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Wii U Version Of Dead Island: Riptide "Not Worth It", Says Deep Silver

Posted by Damien McFerran

Lack of interest to blame?

The Dead Island: Riptide saga shows no signs of slowing down. We reported last week that publisher Deep Silver had said the Wii U wouldn't be getting the title because the game engine would need re-writing, a claim which developer Techland subsequently shot down in flames.

Now, disgruntled fans are taking to Twitter to ask Deep Silver what's really going on, and are getting a rather more direct reply:

Of course, the port "not being worth it" could again suggest that Deep Silver believes the game engine would require additional work to function on Nintendo's machine, but at least this time the publisher isn't coming up with excuses.

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oOo-Sega-oOo said:

I'm not fussed at all this isn't come to the Wii-U. I had the first Dead Island on XBOX 360 and thought it was garbage.



Geonjaha said:

@mariobro4 - And yet the most useless comments are still the ones predicting what people will actually start saying below them. "Inb4 actual comments!"



Park_Triolo said:

Not the developers fault... the publisher is the one to blame here... again!!! Anyway... truth is actually that the Dead Island prerelease trailer was cool... unfortunately the same could not be said about the game itself. Anyway, yes... we have ZombieU and soon we'll have the "real thing" in RE for WiiU, so who cares about Dead Island?!



zenverak said:

I actually loved the first one.. it took me a bit... but something about it made me love the game. There were moments where I want to kill someone, but yes, I really enjoyed it.. However... I wish there was a way I could support the developer directly without helping the publisher.... Might just have to wait and get the game when it is cheaper.



bizcuthammer said:

Who cares? Dead island sucks anyway... Its like complaining that the wii u version of aliens: CM is probably canned... Does anyone want that garbage anyway?! Its just another zombie game, and wii u already has two of the three best (no left 4 dead) zombie games in zombiu and call of duty's zombie mode... Plus resident evil revelations is on its way soon too. Zombie games are overdone, and so is the FPS genre overall (even though i am psyched for destiny on wii u). I'd rather devs learn to be creative with fresh ideas than spam the wii u with this junk like they do the other consoles.



ultraraichu said:

I wouldn't mind playing it if it was released. Haven't played any in the series and I'm always curious about games I never played; as long as it's on a system I own.

As for their statement, I sometimes wish they could be more straight forward with their responds. Is it spec, work, or financial issues that prevent it for being on the Wii U?



GameLord08 said:

It's a little ironic how these "defensive" comments do nothing but illustrate the developer's point.



zenverak said:

If someone wanted LFD in this game, then you didn't get it. What I loved about this game is that it wasn't all about, get you loads of guns and kill everyone. There was development RPG style anyways, for your character. Also, You could chose style of weapon. I chose the rapper guy and he was specialized in blunt Weapons. Yes I did use guns, but it was nice to see a different take. Just pick up whatever you find, which if something like this DID happen, you would probably be doing. Either way, I didn't have to just shoot heads. You could actually hurt them by basically destroying any structure in the legs.Unlike some games where they would just have health, you can disable them more or less.



MAB said:

Alright here is some evidence to back up how crap this game is peops

Dead Mediocre Island 4 player co-op



SkywardLink98 said:

Haha... I came expecting developer hate, and how stupid a decision it was not to release on Wii U but you are all making their point.



Svengoolie said:

This is the reason we're not getting any games on Wii U. Publishers think it's not worth the time or effort to port it over. That's a really bad sign.



Undead_terror said:

I might get it on the ps3 one of these days, but since I really don't play the ps3 anymore, what would be the just sticking to my 3ds.



rjejr said:

I think we got enough shovelware to last us all a lifetime on Wii, maybe it's just better all these poorly reviewed games skip the Wii U.



WiiLovePeace said:

I personally have no interest in this genre of game so its no loss to me, though I feel sorry to the people who were interested in a Wii U version of this game (which seems like not many according to the poll...).



ultraraichu said:

It seem as if I was mistaken thinking this was a ok series. Awell on to next game and story.



andreoni79 said:

After Zombi U I was in love with zombies so I gave Dead Island a chance (360 Goty edition for € 20): the games are very different but I enjoyed both of them. I think the new Zombi U should learn something from Dead Island (rpg elements and weapons creation)



GraveLordXD said:

@andreoni79 one thing they both have in common is a **** load of glitches but I'll take zombi u over dead island any day and I'm a huge rpg fan, dead island imo was trash



andreoni79 said:

@ LDXD Guess what? I finished Zombi U 3 times with no glitches and Dead Island was fully patched when I bought it. Oh, and I'm a happy offline player, maybe this is the reason I didn't have many problems...




I couldn't care less, it's another generic zombies game who's 1st game got reviews going from average to garbage LOL! WOOOW what a lost I'm heart broken not another one THE Wii U IS DOOOOMED!!

Here's the thing people they say it's not worth it and I AGREE WITH THEM because I definatly wasn't gonna buy that CRAP!! And I know my friends on Xbox aren't getting this either. Although I feel like they didn't even try with the Wii U.

Oh well I am a little abset about Saints Row 4 though.



moo99 said:

@SkywardLink98 Now that the dev has finally been honest about the reason for not releasing it.

This is more an indicator of the kind of articles that readers are interested in (NOT "middling game sequel skipping wiiu").



Ren said:

geez all this "it sucks anyway" is so weird. This is still a big title that has done relatively well. If we're all such big Nintendo fans you should realize that this sets another horrible president for WiiU's future. The more of these devs/publishers that write off the platform for their big releases the more it will snowball for other 3rd party devs to do the same until Nintendo is just making it's own games alone and has to throw in the towel on WiiU. It's really bad news whether you like the game or not. WiiU needs to be par for a release along with the other consoles and it's looking like it just isn't.
I was waiting on WiiU until it really caught on and showed that there was really support for it like the other consoles; I want to want it, but games bailing just isn't encouraging.
Think about it: even horrible junk like Aliens:CM is still a benchmark for wide release acceptance. For a game license like Aliens (or any big name cash-in) to skip WiiU is a really bad sign when releasing on "all consoles" tends to be a no-brainer. WiiU is quickly becoming NOT "all consoles". That's really not good.



retro_player_22 said:

This is more proof that indie-dev games are better, 3rd party games nowadays are about milking sequels and porting. Aside from Cursed Mountain, I don't know any major good franchise from Deep Silver so this PC port not coming to Wii U isn't really a big deal for me. Alternative I already have my zombies shooting crave with Zombi U so this one not coming, it's their decision their loss.



Blue_Yoshi said:

It honestly isnt worth releasing on the Wii U. For one thing we already have ZombiU, and another is that the demographics for Dead Island and Wii U wouldn't really mix. This is a sequel to a game that was never released for Wii U oe Wii in the first place. I guess you could say the same for Mass Effect and Batman but those supposedly didn't sell well either. If your bummed out about it than just buy it for 360/PS3/PC I mean I hate Nintendo getting excluded as well but we should all be used to it by now. That's life my friends, ya win some and ya lose some.



AVahne said:

The game itself doesn't seem worth it period. However another lost 3rd party IP is still a lost IP.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

A fully linked open world and vehicles would be nice in a ZOMBIU follow-up. I'm still loving ZOMBIU, much scarier than DEAD ISLAND. I did enjoy all of the NPC interactions and missions in DEAD ISLAND, though. ZOMBIU could have used some machete action.




but the difference is that batman arkham city and mass effect 3 are superb games, dead island is garbage.

It is a shame though when the good ones dont get the support they need.

on a different note, my copy of walking dead arrived today and Im really enjoying it, and it supports off screen play



SpaceApe said:

Devs being too lazy and because of Wii U sales tanking they feel the reward will not be worth the effort. Can't say I blame them.





Funny isnt it, because thats what I hated about dead island was all these silly little fetch quests.

But if dead island was scary then all those rpg elements and quests would have been cool.

and it wasnt as fun as dead rising, so I agree with deep silver

not worth my money



Nintend0ro said:

Why is it not worth it? If every developer had this kind of atitude, then how would Wii U ever sell good? Damn it!



Savino said:

I dont understand people complainnig about the game.... It doesnt matter if the game is good or bad, is a game that the media are talking about and it skipping wiiu is sign that things arent going well. The lack of DLC on NGS show the sane thing... Wiiu isnt a good investiment for any dev or publish today!



Peach64 said:

I'll admit Dead Island is not a AAA game, but I can't see how anyone could prefer that awful Walking Dead game from Activision. It reeks of fanboyism. The one on my console is great, the one that isn't sucks etc.

I don't really like zombies at all, never enjoyed a zombie film, finding them so boring, but there are two games I love featuring zombies, and that's Telltale's Walking Dead, and the original Dead Rising. It's a shame the latter went off track with it's sequel and spin-offs.



AJWolfTill said:

I would say I hope it tanks, but the actual people who made the game haven't done anything wrong except potentially make a sub-par game... and that tasteless preorder bonus.



VR-4nic said:

I love how most ppl on here always say a games sh** once its found out to not be releasing on Wii U. Lol! Dead Island had some glitches at release but most are fixed and over all was a good game that sold well and had good review scores. You can all pretend you don't care Riptide's not coming to Wii U but with every 3rd party game the Wii U misses out on it's just another reason to NOT buy a Wii U over a PS3 or 360! Have you seen Wii U sales lately! It desperately needs all the games it can get right now!



Captain_Toad said:

Okay scratch that..... There's hating on the game then. Admittally, the publisher did straight up lie to us being that the game's engine needs to be rewritten when it didn't need to be but wishing doom and gloom to the game and being "OMG I'm not buying this anyway RAGE" mentality just because it's not coming to the WiiU makes you just as bad as the publishers here. Man up guys!



banacheck said:

Next i'll hear Bioshock infinite is garbage as it's not coming out on the Wii U, maybe you don't like there but other people might. And this is probably one of the reasons why the Wii U is selling so poorly, almost every 3rd party game skipping Wii U.



AtomicToaster said:

I'd like to see this game come to Wiiu, because I'd like to see all games that can make it over make it over, but I probably wouldn't buy it because I'm not that excited about this franchise. If borderlands and bioshock made it over now that'd be another story and I probably will pick up Deus Ex. Saints Row and Dead Island weren't games I was gonna buy, so maybe they got me pegged on this one! I'm sure other Wiiu Owners would have grabbed em!

People are going to largely be going PC or new Xbox (unless microsoft screws up) and a Wiiu just like last gen I bet yah 5 bucks! I just want something comparable to the 3ds library, I don't need xbox 360 games on Wiiu necessarily.



mastersworddude said:

why put a game on WiiU if they don't think the time and money invested will be worth it? Its not their job to support the platform when its not doing well, its Nintendo's to give them a reason to.



Solatorobo said:

Damnit i'll say this again. The Wii U has a long tale to tell, and we have only heard the start of it. Seriously, now's not the time too doomsay just because someone doesn't want to put his sequel of a medicore game (Before anyone says anything. I have played Dead Island, and it is crappy) on the Wii U



Melkaticox said:

The first one wasn't good. The developer's talent is just not there.
I don't get why Xbox 360/PS3 owners want to give this franchise a new chance. wtf.




No I wont lie I would love bioshock infinite to come out for the wii u.


I aint just saying this but, I think this game rocks, the graphics aint all that good but there not terrible either.

I urge any zombie fans to pick this game up on whatever platform. I really love the amount of violence in this game, taking a hammer to a zombies head feels damn good.

walking dead is like one of thoses greasy hamburgers you get from a dirty old burger van, it aint pretty, but you still really enjoy it.



Neram said:

So now they're just simply saying no. If this is the attitude that third-party publishers are having, then I could see the Wii U easily becoming the GameCube all over again. It practically is, already.

Here we go again folks, another 5 or 6 years of being trickle fed the odd first-party Nintendo game.



TravisTouchdown said:

Well I was gonna buy it, but if there's a possibility they may get pressured into a Wii U port, then I will hold off & see if that happens. Plenty of other games in the pipeline to keep me busy until then.



AgentAPE said:

i found the first one at a pawn shop, its an ok game. dont see myself buying the "sequel" at all.



zeonox said:

Too bad, I skipped a lot of games on PS3 that I wouldn't mind playing on my Wii U. Though I'd rather have Resident Evil 6 on Wii U. Crossing my fingers for a PAX announcement....





Exactly, I wouldnt buy dead island 2 on any console, not just wii u.

It will surprise me if the second one does as well as the first.

I rented the first one and was not impressed.

I just want a zombi u sequal and dead rising 3 and I'll be happy

edit: Actually If the devlopers used the gamepad in an intresting and intuitive way I would possibly give it a chance, because we have already seen with zombi u how well it can work.



Araknie said:

Ah, finally Deep Silver has let out the real deal, all that lies were really stupid.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm not sure if I'd get it or not. It seems to me most games are supported better on PC, which makes it hard for me to justify a purchase of most 3rd party multi platform games on a console. As for this game in general, I havent played the first one yet and I currently have Monster Hunter to hold me over, so I dunno if I'll be getting it at all.



P-Gamer-C said:

How man times you guys gonna say that game sucks dont care the wii u is missing so many games u guys copy and paste your reply thats really bad the wii attach rate is really bad call of duty on wiiu got outsold by the psvita version the writing is on the wall



KhalidAmin15 said:

I blame EA for publishers not putting their games on Wii U. Because Nintendo refused to use Origin as their main online system for Wii U EA refuses to put their games on Wii U except for Call Of Duty and they say it s because it can t run it but then say that it can and the developers see that and dont want to make games for the Wii U The only company that has been great to Nintendo is Ubisoft

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