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Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing to the West, For Free, This Summer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Localised Nintendo Direct details online and sharing communities

Earlier today we brought you the news that Flipnote Studio 3D is coming to Japan this summer; the happy update is that it looks set to arrive in the West in the same period, with Europe confirmed and North America very likely to join in.

Nintendo of Europe has also released a new version of the short Nintendo Direct that announced the app in Japan, clarifying some points and small differences. Most of the details remain the same — the app is free, allows drawings on three levels for a 3D effect, includes six colours and the ability to export animations as AVI or GIF files.

The gallery sharing aspects drop the Hatena branding of the DSiWare predecessor and the Japanese release of this 3DS sequel, instead being called Flipnote Gallery Friends (free sharing with those on your friend list) and Flipnote Gallery World (online sharing for a "small monthly fee"). The world service will have a 30-day free trial, and special times and days when it'll be accessible at no cost. An interesting detail is that those whose Flipnotes are rated highly by the online community could receive the world service for free as a reward — more information will be provided at a later date.

Satoru Iwata — or his animated talking head, at least — also stated that the Flipnote Hatena online community services for the DSiWare original will be moving over to the new platform; as a result the DSi services will cease on 31st May.

Only a Summer release window was given, as was the case with Japan. These details were released by Nintendo of Europe, but we anticipate that Nintendo of America will follow suit in the not-too-distant-future.

So, what do you think of the announcement and the news of fees for online communities? Let us know as always, and you can see the English version of the broadcast below.

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User Comments (59)



RupeeClock said:

Aww yes, YES, time to get my mojo on again!
Three layers, multiple colour, this'll be grand, Hopefully the project sizes will not be as limited as before either!



DePapier said:

Can't Nintendo AT LEAST send 3DS owners a Flipnote letter to inform them of Nintendo Directs?? They don't do this anymore!!

Oops, I mistook Flipnote with Swapnote... :/



Jaco said:

Can't wait, I fooled around with the dsi for a whole summer making tons of cool flipnotes... idk if I like the idea of paying for the service, but it will givee the incentive to make good flipnotes



Shiromikio said:

Great to hear Flipnote Studio is back for 3DS! Looking forward to this one, hope "Summer 2013" won't be too long a wait (end of summer).



RenatoSB said:

The best app that Nintendo could make for 3DS is a chatting app. Im tired of Swap Note, its a poor app where you can only draw, no typing. A Facebook app would be great too.
Just saying..



Grumpalo said:

Not sure about the monthly fee, kind of depends on how much it is.
I guess it's fair enough since the software it's self is free and those servers don't pay for themselves!



Dpullam said:

At least it will be free part of the time. Since I'm not a good artist I would only use it occasionally.



Freelance said:

Not interested. I've never been one for making things move. I just draw stuff, so Art Academy is good enough for me.



chiefeagle02 said:

I figured it would only be a matter of time before the DSi version of Flipnote's online services gets pulled, but it's still a bit disappointing to hear. All the same, it's good to see the 3DS version coming soon-ish and that it's a free app. Don't know how I feel about a fee for the world gallery (DSi was free), but we'll see as things go along. The ability to download as an AVI file is a neat idea.

Between this and the Zelda Oracle games coming out this summer, it'll be a great season of gaming.



Nardar said:

So I guess there isn't a way to get your creations from your DSi to your 3DS without doing a system transfer.



Shane904 said:

Excited, but not about the fee obviously. The highly rated flipnote creators getting the service for free sounds like a good idea - getting them to create content people will pay for.

@Nardar You can't transfer Flipnote Studio to the 3DS.



AlexSora89 said:

Awesome, awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!

Did I mention this is AWESOME? Seriously, my only worry in the other newspost was about fees, and now Flipnote Studio is gonna be a freebie... way to go, Nintendo! This is a day one for me!



NImH said:

I can't get enough of Nintendo social networks. Ninty-nerds are cool people, and I love seeing and drawing rad Ninty characters and notes on Uverse. This is going to be fresh fer sure.
...and just cuz I really mean it, I must say it's about time!



SammyOfMobius said:

This summer will be a great time to be a gamer.
-Pikmin 3
-Lots of VC games on Wii U
-New 3DS Marios: Mario & Luigi 4, Mario Golf, Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Go, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
-Flipnote 3D debut
-New 3DS VC games: Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Mega Man 6, and more



HADAA said:

@Five-seveN Serplux means there is a yearly Hatena subscription you can enroll to use the advanced features like color comments and rare stars, but you can still use the basic features for free like you said. I guess maintaining 3DS flipnote is more difficult so they require a monthly fee. Oh well, maybe we can still use it for free during contests or something.



lanabanana said:

I just hope there is no false reporters, scams , & crap like that. I don't wanna pay for that .



Drewroxsox said:

I'm so glad that this is finally coming to the 3ds, but I'm not looking forward to having to pay to use the online feature. I'd rather just pay for this if it meant that the online service would be free.



Pichuka97 said:

I loved this on DSi but it's sad that it will cease to play online soon. Good times.



SCAR said:

My brother and I have been waiting quite a while for this. My brother specifically bought a DSi for the first one. I don't think I'll be paying for online, but my brother should be able to muster up some cool flipnotes to get the service for free.



SheldonRandoms said:

@NintendoFTW1999 Then download the ones you like, that's what i'm going to do.

Also, by summer, they mean August, if anyone remembers waiting for the DSi version, then you will know what I mean.

"An interesting detail is that those whose Flipnotes are rated highly by the online community could receive the world service for free as a reward"

I'm so going to get that for free then, since my Sheldon and Mr.Randoms series and Camera animations are already rated highly by the Hatena community.



Raylax said:

Monthly fee.

Welp, there goes 90% of the reason for using Flipnote Studio. It's like putting a monthly fee on Youtube.



BoundbyEarth said:

I honestely do not really care about the monthly fee. I probably would get it for free too. -3-



Emaan said:

Exciting! I'm unfortunately probably not going to go for the community features, since a fee isn't appealing to me. Nonetheless, making flipnotes is entertaining enough for me to download this when it comes out. Good news today!



DreadnighT115 said:

For so long, I have lived without hatena after my dsi's charge port got messed up, and now Nintendo FINALY brings up the one thing I got my 3ds for...then they hit me with online fees...

All this time, I have hollowed out to nothing but a to animate no more without flipnote...

Nintendo has never done anything so cruel to me until this...

Sure, I wasnt exactly popular at any point in time back on Hatena, but it was an experience that changed how I create art permanently.

Its undenieable that wherever there is uncopylocked things, there will be flipnote thieves, and where theres a report button, theres gonna be false reporters to go with it

One thing is for sure, though.
I have been practicing drawing my ocs ever since my link to Hatena died, and I am prepared to take on the world with my new characters...




Sforzando said:

Honestly I can't say how disappointed and shocked I am that the Flipnote Hatena service is dying. I think it's time to undertake a massive effort to download all the good flipnotes before they are lost.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

As great this is, I still have some concerns......
Im a regular flipnote hatena user on the DSI. I enjoy make flipnotes. and I have made many great friends there. But now, if you just take a look at hatena..... it's crazy. A lot of people are upset about Hatena for the DSI being shut down. ..... not everyone has a 3DS has a 3DS .... and others just can't afford it... everyone is trying to fight to not have DSI hatena shut down. Many creator's dreams have been broken. Flipnote hatena has changed the life's of many creators. and now they have nothing left once it's gone......



Drewroxsox said:

@Super-Mario-Fan Nintendo can't afford to run flipnote hatena, that's why there is a monthly fee for flipnote 3d. Nintendo wants to promote its newest handheld, so you and many others will just have to deal with it.



pipeMASTer said:

a sequal? finally nintendo stepped up their game. now with more color on a flipnote page



pipeMASTer said:

but now i think of others concerns, im upset myself. i enjoy flipnote hatena on the DSi. im pretty bumbed out they do this. not even shure if you have to take ANOTHER survey to registure a hatena id . :l



CharbroiledEwok said:

Oh boy! Now we can see endless "My friend code is..." and "Like if you want [insert game] released!" messages in 3D! -_-



NintendoFTW1999 said:

@Super-Mario-Fan I agree, but as a flipnote creator, I have an idea for YOU! Why don't you encourage your fans to post their flips on the new service, and you can too, and then you won't lose fans or flips!



SethNintendo said:

Why you guys complaining about monthly fee for worldwide? It is free to share with friends. They also stated that there will be certain dates where you can log on to worldwide sharing for free. There will also be a 30 day free trial for worldwide.

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