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Mon 24th Sep 2012

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AgenTxH commented on Wii U Advert Banned In The UK:

It is not misleading.. it is showing features of the console... shouldn't the disclaimer of weather the feature is used or not be on the games ad and not the console ad?



AgenTxH commented on The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Coming To ...:

Why all this crap about "the game looks horrible"? it looks decent... is not going to win a beauty contest but it does not have to. it is not just this site, I see this on IGN, Gamespot.... on Youtubers channels... Man gamers this days... makes me wana quit gaming all together.



AgenTxH commented on Call of Duty Black Ops II Suffers From Reduced...:

The frame rate issue is during the single player story mode, the multiplayer plays great. I have this game for PS3 and so far WiiU network is more stable, now that could be due to a small ammount of people on it but still.



AgenTxH commented on Mass Effect 3 Wii U Content Detailed:

Never played the 1st one or the 2nd but i will get this one. The comics on the disc should bring me up to speed on the story and then I will play the finale!! i dont have time to play 3 games when there is so many on my list to play already.



AgenTxH commented on Wii U In-Game Voice Chat Won't Use GamePad Mic...:

While maybe not at the same level due to the gamepad being closer to you, has anyone played with someone using the kinect for voice chat on the 360? it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying because it picks up all noise going on in the room. Headset mic is always been the way to go for in game chat so I see no problem with this.



AgenTxH commented on Take A Look At The Inside Of The Wii U:

so... on the interview page about 2 thirds of the way down someone named Takeda says the gpu has "large on-chip memory"... help me out.. is this video ram he is talking about and has nothing to do with the 2 gigs of ram that the system has?



AgenTxH commented on Soothsayers, Begone - 3DS Software Sales Rise ...:

@Mahe all that matters is that is doing better than the vita and not a whole lot of spining has to be done for that... everyone and this is in whatever field/industry... everyone that has to deal with numbers will always spin them in their favor.