU owners buying 3rd party games, some justifiably so, others not coupled with no hinderance to the used game market.
Noticed how no games on WiiU have 'Online Passes' or DLC Season Passes? I get the feeling it's more down to eStore not being compatable rather than publishers choosing not to do them.



P-Gamer-C said:

Of course its not coming wii u doesen't get ANY games haven't you heard like for the 100th time



DESS-M-8 said:

I initially thought oh no!!! I bought NBA2K13 at £49.99 from the eshop and it's a very good game. No sequel??? To be fair even though I was one of the few that did buy it I wouldn't have bought NBA2K14. I'm not into basketball enough to update it annually, I don't think a lot if people outside the US would, well relatively enough of a percentage of the Wii U owners anyway.
Once the userbase increases then these kinds of games will come back without question.



Hordak said:

I understand how this doesn't exactly help the Wii U in any way, but I refuse to buy it because of the cover athlete.



8thGenConsoles said:

@pntjr Ok sell your Wii U and buy a PS4 because NBA 2K14 is so awesome (sarcasm). It's stupid of you to regret buying a Wii U just because some basketball game isn't coming to Wii U. Newsflash dude: 2K Sports have never fully supported Nintendo consoles and Nintendo is still successful without them.



8thGenConsoles said:

Nintendo needs to start making their own series of sport games and I'm not talking about Wii Sports or Mario Golf and things like that. I'm talking about realistic sport games exclusively to Nintendo consoles. Bring back NBA Courtside, start developing Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball again, bring back Wave Race, bring back 1080 Snowboarding, make a football game for Wii U and 3DS.

If 2K Sports and EA Sports dont want to support Wii U then fine but Nintendo needs to do something, they need someone to develop realistic sport games exclusively for Nintendo platforms. Bring back all the exclusive sport games I mentioned.



pntjr said:

@WiiURockz NBA 2K is awaesome first of all, but the thing is, it's not just 2K. EA dropped out (although they claim they still have games in development, that's total BS) and we aren't getting any of the multiplat games that the other consoles get. I know the Wii never got them either, but I thought things would be different this time around, but I thought wrong. I'd be surprised if COD actually comes to the Wii U. Like I said previously, if Nintendo doesn't blow me away with this year's E3, I'm switching over to the PS4. Smash Bros better be good.



rjejr said:

While I agree that Nintendo mostly sells consoles based on it's 1st party games, and not 3rd party games like this one, I would like to remind everybody that if you go back and look at Wii game sales over the past 4 years a 3rd party title is always near the top.

I'm not telling, but here's a hint, it's initials are JD, and it's the game(s) that helped put the Wii in nearly every household in America.



onex said:

I'm sorry, I bought a new console (WiiU) in hopes of playing new games. Sports games are not new, and if I ever want to play those, I'll rally up some friends and do so IN REAL LIFE. These sorts of games are ruining the gaming industry. I'm still undecided on getting a PS4, but the WiiU might very well be my last console I ever own. The stunts these companies play are worse than politics, and frankly I refuse to support such a market for much longer.

I'm still amazed by what Nintendo managed to do on SNES and NES, yet all the majority of folks care about is graphics, graphics, graphics. What ever happened to ART DIRECTION?? So few developers - mostly indie - even bother with that, relying instead on poly count. It's truly maddening, and we're all fools for taking the ride.

I'd love to see the big software companies - namely Activision and EA - fold, but we know that will never happen, as they've found the proper popcorn entertainment formula to keep the mongoloids hooked to their heroin. Disgusts me when I think about it....ah well.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ninty.



8thGenConsoles said:

@pntjr NBA 2K might be awesome but not to the point where I would regret buying a Wii U that's just stupid in my opinion. EA sport games suck so whatever. The Wii U is already getting more 3rd party support than what Wii got last gen. If you want to sell your Wii U for a PS4 then do it but I hope you don't stay here on Nintendo Life talking in a negative way about Wii U after you buy a PS4.

I won't regret buying a Wii U just because lazy developers don't want to put their games on Wii U.



ILikeRead said:

notice a trend anyone? i dont think wii need any played out sports games, especially with old rappers and old songs supporting them. after smash and zelda come out i wont be too worried about third parties.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I'm now more and more confident that Nintendo will create a special sports division on their development teams.



8thGenConsoles said:

@onex I agree 100% with what you said and Wii U is my last console also. I don't wanna be part of all of this for much longer.



QuickSilver88 said:

Man this sort of blows...2k Basketball is really the definitive game for us NBA lovers. I didn't buy 2K13 because I already had it on X360, but considered it because of off TV play. I certainly would have purchased it on WiiU for 2K14, but now will have to go on another platform. I reeally think Nintendo does need a sports lineup, so maybe they should consider aquiring or assmbling a US based dev team to work on sports series. I am not buying another new console this year as their will be just too much to play on WiiU and current generation. Sometime next year I will likely buy a PS4 but we will see what happens with DRM, price point and other unknowns. I have a nice quad core MPC and I am just going to put a $200 video card upgrade on it and use it more for gaming. Between that, the U, and last gen systems I should be fine for the next year, then Holiday 2014 will consider a Ps4.



kobe1724 said:

I like how they already decided to put Lebron James on the cover, when the NBA finals have just started (and his team is losing!). They should've put him on the cover of last year's game, because his team won the championship. In any case, Go Spurs!



pbduck34 said:

Wii U is suffering from the typical catch 22. When I first asked EA why they were not coming out with Tiger Woods golf or NHL hockey they said "we need to see how the consoles are selling". Then the gamers in their forums would respond by saying "we will buy the Wii U if they have the games that I like". So because the Wii U had limited games when the console came out a number of potential buyers took the wait and see approach .. So that is why we are going nowhere fast and a number of big game producers are bypassing the Wii U



FJOJR said:

It truly is time for Nintendo to develop licensed sports games again. Look at how well Sony's MLB series is compared to 2Krap sports.



pbduck34 said:

Currently the Wii U console has 3 real games .. FIFA 13, Madden 13 and NBA2K. No hockey, no golf, no rugby, no baseball .. apparently there is a Cricket Game coming out mid to late June .. no idea about release date for North America. The Wii U console can more than handle great graphics for these possible sports games. Now apparently EA is releasing new versions for these sports games but the buyers of NHL Hockey and Golf are not happy with any Kinect versions as they are buggy. So EA is EA .. get out marginal games to XBOX and PS3 as they have lots of consoles out there. That game can only go on for so long .. this is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to get these much anticipated games on the Wii U platform. Maybe once gamers know that that these games are coming out they will see more Wii U consoles being sold ..



TheJew said:

Really disappointed by this. I'm a big basketball fan and was looking forward to playing the new edition on my Wii U. Guess I'll be missing my sports fix this year on Wii U.



AJSjedi said:

@P-Gamer-C since you constantly insist on being such an anti Nintendo dueche, may I suggest you move over to IGN they specialize in that.

The ONLY reason third party games are not coming to wii u is nintendo refused (so far) to go along within the drm requirement that both Xbox DONE AND PS4 will have. Anyone who thinks only xbrick will have that is a fool. That is why I will continue to support nintendo and never again buy a Microsoft product or a stony game console.

I'm sure you get a rise,out of being a troll but I don't.



P-Gamer-C said:

@AJSjedi Anti nintendo im playing monster hunter on the 3ds xl try again and no matter what the reason most of these games are not coming i thought you were a gamer but looking at your profile i dont see anything so that can explain it people like you are the reason nintendo fans now have the steriotype that we except anything i support a superior nintendo that gets the games i love nintendo thats y im speaking out idiot.



Noend said:

There it is! Traffic generator article.

Is it really still news when EA doesn't make a game for Wii U? If so, when won't it be news?



jayblue said:

nintendo with no sports games they better start making some thank god i have the ps3 and 360 for sport goodness.



AJSjedi said:

@P-Gamer-C if you don't like the "inferior" wiiu luckily soon you will be able to purchase a "superior" system. And while you will have "superior games you want to play" be sure to enjoy publishers dictating how you play, when you play, how much you pay, what you can do with it ( I have an idea about that). Ill stick to my inferior games that I can buy, sell, loan, trade, borrow, and do whatever I want with at MY disgression.



AJSjedi said:

Oh no another sports game not coming to wiiu how will my heart go on?
Please oh please don't tell me call of duty # 18 won't be on here either oh the humanity!



gameboy1975 said:

Well this kinda blows as my little ones that I purchased last years edition for won't get a chance to get next years since they're being not-nice people. At the end of the day though, eff it & eff them too. As i said before, someone else will get that money. There is no excuse not to have the game on the platform as they already had it up on the system. And ANY sales that you get from a title that isn't even pushing the hardware a little is a gain. The assets are most likely from the 360 with very little optimization I am almost certain.

Again, it only even pisses me off a little because my peeps are being cheated out of the game & I know that he will want it. Ah well, next man up. It's only toys we are talking about here.



MAN1AC said:

There's going to be no new sports games on this console next year
Its like Nintendo wants me to buy the competitor's new consoles...



L-Serverus said:

This has nothing to do with Nintendo just game companies wanting use DRM on their games and Nintendo isn't down for taking advantage of its fan base or the gamer period.



takyon98 said:

this is the sign nintendo! show them that it is a next gen console this week! get the next-gen ver. of COD:ghost, battlefield 4 and dying light! dont just wait for AC4 and watch dogs! SHOW THEM PLEASE! i love nintendo and i dont want to see them go down (the same goes for PS4 and XBO(kinda xD)) please nintendo do it for all of us but please dont become xbox on your way..



JusticeColde said:

Forget 2K, their people believe that consumers who don't like Xbone are crazy and stupid.

They told me that right in my face.



XCWarrior said:

@L-Serverus Hit the nail right on the head. Developers want to kill the used game market. Nintendo is unwilling to do it, so people are not developing games for the system.

If the consumer wises up, and doesn't buy PS4 or the Xboner, then 3rd parties will crack. But if they give in, there will be no used game market outside of Nintendo.

But folks, Nintendo is going to be fine - Mario 3D, Mario Kart 7, Smash Bros and Zelda. Wii U will be just fine.



thuggie1 said:

i hate sports games they all play the same and why do they need to release one very year. yes there are changes in strips and players moving team have they not herd of paid dlc to change these things.

to be honest i wont to see what to see rpg, adventure games, some fps and stuff like that. the sports game is in the same place i put watching sport a pointless which looks the same.

also have you noticed when some of these blog sites talk about wii u sales the use data from little over 3 months ago, they might be even older i think. i can remember the stuff they where saying over the PS3 and games where pulled on from the system . these people think the know the market and the don't, the first thing that sells any console is price and quality then it is the exclusive game titles. it is like say disney is failing as they have not brought out a film i wont to watch in years.

but getting back to what i was say sports game are boring look the same not that challenging and u can pick them up ten a penny with ever little difference between them



Shiryu said:

@hendie001 I keep hoping they do a remake of NES "Ice Hockey". The game would look amazing on the 3DS but it could be even more awesome on the Wii U.



Gamer83 said:

There have been some ridiculous excuses for not putting a game on Wii U but this one has to be the worst yet. How in the F does making the game for Wii U, a system that can easily handle a 360/PS3 port, mean they can't make a great current gen game. Good lord what an idiotic choice of words. Should've just said what we all know... Nintendo isn't playing ball with publishers like MS and Sony are and sports games generally don't sell great on Nintendo platforms. This would piss people off too but at least it's not total bs.



Gamer83 said:


No, it's because Nintendo is the only company standing up to these d*ckhead publishers like EA and 2K. I love the 2K basketball games but with the bs anti-consumer stance that company has taken it can F off. Be a smart buyer and say the same, don't let these jerkoff publishers force you to do what they want with a game you spent your money on.



P-Gamer-C said:

Now its fight the power civil rights nintendo one damage control stance after another when will this end all to avoid the fact that there are still no games lol



UpdateNightmare said:

amazing current-generation and next generation game

Someone please explain me the logic behind this statement?
Wii U is neither current nor next generation?



DeltaPeng said:

Not a big sports games fan, but a few I've enjoyed- Tecmo Bowl (NES), NBA Jam (SNES), and Wayne Gretzy's hockey (N64). Other than that, I fancy the more zany sports games like Megaman Soccer (SNES), Super mario strikers charged (wii).

The lack of games is frustrating, but WiiU is still pretty new. Nintendo has a ton of big franchise releases coming soon, that it surprises me how many games they have in dev which should be released within say a year's span from now.

Is it not impressive that a new 3D mario, mario kart, smash bros, pikmin, multiple zelda games, game & wario, and yarn yoshi may all get released, again, within a 1~ 1.5 years or so from now? This does not include many of the hit 3DS games that came out recently. Nintendo is working hard to get good, and quality, games out, so give them some time and slack.

And, if talk of indie devs coming to WiiU pan out, that would enhance the many good things on its way for WiiU owners



DeltaPeng said:

Point being, Nintendo can't force other devs to publish for them, but as far as I'm concerned, Nintendo is doing all it can to end the game drought. It very much is the catch 22 someone mentioned earlier - people want the console to sell before they dev, but consoles don't sell without the games. Someone's got to put the risk in for the rewards.

Yeah, 3rd party devs don't do well on Nintendo consoles I hear. A lot of that though, it's not a particular bias, but I feel like the quality per price (of 3rd as opposed to 1st) just can't compare. We don't just need games, we need quality games from other devs, preferrably that cater to what nintendo fans hold dear (gameplay, amongst other things, is a big one). Sports games, while welcome, I'd say is not a genre many nintendo fans would pay $50-$60 for (it's not our preferred style of game, my thoughts as a long-time nintendo gamer, anyway).



WiiUDaily said:

@drunkenmaster76 The last basketball game I played was Street Vol. 2. That game was awesome. I loved working up my skill for the slow mo glow slam dunk. The generic rehashes are such disappointments. Try something new. The magic in SV2 is what made that game so awesome not only changing the stats and some controls every new release.



GamerJunkie said:

Wow......... Wii u is just terrible so far for 3rd party games.

This is the best sports game around and we can't even get that on here?

No football, no soccer, no basketball.... This console is basically a 1st party only machine and you need a Ps4 or Xbox One now for sure, nice work Nintendo!



LKMendez said:

This totally sucks. M y son was looking forward to this since last year for the Wii. It is on his birthday wish list. He will be soooo disappointed!!!

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