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Boxed Copies of Mutant Mudds May Be Possible

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Renegade Kid seeking information from Nintendo

Mutant Mudds on the 3DS eShop has an obvious retro charm, but you know what’s really retro? Getting your game in a good old, hold-it-in-your-hands box; not magically downloaded from invisible pieces screaming through the ether from all this newfangled alien wireless technology we have these days.

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham wants his game in a box too, and has announced on his blog that he has reached out to Nintendo for more details on this possibility. Watsham said he does not know yet whether Nintendo would permit this method of distribution, or how much it would cost for 3DS cartridges.

If allowed and possible for a reasonable price, Watsham is looking to Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing process. He points toward Diamond Trust of London, an indie DS title that successfully reached its goal to have 1,000 boxed copies created, and has also said the physical copy of Mutant Mudds would be priced at the cost of production.

Would you like to get your hands on a boxed copy of Mutant Mudds? Are there other titles you’d like considered for the same treatment? Let us know.


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ricklongo said:

Call me old school, but I love to have a ton of game boxes sitting on my wall's racks. I love the "click" sound when I open them, I love looking through their booklets. If a game has a retail version available, that's absolutely what I'll get, barring some insane price-reduction promotion for digital copies.



cbkummer said:

I might, just to have it. Even though I've beaten Mutant Mudds like 50 times.



accc said:

I'd definitely buy it for $20. $30 and I would think about it.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Jools should just do a pre-order only type thing. Those who wanted it would pay for it ahead of time, and the boxed game would become somewhat of a rare treasure. I'd say $20-$25 would be reasonable.



Cevan said:

I already own it on my 3DS from the eShop (got in on launch day), so I probably wouldn't get this. Still though, I'm hoping Renegade Kid is able to release as a boxed game as well, although I do think first they should create Mutant Mudds 2 and release that on the eShop, then release the boxed game as a bundle of both of them.



Gioku said:

I might just get it if it came in a box... if only for the novelty!



C-Olimar said:

They should make yet another 20 levels, and include the ghost levels
That would be cool - 100 levels



CrazyOtto said:

GameStops has Pushmo, 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, Super Mario Land 2 (VC), Pokedex 3D, and Mario & DK: Minis on the Move on their shelves. Nintendo of Japan does this with Freakyforms Deluxe and Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. I would love to see more companies sell their eShop games at stores.



shinobi88 said:

I'd LOVE to have a physical copy of Max, just for the collectibility of the box & instruction booklet. I think it should include some bonus content compared to the original eShop version, like the "ghost" levels, fer instance. But can you imagine Max in all his NES-style painted box art glory like the box art for Mega Man 2??



Itglows said:

I want a boxed copy but not sure I could bring myself to pay just for that, love the game and the music though. Needs a little something to sweeten the deal like a CD version of the soundtrack



psuboy172 said:

@ricklongo I agree. I love to display my gamecube, Wii, DS, and 3ds boxes and I enjoy looking through the manuals every now and then



EdEN said:

@Everyone: There is no way to manufacture 1,000 3DS cartridges ad sell them for $20 each. This is an expensive process, and a Kickstarter makes sense since it would be an "all or nothing" scenario. Doing a regular pre-order campaign would mean we'd al have to wait a year for the 1,000 cartridges to be bought.



shinobi88 said:

Jools Watsham, aka the head of Renegade Kid, runs one of the best blogs I've seen in the gaming industry. When he wrote about this on the blog, I commented that since Mudds 1 has been available for so long, it would be a good idea to add some extra content to the physical release. He JUST responded to my comment and said this: "Thanks for the response. Adding something special to the boxed copy of Mudds, such as new content, is something we would certainly entertain."

So if you were on the fence about this idea, prepare to jump off and wait in line with me!



SheldonRandoms said:

I would like a boxed copy of this game, and even if it's just a case with a code to download the game on the eShop, I would still like that swell boxed copy to display with my other boxed games, and I can just give the code to a friend (unless it's a cartridge, then i'll just play the 3 files again)



Shambo said:

OH YES PLEASE! I really dislike this digital download age. While, sure, it offers better options to small companies to self-publish -which is great- I'll always prefer boxed copies in my actual collection. Especially since those games often have COLLECTIBLE written all over them. The greater eShop titles should all get this treatment. When good enough, I'll happily buy them again (other examples: Mighty-collection? Level5 'guild' games? Pretty pretty PLEASE?)

I bought the Telltale Walking Dead season pass and all three ThatGameCompany games (Flow, Flower and Journey - not titled 'Flowest', sadly) only to buy them again on disc for ps3. Same for Braid, Limbo,... download for ps3, boxed for pc.

Please, let this happen for Armikrog, Shovel Knight,... too! Or like for x360, bundle a few each time? Only make them a little more 'fitting' together... in a nicer designed box...

Those thoughts warm my collector's heart... Hopefully not leading to disappointment...



TG1 said:

I love boxed copies of games, but Mutant Mudds has already had 2 releases in digital form ... I'd rather they wait for their next project.



DaveC said:

I would get it. I played the demo but passed on the e-shop due to Nintendo's abysmal DRM system of locking games to a single piece of hardware. It should have more levels added to it though for a "DX" boxed version.



shinobi88 said:

"The point" is that most of us have had physical copies of games our whole lives. We love everything about em. The collectible nature of the box & booklet, how it looks on a shelf or in a shoebox. The nostalgia induced from inserting a cart into a system, maybe even blowing onto the cart for old time's sake. The ease of playing the game on multiple systems. And for me personally, security. Because I don't trust that if I lose a digital copy of a game in a few years, and it's no longer available on the eShop, that I'll be able to get it back without resorting to piracy. Which is something I would never like to do as a I fancy myself as a super hero. Plus, Jools himself has said we could be gettin new, exclusive content with this potential physical release. And NOTHIN beats that



Olaf-symbiote said:

When will they have Swapnote as a cartridge? I can't enjoy it because I'm afraid teh evil Nintendo will take all mah downloads away for no reasonz. Trololo!

Joking aside, I've yet to get Mutant Mudds, but when I will, it'll be through the eShop, not an overpriced boxed copy. Good for those who need their physical thrills, but my room's too cluttered with game cases ss it is, so I download whenever possible.



Windy said:

@Ricklongo Nobody could have said it better man. I will buy this even though I have the digital copy. I just love having a new shiny!



pikku said:

I won't buy it because I have the didigtal version, but cool for those who want to pay the extra cash to get a box, I guess.



Joygame51 said:

I happen to enjoy the digital downloads... I do own a few boxed boxes sit in a plastic drawer on a shelf not displayed ( to much stuff in our condo as is) sooo, a box set of MM 1 and 2 might make my mouth water a little but not enough to buy it. Sorry to all you box hording folks but I have enough "crap" to store as is.;0)



DarkLloyd said:

was never interested in the game all too much for if they do a limited boxed retail edition i will snap it up for my collection just to have it



FriedSquid said:

It's not worth it to pay for manufacturing. Just buy it digitally and save money for a game that isn't very much worth it anyways.



shinobi88 said:

One reason to get this I haven't heard mentioned yet: this limited edition physical copy will be worth over $100 not too long after it's released



FriedSquid said:

@Subaru: Because an eShop game would be cheaper than making physical boxes and copies for that game, thus the price of a physical copy would go up from the original eShop price. What I'm saying is, I don't think the game is worth buying in the first place, but if one were to buy it, they should stick with the, theoretically cheaper, digital version, because a physical version wouldn't be worth their money. Just my opinion, really.



WYLD-WOO said:

Special retail version with extra levels for a reasonable price would be nice.



Henmii said:

I rather would like to see Mutant mudds 2 turned into a big, retail game!

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