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Some Euro Wii U Buyers Reporting A Distinct Lack Of Nintendo Land In Their Premium Bundle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Some of our bundled software is missing

As you'll no doubt be aware if you've been closely following our Wii U Euro launch thread, many people who ordered their systems online have been getting them a day early.

While this should be reason enough to be very excited indeed, we've been informed by some early adopters that their joy has quickly turned to despair as they've realised that Nintendo Land - the pack-in game with the Premium Wii U bundle - is missing.

As you can see from the tweets replicated below, the game is absent from some of the bundles which were delivered to expectant buyers today.

Twitter user @Angelfoxdreamer has also supplied a photo of the full contents of their Wii U Premium bundle, and as you can clearly see, Nintendo Land is conspicuous by its absence:

We're trying to get to the bottom of this and will update this news story when we uncover any fresh information. Has your copy of Nintendo Land also gone missing? Drop us a line in the comments field to let us know.

UPDATE 1: Twitter user and legendary games designer John Pickford appears to have a solution to the problem:


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RupeeClock said:

I'll check my Premium Pack as soon as I go purchase it in my GAME store then and make sure the game is not missing.

If it is I am sure they'll be happy to give me a shelf copy in its place.



9th_Sage said:

Weird....hope y'all get it sorted out, I'm glad I didn't have a problem like this at the US launch. Strange that they forgot to pack it in with the system.



Shiryu said:

!? I'm gonna open mine right now! I just picked up the console at lunch, brb with the info!



Tsuchiya said:

I hope the parents believe the kids when they ask to open the box up before Christmas



Damo said:

We've contacted Nintendo and are awaiting their reply. I'm sure they will sort this out quickly.



Shiryu said:

Nope, it's here all right. Doesn't seem to be this problem in Portugal's shipments.



Bennyt said:

Sorry to hear. I'd be gutted if it happened to myself tomorrow as Nintendo Land is the one main retail game I'm really looking forward to the most

Same here. I'm going down early to pick mine up from GAME as I don't have work til midday so I'll give me enough time to collect it, check its all there, head back and hopefully set it up.



Ath said:

Just got my premium bundle from Amazon UK, and Nintendoland is indeed missing.



Bennyt said:

@Ath Sorry to hear. Have you contacted Amazon yet?

Thinking out loud, you don't think that Nintendo have downloaded it onto the console when it updates or comes with a code to input to get it off the eshop?...



SheldonRandoms said:

Maybe you have to pull the secret string in the box, revealing the secret game, Nintendo Land.

But really, this is awful to hear as Nintendo Land is a good game to come with the Wii U, I played it before release at Comic Con and I found it really fun, maybe Amazon in the UK made a mistake with the Wii U and thought that the deluxe version only has more GB and doesn't include Nintendo Land.



Jonny said:

Na Bennyt, the box up there clearly shows it comes with a disc.

Slightly worried about my wii u order from amazon coming tomorrow now...



Ath said:

@bennyt I haven't as of yet, I want to wait a bit and see if Nintendo responds to this story. I've asked others elsewhere to see if they have the same problem . I'd prefer not to have to repack it and return it! Hopefully they can sort it out.



Bennyt said:

@ Ath Well I hope it gets sorted out for yourself and others affected and get your promised game as soon as possible



Boo_Buster said:

Hope the launch goes well EU friends! My system (US) has been ok thus far, but has frozen a few times, although that does not cause any problems. Just don't pull the power plug during your system update like an idiot lol. I'm glad the problem is being remedied so quickly!



Jonny said:

Does anyone know of anyone from Amazon that received the game? This disturbance seems to be limited to people that ordered from there after all.

Also did John get a replacement from Amazon or Nintendo?



Ath said:

I've decided to ask Amazon on livechat to see if they'll do the same for me as they did for John.



TrueWiiMaster said:

That's bizarre. I thought Nintendo Land was in the box when Nintendo sent it to retailers. How is it that only Deluxes from Amazon are missing the game?



iphys said:

Are the boxes sealed? Maybe some silly monkey at Amazon went and removed them all. Either that, or they got a bad batch from Nintendo.



Ath said:

OK, it took a while on the livechat, but Amazon are sending me a free copy of the game separately. Fair play to them!



Shworange said:

So did some amazon suppliers remove the Nintendo land from the box to sell it seperately? That sucks!



cdude said:

I wonder if this is available from amazon uk officially or if theyre being purchased from market sellers...while most of my experiences have been good, i wouldnt put it past a few sellers to have removed the copy themselves, honestly.

Hope it gets sorted out for everybody. While its certainly not my favorite game, it is pretty cool for free.



Ath said:

My bundle was bought directly from Amazon. I get the impression this is a Nintendo screw-up. They tweeted a picture a while back showing that they were manually assembling the bundles, including putting in Nintendoland. Here's a link .

There must be a batch out there where they forgot to put the game in. We'll see in the next few days how widespread this is. I really doubt that it'll just be Amazon's stock that's affected.



ei8htbit said:

Wow, the Amazon-Nintendo fallout continues!! It's interesting to note that Nintendo console boxes are never "sealed" (at least not in Japan and North America, I can only assume the same for EU). Which is nice for collectors who aren't left with a bunch of glue or an ugly sticker tearing apart the flaps on the box.
All anyone at the warehouse at Amazon would have to do is open the flap on the cardboard box, slide out the top tray, pocket the sealed box copy of Nintendo Land, and then just close the box and flap again without any trace of tampering or opening being present. That game retails for $59.99USD so I'm sure they could turn a tidy profit selling it on the street for half that price (or even re-selling it on Amazon).
I feel really bad for those poor sods who pre-ordered and are left in the cold with a nerfed package.
I hope this doesn't lead to Nintendo sticker sealing all their boxes moving forward..



ei8htbit said:

I can almost guarantee this is not a Nintendo mess up. Here's why:
Considering the Wii U boxes aren't sealed and the Nintendo Land pack-In games are still factory-wrapped but do not have individual serial numbers like the consoles (that are matched to serial numbers on their boxes) I would not be surprised at all if it's a case of Amazon personnel (or employees at the warehouse level) nicking the sealed games out of the unsealed boxes for their own personal gain.



3DS_excel said:

I had my Nintendoland. It wasn't factory sealed and contained a club Nintendo voucher. I was surprised by this as I'm sure I read that when the register your premium bundle it adds Nintendoland automatically? Unless I read it wrong :-/



Scollurio said:

I was wondering how many people will order a "free" replacement Nintendoland regardless if its missing or not, just to sell one extra on eBay...



Mk_II said:

EU consoles ARE sealed with round transparent stickers covering the flaps



SCAR said:

It might have been Nintendo, but it also could have been Amazon... If it was Nintendo, I would ask for a digital code to just download it and stop the shipping of the game, plus being able to just have the game on the console. It is surprising that this happened though...



Tsuchiya said:

Forgive me for saying this but these are just photos with no copy of NintendoLand in them. How do we know these people haven't put the game aside and took a pic of the other contents of the box? Claiming it's missing...

I don't believe that Nintendo would forget them and that Amazon would be taking them out. Something is fishy



Ryno said:

Yeah, I wonder if Nintendo will just offer a download code like SCAR392 suggested.



Damo said:

@Tsuchiya Several people have posted on Twitter independently of one another stating they don't have the game in their bundle.



Suasagedog said:

Recieved my Wii u premium today from Amazon. First thing I actually noticed was that there were no security/tamper proof stickers sealing the box. I can not remember buying any Nintendo console or handheld, in the UK, that didn't involve getting a sharp object to carefully break the seals. This console is going to be a Christmas pressie so upon hearing this news I had to look. Luckily I do have a copy of Nintendo land inside(under the user manuals) in the usual cellophane wrapping. Bummer for anyone waking up on Christmas Day with a wii u but no game to play. P.S 1st post on a gaming site. Hello Everyone!



123akis said:

if this is amazon and they opened the boxes and took nintendo land, thats just wrong...they are selling a product more than it should be without the game and on the item page it says nintendo land included. they say they included it when they didnt.... but if it was nintendo's fault it dont really matter because they are producing so many, something could go wrong.



citizenerased said:

Amazon's customer service is legendary. Shoot them an e-mail, they'll send whatever's missing right away.



Folkloner said:

Will be receiving a Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack in the post by Monday at the latest. Sincerely hope to find a copy of Nintendoland inside as otherwise I won't
have anything to play for a few days.



WaxxyOne said:

Ouch. Sorry if you were bit by this one, but I'm sure Nintendo and/or the retailer will sort things out to everyone's satisfaction soon enough. It's not cool if you were expecting to play the game immediately and had this surprise waiting for you, though.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol wow amazon ripping ppl off then =| another reason for me to hate amazon xD

but of course the store would hate to give u a shelf copy unless their nice and all



Crafton said:

Received mine from Amazon yesterday. Nintendo land was included in the box =)



coconut79 said:

I have not long opened my premium pack from Amazon UK and to my horror i am also missing the game. I did search high and low just incase and also wondered if preloaded on the machine until I saw the others on here reporting the same. How on Earth are they going to sort all this out? Surely can't be issuing copies of the game willy-nilly?



Elsie said:

I received my wii u from Amazon uk today and am relieved to report that there is a copy of NintendoLand in it. The game was not cellophane sealed though and neither was the box - no tape, sticky circles or cellophane. The game was in the cardboard tray that has the power cables in, along with the instruction manual. I have taken a photo to help people figure out where it should be, but I can't upload it to this site?



Drawdler said:

I live in Australia, and I got my copy fine... Strangely though, no shrink wrap! For everyone in Europe who missed out on it, I hope you get your problem sorted out very soon!



WrongChops said:

Hi all. First post from a long time reader/lurker.

Tought I'd chip in with some information on my ongoing WiiU'mare. Long story short I pre-ordered from Zavvi on 18th September yet they somehow found a way to not send me out my basic package due to a 'technical issue' (not having enough stock or any clue when more would arrive). In my blind rage I ordered a premim from Amazon who dispatched today. My heart sank when I remembered seeing this story though and then plummeted further when I realised it was Amazon who were sending out Premiums sans-Land.

Anyhoo, I've contacted Amazon for some information on the situation in the hope that they've been checking all Premium bundles prior to dispatch after being made aware of this issue. Once I hear from them I will post an update.



Tasuki said:

If Amazon UK is as good as Amazon is here in the US than there shouldn't be a problem for people to get a copy of Nintendo Land if theirs was missing. I would have ordered mine from Amazon US but for some reason Amazon US doesn't deal with Nintendo

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