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The PC-based game Street Fighter X Mega Man is most certainly a nice bonus for long-suffering Mega Man fans, but those same fanatics will no doubt be hoping that it's not the only way in which Capcom is marking the Blue Bomber's 25th birthday.

Thankfully, such fears are unfounded. Capcom USA Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson has confirmed that an entire year of celebrations are planned to mark Mega Man's quarter-century, but he also added that lips are likely to remain sealed for a while yet:

I don’t know that there’s more substantial [things] for me to talk about but there’s a TON more things we have in the works, only some of which will be shared on December 17th. There’s a whole year of things that will happen… you’re only going to hear about what’s happening fairly close to the start of the celebrations at first.

Speaking to Destructoid about the aforementioned Street Fighter X Mega Man, Svensson added that the critical fate of the fan-made title will ultimately decide which direction the multi-faceted franchise takes over the next few years:

We'll be using this (Street Fighter X Mega Man) as one of many means of gauging where we're going. One of the challenges that we have is figuring out what is the path forward in terms of, you know, Mega Man has five brands: Classic, X, ZX, Battle Network/Star Force, and Legends. Some of these things are in the same ballpark as one another, and some of them are completely different. That's part of where the, I'll say, the disagreement comes in — a non-unified vision of where Mega Man should live on exists within our own company as well as it does in the market.

Whatever happens in 2013, it would appear that Mega Man is very much on Capcom's radar. Hopefully the coming year will bring some all-new games, and ones that are better than the rather disappointing iOS title Mega Man Xover.