Level-5's latest project is Youkai Watch, a 3DS game about a young boy who acquires a special wristwatch that allows him to see ghostly creatures in his environment. Using his own ghosts he can battle them and stop townsfolk from being haunted - such a nice boy.

Youkai Watch has now been given a more concrete release, with Level 5 confirming it will be on Japanese shelves in the summer.

There's been no news as of yet on a localised version of the game coming to the West, but Level-5 has a fairly decent record - with the likes of Inazuma Eleven for example - so it might be worth keeping tabs on this one.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is another Level 5 title that is currently only residing in Japan, as is the immensely popular Fantasy Life. Surely at least some of these titles will make it to the West.

Would you like to see Youkai Watch get localised? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

[via siliconera.com]