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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Coming To Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

More zombie hoards incoming

Wii U has its fair share of mature games already with the likes of Assassin's Creed III, Darksiders II and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - which will be out in Europe 11th January. Chances are if you're a fan of fighting through hoards of undead monsters you picked up a copy of ZombiU when the new console launched, and now we know of at least one other survival horror game that will be coming in 2013.

Activision's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be coming to Wii U in Europe on 29th March. The title is a port of the game that's already in production for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC but will naturally add new features - such as allowing the player to access their inventory on the fly via the GamePad.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the game's producer Glenn Gamble explained:

We were over halfway through the project when the Wii U thing started coming about.

We didn't want to change the game, because the game had already been established, so we tried to say, 'What can we augment with the Wii U version?'

Gamble says the Wii U edition of the game is much more "streamlined", allowing the player to access their backpack at all times in a way that probably won't be too dissimilar to the way ZombiU implemented its inventory system.

Since it's available before the end of March, the game is classed as a Wii U launch title - in Europe at least, as we're yet to hear of a North American date.

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct or are you quite satisfied with ZombiU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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ajcismo said:

I could lose a toe, and today would still be considered a good day because of this news. Even without a NA release date.



Geonjaha said:

You can bet that this game wont be anywhere near as good as Telltale's one - the trailer is horrible.



idork99 said:

(yawn) I never could understand people's fixation on zombies as of recent. The only zombie game for me: Plants vs Zombies!



Banker-Style said:

Looks pretty poor,I would've prefer the Telltale one instead.

Zombi U looks interesting now.



brooks83 said:

It will be a good day when developers use the gamepad for something other than inventory.



cornishlee said:

I'm not into the survival horror thing but this is still good news. The more third party support the better.

@brooks83 - Yep, I'm already tired of that feature. That and maps are really just a lazy, throw-away implementation of the new tech. It'll probably change as developers get used to it and begin developing things for Wii U from the ground up.



Svengoolie said:

Wow... reading this, I thought it was the good Walking Dead game that everyone raves about. Now I realize it's just some Activision crap. How disappointing.



Knux said:

Too bad you guys aren't getting Telltale's The Walking Dead for the WIi U, because THAT would have been something to get excited about!



Shiryu said:

They will have a hard time competing with "ZombiU", because Ubisoft's entry does everything so right already. And like Knux above, I would really want Telltale's video game instead.




I'be watched some footage of this game and between the seemingly boring gameplay, rubbish graphics and poor attack animations I would rather it never came out on wiiu, never mind anything else, and I'm a huge fan of the walking dead



luminalace said:

I am glad there is something new announced and will keep an open mind or atleast wait for the Nintendolife review.



Boo_Buster said:

The Walking Dead: The Game would be news. This Activision product looks horrible from what I have seen thus far. From everything I know about this game, it seems as though they just want to cash in on the name with a FPS...



FiveDigitLP said:

Well, just like everyone else I'm definitely going to be cautious about this as it's a licensed IP AND it's being produced by Activision. That being said, I'm still pretty excited about it as I love the show and would much rather own a copy of this game for my new favorite console!



Smitherenez said:

This game looks really awful, animations are choppy and the environments are bland and bleak. I can't really comment on the gameplay, since little has been shown. But from what I could see, it looks really generic.



ultraraichu said:

@idork99 I wonder the same thing too.

Last I check people were fixated on vampires and werewolves. What did I missed over the past months?



SpaceApe said:


Agreed. Saw the trailer as well and was really turned off by it. Nintendo should have gotten Telltale to but their game on the Wii U instead.



The_Fox said:

As others have said, Telltale Games take on The Walking Dead was fantastic. This one looks a bit meh to me.



siavm said:

This one is not the game of the year one from last year. But maybe the worst game of the year this year. Come on Nintendo have telltale bring their excellence game to the eshop and not activision's "we still got to look like a game company that makes things outside of COD even though we know they are subpar" game.



PK_Wonder said:

"The title is a port of the game that's already in production for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC"

It's not a port if it's being released at the same time as the other version. It's simply a multiplat title.



EaZy_T said:

Darn, I was hoping it was the nice looking, episodic, cell shaded, "point and click" choose-your-own-adventure one.



Tasuki said:

Yep I am with everyone else here. they should have brought the Telltale games Walking Dead to Wii U instead of this one. Still I will check this one out while I am waiting for season 2 of Walking Dead to come out.



Peach64 said:

I bet they'll get a load of sales of this from people thinking it's the Telltale game.



Kitty_hime1 said:

I wonder if Pewdiepie will play this cause his Walking Dead playthrough (pc version) was awesome and he has a Wii U



LittleIrves said:

Add me to the list of people wishing/hoping/praying for the Walking Dead Telltale game to come to Wii U. Operation Brains-fall?



Alienfish said:

If this is an open world Zombie game I want it. If it's linear then I could care less about it.



Oregano said:

This game doesn't look great but it's a good sign that Activision are releasing pretty much everything on the Wii U. Deadpool will probably get a Wii U version but I'm not sure about Destiny, depends how much control Bungie have.



WanderingPB said:

ZombiU set the standards quite high imo so im curious to see how they will implement the gamepad. I definitely relish the opportunity enter the world of the Walking Dead from my Wii U



Sir_Deadly said:

Just saw some gameplay and I realized something, I already have this game! Its called ZombiU.



Lopezdm said:

wow 2 zombie games with in a year... i guess nazis are fully retired and no longer cannon fodder for us gamers.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not even being a fan of the series would make me want to play this, not without a huge improvement. The game simply shouldn't look this clunky.

And on the subject of the zombie craze, no my name has nothing to do with it. Its based off the one thing zombies do best (besides eat flesh), not knowing how to just stay dead. What could be more scary than a giant monster that takes every ounce of strength to fight off but just keeps coming?



bonesy91 said:

Nice. Not a big fan of the show, but the game by Telltale was a masterpiece.

But I'll give this a go when it comes out



cornishlee said:

Everyone to third party developers: "Release more multi-plat titles on the Wii U!"

Activision announces Walking Dead.

Everyone: "No, not that one, we meant the other ones!"


Heh, I love the consistent fickleness of online forums.



AgenTxH said:

Why all this crap about "the game looks horrible"? it looks decent... is not going to win a beauty contest but it does not have to. it is not just this site, I see this on IGN, Gamespot.... on Youtubers channels... Man gamers this days... makes me wana quit gaming all together.

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