For some reason, DLC seems to be a dirty word as far as the Wii U is concerned. Mass Effect 3 players missed out, Sniper Elite V2 has recently launched with no downloadable content whatsoever and it's looking likely that the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted won't get any DLC support.

The forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins could be joining the list of Wii U games which lack any kind of downloadable goodies. A recent flyer — shown below — states that DLC is "not available on all platforms." While this is a long way off being confirmation that the Wii U edition will miss out, given the console's track record in this field, the fact that this sentence has been included fills us with dread.

If the Nintendo edition of Arkham Origins misses out on DLC, will that influence your decision to purchase the Wii U version? Or are you more concerned with the main game? Post a comment to tell us your feelings on this matter.