Instead of Legends 3, we get this

An awful lot of Mega Man fans were pretty beat up when Capcom revealed that the hugely anticipated 3DS entry Mega Man Legends 3 was no longer in development, and since then the company has done precious little to comfort the massive global fan-base that has grown up around the character.

However, with Mega Man's quarter century upon us, there was the faint glimmer of hope that Capcom would pay tribute to the Blue Bomber with a brand-new release, restoring faith in one of its most treasured series.

If you were one of the people who continued to hold out for this revival, you may wish to close down your web browser, move away from your PC and go for a nice walk in the countryside, or something equally relaxing. Because it would appear that Capcom's way of saying 'thanks' to its fans is an iOS-based social game which is as shallow as a puddle.

It may use similar graphics, but Mega Man Xover bears little resemblance to former entries in the series. Most insultingly of all, it features an 'Auto Play' button which removes any need for effort on behalf of the player - but a brief look at a gameplay demo shows that there's hardly any skill required anyway.

Of course, Mega Man fans aren't famed for their ability to take this kind of thing on the chin, and a Flash-based mockery of Xover has been created, which apparently took less than 24 hours to produce. As stated on one of the game's screens:

We did this to show how effortless it is to create the core feel and gameplay of Xover.

The trailer for Xover - which was announced in Japan in September - is below. You may wish to wipe away those tears of rage before watching it, though. And move all breakable objects to another room in the house.

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