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Shantae Set For 3DS Virtual Console This Summer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Whip your hair back and forth

Shantae is a Game Boy Color title, we suspect, with some very keen fans that are anxious to play it again. It's the debut title of one of WayForward Technologies best-loved IPs, with DSiWare follow-up Shantae: Risky's Revenge being critically acclaimed and, for a spell, regularly gracing the DSi Shop's chart when it was released. We also have the third entry, Shantae And The Pirate's Curse, set to grace the 3DS eShop this year, and we imagine that's already on a few wishlists.

Still, for those that didn't have a chance to enjoy the original Game Boy Color title in its hey-day, the upcoming 3DS Virtual Console release can't come soon enough. Wayforward has voiced its intention to bring the game back for a while, confirming that it would happen last July, but has been rather quiet since. Thankfully, fears that this release for the VC was being quietly dropped were unfounded, as the studio's Matt Bozon has posted the following update on Twitter.

Good news for Shantae fans, and it'd certainly seem fitting if the GBC title is available before the all-new title lands later in the year. How many of you played the original when it was released, or are planning to take it on for the first time on the 3DS?


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TwilightV said:

Hecks yeah! >:3

I still need to complete Mighty Flip Champs before I pick up Risky's Revenge. XP



RupeeClock said:

Superb game, this will give a lot more people a chance to play it.
The original GBC production only ran something like 88,000 units if I am not mistaken, they were few for sure though.

I wonder if the 3DS VC version will respect the GBA enhanced mode, which unlocks another form and alters the colour palette?



NintyMan said:

Cool, I'll give it a try. I've been interested in the original game for quite a while, especially after trying Risky's Revenge on DSi.



Mayhem said:

Hopefully will bring down the value of an actual cartridge... hopefully



EarthboundBenjy said:

I was also wondering about GBA mode in regards to Season and Ages whenever they come out. I guess I forgot that this game also had GBA features. I sure hope it does. I remember that playing these games on the GameCube did in fact count as a GBA, which was cool.



FernandoMachado said:

Let's flood their twitter asking for the bonus GBA features. I imagine the palette might be troublesome to emulate but there's no reason they can't unlock the new form. (an embedded game genie code would suffice FFS)



Electricmastro said:

It was a great game for the Game Boy Color's retirement, but now i'll be able to experience that too.



Bluezealand said:

Only in the US or also in Europe? The game wasn't released in Europe before, after all...



DarkCoolEdge said:

I never played the GBC game but since I didn't like Risky's Revenge that much, I won't get this one.



Tasuki said:

Sweeeeet. I missed this game during the GBC era and I have been wanting to play the sequel on DSi but I dont like playing sequels before the first game of the series. Tried looking for a cartridge but no luck. Going to download this one for sure and see what all the hype is about.



KnightRider666 said:

It's about time! I never had the chance to play this. I wanted the cart, but I'm not paying $150+ for it loose. Insta-download for me!



Dpullam said:

I definitely want to play this game. I'd like to get into this series by starting with the first game.



Dpishere said:

Nice! I've never played a game in this series because I was put off by the high price of Risky's Revenge. This looks to be a great place to start!




It's good to see Shantae still on track for the 3DS VC. Can't wait to try my fav. genie's first game from the GBC.



Flowerlark said:

YES! I can't wait! Fell in love with Risky's Revenge and have been pining to play the original ever since.



Lalivero said:

Wow, this was a bit sooner than I thought! Loved this and Risky's Revenge and have been waiting for Pirate's Curse to hit the eshop.

@Mayhem There's still collector's value in it.

@Dpishere Worth it if you ask me. Hopefully you can change your mind before the third one arrives.



Ralizah said:

God, I've been on pins and needles waiting for information about this game's release since it was confirmed in Nintendo Power last year. Day One purchase for sure.



Aqueous said:

Excellent, I'll see how the first one is, then jump into 3 later this year.



ueI said:

A lack of the Zelda Oracles GBA content would be a slight disappointment, but in the case of Shantae, the feature sound like an important part of the game. I will not be happy to have to play an incomplete version.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'm actually surprized they have an actual release date for North America. In any case, I'm picking this up.



Undead_terror said:

I will probaubly get this, once im done beating this I will get the dsi ware one and then the 3ds one, but only if it's good in my taste.



allav866 said:

So glad to see this is finally making its way to the eShop. Never played the original, but Risky's Revenge was pretty awesome!



Windy said:

Looks cool. Hope they start Flooding the VC with about 5 titles a week. I'm still hoping for Shining Force



MasterGraveheart said:


I own this on GBC, naturally, but I'm looking forward to having my digital copy for on the go... and because I don't carry my GBA SP regularly anymore...



Mayhem said:

@Chriiis - my hope, which I alluded to, is that the value will come down so I don't have to spend silly money to get a physical copy of it



TromaDogg said:

Fantastic news. Insta-download when it appears on the E-Shop....I loved Shantae: Risky's Revenge and would like a chance to experience the original properly, without having to resort to dodgy ROM download sites....



shinobi88 said:

I can't wait for this I'll be honest. I have put a ban on ALL digital games because they will not be available to play in ten years, EXCEPT for an xtremely select few reeeally special games. Whether they wanna admit it or not, this game is based off Aladdin for Genesis in gameplay and style. Except in this game instead of Al, you play as a hybrid between Jasmine and the Genie of the Lamp.



StarDust4Ever said:

This is good news. I traded my old Bonk's Adventure NES for a nice little GBC game. Guess what it was? Shannnn... Teaaaa...

Now if only I can get my hands on an Earthbound SNES cart.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Windy: It is a good game, but the NES version sold very poory, as did a lot of third party NES games released during 1992-1993. This makes many games of the era quite valuable to collectors. I eventually re-bought the Famicom version of Bonk, which is identical to NES aside from the Japanese title screen, and costing a small fraction of the NES price.



ZeroxGT said:

Im glad they finally released this gem to the VC!! now I need to wait for the Pirate's Curse and then ill play through them ALL in order XD



BabyLogey said:

Never played it, I had just recently downloaded Risky's Revenge before my 3DS stopped working, so when and if I get it fixed, I'm gonna wanna get this.

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