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Sat 8th Jun 2013

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thuggie1 commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

with the wii u i don't think it was anything to do with the second screen, it was the media that did the most damage that's why i think Nintendo are keeping quiet over the project. also the main problem was graphic output and ram fix these and you will get developers but to be honest this generation has been a bit lame with sales on all fronts the only one who has done ok is Sony and i think its because they hit the sweet spot with price and power



thuggie1 commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

to be honest i think in the end most people see how bad half of these tablet games are, the android and ios game designers ether just copy old games and new one as well or they make little puzzle games with very little charm.
also to say that it allows indie games reconsecration is a farce, the stores are not geared towards gaming most of the time they make the tablets crash/ over heat every 5 min, they drain the batteries very quikly and there is less originality in most of the games titles than the need for speed franchises, but i may add need for speed is more fun to play. they have real bad control systems and most are designed to take money off you.
take that candy crush saga they make the game the unforgiving every five levels or so that most people i know will pay up to £25 to get past them also you have to pay to advance through stages and they say it free to play.

i think all these tablet games are is 3rd rate trash there to bleed the bank balance and there free games have as much charm as looking at a brick



thuggie1 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

to be honest i think this is just EA lying like they usually do, it has nothing to do with detracting from the ps4 or xbox one. the wii u uses similar parts manufactured by AMD and intel and have been used in PC's. also you can if you give any programming make these thing run, its just the don't wont to as EA has a good thing with PS3 and XBOX 360, it is all to do with making money nothing else.

they only thing they ever do right is those stupid FPS game and football games wow what a pile of rubbish. also EA excuse for the new simcity game is laughable. i am sick to death with EA.

then there is the lack of DLC, oh our games arnt selling why is this happening
1. you take away half the content that you give the other platforms
2. you put out games that have been around for the past 2 years
3. you do a half assed job of porting them
4. masseffect uses the frostbite engine so look anther lie from the company that make lieing a pastime.

EA just has no consideration for its customers they never listen and have a idea the know what they the customer needs. its a joke you need to listen to the customer instead of just say well its our artistic integrity. what is it there artistic integrity to make game that anger people to do the opposite to what there customer wants. they make a product they need to deliver a product that the customer wants.

blaming poor sales of there games on the hardware sale is a poor excuse it is the lack of respect for the customer that has put EA game sales down for the Wii U. if they made a good game they could sell more but like so many things EA does is lacking.
this is just like a load of children having a temper tantrum, they need to listen to their customers instead of thinking the know whats best for their customer.



thuggie1 commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

i hate sports games they all play the same and why do they need to release one very year. yes there are changes in strips and players moving team have they not herd of paid dlc to change these things.

to be honest i wont to see what to see rpg, adventure games, some fps and stuff like that. the sports game is in the same place i put watching sport a pointless which looks the same.

also have you noticed when some of these blog sites talk about wii u sales the use data from little over 3 months ago, they might be even older i think. i can remember the stuff they where saying over the PS3 and games where pulled on from the system . these people think the know the market and the don't, the first thing that sells any console is price and quality then it is the exclusive game titles. it is like say disney is failing as they have not brought out a film i wont to watch in years.

but getting back to what i was say sports game are boring look the same not that challenging and u can pick them up ten a penny with ever little difference between them