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Media Outlets List Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Based on past form, official confirmation may take a while

Activision has been rather coy about whether its latest FPS extravaganza, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to Wii U, being suitably cryptic on the subject. Vagueness has left the door open to optimism for fans of the series that happen to primarily use Nintendo systems, especially as the title's being released for every other home console, both "current" and "next-gen".

The debut trailer that was broken out at the Xbox One reveal event yesterday didn't list platforms beyond Microsoft's new system, meaning yet another continuation of the uncertainty. We've already had speculation based on retail listings, but now two separate, large scale media outlets have included Wii U in their listings. Gametrailers is one, though it lists most versions as arriving on 4th November, contrary to the official date of 5th November. Polygon, meanwhile, has listed the Wii U as joining the other platforms in multiple articles in the last 24 hours, while also giving the official date of 5th November. There's still an absence of official confirmation, but with Polygon in particular repeatedly referencing a Wii U release, perhaps retail and industry sources are as good as confirming its arrival.

It's always seemed unlikely — though not impossible — that Activision would pass up a platform that it's already supported with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and let's not forget that the last title was also confirmed for Wii U later than other platforms, with the final word only coming at the system's reveal event in New York.

Assuming the indications are correct, would you be interested in trying this new entry out, especially as it's recruited an oscar winning writer to help put together the campaign's plot? You can see the reveal trailer — catered to show off the Xbox One — below.

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HeatBombastic said:

Hopefully it gets on here. I don't particularly want it, but it is CoD, so it's important to the library.



Jayvir said:

It looked pretty cool, but I'd have to see if the gameplay has evolved beyond what it has been for the past however many years...



SkywardLink98 said:

From what I understand Blops2 sold horribly on the Wii U so this is an odd choice. If it's not going to sell, they should just skip the Wii U and have the devs who would be porting it working on making the game better. Of course, from the Xbox One reveal it looks like it could be different with a new focus on narrative and destructible terrain this could be an amazing game that deserves a second chance on the Wii U.



Epic said:

This one is completly different from the other entries in the franchise.



MadAdam81 said:

A story and destructible terrain... It's only taken more than 10 years for anyone to learn from Red Faction.
If a new Red Faction game could be on the Wii U, I'd be very happy.



rmeyer said:

Modern warfare 2 was mind blowing. Black ops 2 was too foul and had some disgusting scenes. I will pick up Ghosts because its Infinity Ward which is the true talent at Activision not Treyarch.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@SkywardLink98 the sales figures for BO2 on Wii U weren't that bad (but I'd imagine the ongoing sales have been pretty poor since launch). Activision published some figures a while back that showed the sales to be roughly comparable to PS and Xbox ratios. This game is gonna have to do a lot to make me buy it. Hopefully they'll get rid of the more ridiculous weapons and scorestreaks and take things back to the glory days of modern warfare 1



Buduski said:

I'm sure the wii u will get COD ghosts sooner or later, what I find anoying is having activision port a game that will not have there full support, meaning no DLC, no big hype or any of that good stuff, so are they intentionaly trying to get people to buy half assed games at full price or are they trying to get people to buy a whole different console just to play there games with full support?



8thGenConsoles said:

@SkywardLink98 I like your honesty but at the same time i dont. Dont say things like "this game should skip Wii U" no...just no. Every game should be on Wii U. If it's on Xbox One then it should be on Wii U too. Xbox One is becoming a casual console with all the focus on multimedia that it has



sonicfan1373 said:

PS4 and PC has also not received official confirmation yet, Activision has a deal with Microsoft right now where Call of Duty games and DLC are generally first announced and released on Microsoft consoles. We should have official confirmation by E3.



HawkeyeWii said:

Yeah... No thanks.
I still have COD on Wii, that will be good enough for a couple generations, considering they never change the formula.



SkywardCrowbar said:

CoD on a Nintendo home console is a conundrum...

On the one hand, it's the most popular AAA franchise out there today, so naturally Nintendo would want a version of every game in the library. On the other hand, most Nintendo fans and owners of Nintendo home consoles aren't going to want to play CoD. It's not their cup of tea.

I personally haven't liked CoD since I bought 3 as a launch title for the Wii, but I recognize its value in the library for the Wii U.

Interestingly enough, the Wii U version of BLOPS2 has the highest GameRankings (I use them instead of Metacritic as Metacritic will use crap like USA Today reviews to calculate their scores) score.



nik1470 said:

Even though the only good cod is 4 for which was for its day was ahead of its time. It is really important the WiiU gets this especially is the PS4 and Xbox one are highly priced and Nintendo bring out the big guns (Mario 3D and Kart) we need console sales.



WiiUDaily said:

@sonicfan1373 Yes. It's been confirmed for all consoles except Wii U. We're the only ones who have to wait. The only reason you didn't see it in the trailor was because this is from the Xbox One event and of course they're not going to advertise other platforms.



SkywardLink98 said:

@WiiURockz Lol no. If a game won't make any money on Wii U don't put it on the Wii U. That's not to say don't give it a chance, but if it doesn't sell don't put it there. Just business sense.
@Nintenjoe64 According to this article ( the sales were abysmal and didn't warrant the DLC. IF it doesn't warrant DLC, this is gonna have to sell really well for Activision to keep the Wii U's version on par with other consoles, or to even give it a version at all.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@SkywardLink98 I don't believe articles that have anonymous employees talking about things. In fact there is an update at the bottom of that article that says it was a hoax!

I think Activision said they sold 240,000 Wii U games at launch. That included everything but it was from a choice of about 3 games so I'd imagine most were Skylanders and BO2. .



8thGenConsoles said:

@SkywardLink98 Call of Duty is NOT guaranteed to make money on Xbox One, especially not after the terrible Xbox One reveal yesterday. Putting the game on Xbox One is a bigger risk since Xbox fans are disappointed with the new Xbox. If you're gonna put it on Xbox One, then put it on Wii U as well.



SkywardLink98 said:

@WiiURockz Not if they KNOW it won't make money. It's only a risk if it's the first time they've done it. It's proven that CoD sells horribly on the Wii U, and if it does don't put it there. Xbox One is a new audience, and you have to give every new audience a chance, but not old ones. That simple.
@Nintenjoe64 Ok, but the fact stands that it didn't sell well enough to warrant DLC. If it can't warrant 20$ DLC does it warrant a sequel? It deserves a second chance, but if this fails they should stop putting CoD onto the Wii U.



Gameday said:

Textures caught my eye in this game indeed but its not really what im looking at when i want to play cod. Well see what they do for the wii u and how it looks compared to Xbox One , and PS4's Release.



Undead_terror said:

Well I'm not buying it for the fact that it won't have zombies, I heard treyarch might be working on another WWII cod and I hope that is true because I'm getting tried of all this modern and futuristic shooters.



gameboy1975 said:

Why do some folks only worry about business sense when it comes to Nintendo consoles? I mean, unless you you are like the president or ceo for Activision orhp have an extremely high amount of stocks that could affect your longterm financial future, then why would it (or should it) matter so much to you? You rarely see this sentiment or double standard displayed so prominently or vehemently concerning the other 2. Who also by the way have had their fair share of failures.



tsm7 said:

I was expecting it too. Activision went out of it's way to make COD games for Wii.. This game will be on PS360 so it's not a stretch at all.



8thGenConsoles said:

@SkywardLink98 I don't expect a lazy port to sell well on Wii U. Black Ops 2 on WiiU was a lazy port which is why I think it sold horribly. If 3rd party developers make great games for Wii U, than those games will sell well. Nintendo fans are not stupid, we buy games that are worth playing. If COD Ghosts turns out to be a good Wii U port than people will buy it. It's that simple really.



Williaint said:

I'm not fond of CoD. If all that's removed — to port it-- is the fingernail textures, I don't think it will suffer any.



KAHN said:

CoD sells, no matter how stupid it is. put it onto WiiU. god knows i won't buy it, but there are tons of idiots willing to.



IPrino said:

I will buy it as I enjoy the games. I hope this game comrs to the U with all dlc as well.



Ichiban said:

Hopefully this one wont freeze up on me every other time i play it, like black ops 2....



CasuallyDressed said:

You know what, I'd pick this up for Wii U. The Xbox One version didn't wow me graphically, at all. I'd take Off-TV Play and pointer controls over a resolution boost and slightly better textures.



thanos316 said:

i had one cod game and the multiplayer was fun, but i never did play the campaign mode. cod games are good for what they are. i will not hate on a cod game just because it won't come to my system of choice. but if activision does bring this game to the wii u and it half butt it then thats unacceptable. we as consumers have to remember what companies do and show them with our spending habits then they will untimately change. but maybe they have a deal with ninty saying how they couldn't print anything about the wii u version until a certain time, hey who knows..



banacheck said:

Activision are a bit strange with there support with COD games on Nintendo systems, take Blops 2 it came to the Wii U but DLC didn't. And it's far to say most people will be buying COD on the other systems, also its Infinity Ward that is making Ghost, we'll see.



Pod said:

With the heaps of praise the first game received, I'd be VERY surprised if they didn't bring it to Wii U, though I could see it end up as an e-Shop only release.




I still don't think anyone on Wii U should buy this CRAP unless they comfirm FROM THE DOOR that were getting DLC!! Otherwise screw em I'm just tired of all the DISRESPECT! Any time anyone asks a quesion about the Wii U version they get completely ignored but when someone asks the same question about any other platform it gets answered right away!!

First it was about the Wii's power now what's the excuse?? Low install base? Oh but Ubisoft's AC3 sold LESS then Black Ops 2 on the Wii U and they put their DLC on it! I heard they said oh we can't figure out how to put DLC on Wii U??? So your telling me Nintendo didn't tell you how to put DLC on the Wii U but they told the people who that Pinball game how to R U SERIOUS!!




element187 said:

Jayvir "It looked pretty cool, but I'd have to see if the gameplay has evolved beyond what it has been for the past however many years..."

@Jayvir Its Call of Duty, the series hasn't evolved at all in the last 10 years, so I doubt it ever will.



element187 said:

SkywardLink98 "From what I understand Blops2 sold horribly on the Wii "

@SkywardLink98 Nonsense... it sold over 300,000 copies on a userbase of 3 million (actually less than that when it hit 300k copies, so maybe 20% attach rate). That's a 10 percent attach rate at minimum... If Activision is upset about a 10% attach rate, then maybe their expectations are too high.



Diz93 said:

@SkywardLink98 I think a major reason for it not selling well was because of a few different reasons.
1) They had it for Xbox or PS3
2) Their friends were getting it for Xbox or PS3
3) It's a new console and not a lot of people have it.
Ghosts will sell better if it gets support like the other consoles do, but sadly it probably won't...



Laxeybobby said:

Ive been a CoD player all through the Wii and bought BO2 on the launch of WiiU, but I wont be buying this if (and a very big IF) is ever released on the WiiU.
Why, because other than the obvious graphical improvement BO2 is no different to all the CoD's on Wii, especially as like the Wii versions, no DLC is ever going to be released for it. So it becomes boring after a while. I only purchased BO2 as I hoped with it being on the WiiU it would receive the DLC map packs. I even accepted that it would likely be after the XBox and PS3, but felt happy we would get them now. How wrong was I. Result - No more waisting money on Activision & CoD

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