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Site News: Don't Worry, Our Wii U Reviews Are Incoming

Posted by Damien McFerran

Taking our sweet time

As you've no doubt noticed, the Wii U has just been released in the US. New console launches are exciting times; the anticipation of fresh hardware creates a groundswell of interest, and fans clamour over magazines and websites to digest critical reaction to new software.

We're already aware from the various comments on Twitter and on the site itself that you've also noticed that our Wii U software reviews are a little light on the ground right now. Most other sites have already covered the big launch titles, so why haven't we?

Well, as you can see from our Chasing Aurora review which went live yesterday, we're working on it. While most other US media outlets received Wii U consoles and software directly from Nintendo of America before the machine officially hit store shelves, we didn't - despite being told we would. That means we didn't place a pre-order and consequently missed out on getting the console on launch day.

Thankfully, several of our North American team members were successful in securing their machines when the console launched last week, and they're currently working diligently through the key releases - so expect reviews to start popping up on the site over the next week or so.

Hopefully this post clears up any confusion surrounding Wii U reviews. We've always favoured absolute transparency here at Nintendo Life, and we'd hate for you, our valued readers, to assume we were somehow ignoring our duties. The bottom line is that we'll be turning in thorough and fair reviews of all the major Wii U launch titles, but for reasons beyond our control we're running a little behind. Stick with us, and we're certain it will be worth it.

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Auracle said:

That makes sense. Thanks for letting us know.
I eagerly await the reviews.



Squashie said:

That's good! It makes sense, as most of the team are UK based and it hasn't been released here yet! 9 Days! That's 9 days too long for me!



TingLz said:

Yeah! Take your time on reviewing the games I already played >:3



shingi_70 said:

Good. Take your time to get really indepth with each of the games instead of some of the quick and dirty reviews of both the console and the game i've seen .



NMH-TRI said:

Miiverse = 10, Netflix = 10, ZombiU = 8, Blops II = 9, Darksiders II = 8.....give me a job now?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"A typical day reviewing Wii U software in the Nintendo Life office"

Not pictured: Philip J Reed, weeping in a corner



Wonder_Ideal said:

I had a feeling the reviews were delayed due to you guys being swamped with reviews and not receiving a Wii U early. Keep up the good work!



WiiLovePeace said:

What I want to know is, will you guys be reviewing every Wii U retail launch game, like you did for the 3DS? BTW thanks for all your honest & sometimes quite humourous reviews



SpaceKappa said:

Also in the interest of transparency, I've been spending as much time with the Wii U games as I can, but even though it's an accounting position, I work at a grocery store and have had to help out since it's Thanksgiving week and I've been pulling 13 hour days. Expect an onslaught of reviews by me once things return to normal!



NMH-TRI said:

^ You are the Rat Ninja Turtle Master of Video Games and Grocery Stores.

Also. I love Nintendolife. My kind of people, unless you like pokemon and admit it publicly. I like pokemon, but I think it's wrong to tell anyone about. Fatgirl/Moped. Wait..........I hate being a hypocrite!



Boo_Buster said:

Well that is a bummer, isn't it. You here at Nintendo Life get treated just the same as we all do eh? You don't wear big boy pants like IGN and the other mainstream sites that suck the teet (I know how to spell it) of big corporations huh? No early console for you! #consolenazi lol jk. I love this site



NMH-TRI said:

NL is less apt to be corrupted. You know, they don't have someone whose profile only shows them as following nothing but PS3 and Vita games, but somehow ends up reviewing the "killer app" for Wii U. -_- Nintendolife.......fistpound



daznsaz said:

got to wait till next week for mine,can anyone who has played any of the games give their thoughts?



Nintenjoe64 said:

I was getting worried that all the games must suck and publishers were banning reviews for them!



NMH-TRI said:

Yup. I bought ZombiU, AC III, Darksiders II, Black Ops II, and I have the Nintendo Land packin. I havent touched AC III or N-Land yet (wow). The other 3 are amazing. Darksiders has its bugs, but is packed with great action. ZombiU is tough (very tough). This game is hardcore. One bite = dead. Survival mode (hardest) means you only get one survivor. It's very easy to be bitten (very). Aside from the games, Miiverse is a welcome surprise and very addictive. It's honestly a video game oriented facebook. What gets me is the art!? People draw some awesome stuff on this pad and you can view it on their posts. Wish I could draw like that.

Bottom line. Buy Wii U. If you buy games for it. Buy 3rd party (seriously, Nintendo will do fine without your money for their games). I've played Wii, PS3, and 360. I loooooved 360. Tablet gaming and Wii U and Miiverse is where it's at though. Best way to put it----I'm OVERjoyed with the Wii U.



NMH-TRI said:

Please sir, do not degrade yourself in the Nintendolife forums. This is a place for a mature, self respecting audience



pntjr said:

Take your time guys. Im not getting a Wii U for a while, so I want to see what games are good to get.



Pete_Stooge said:

Everyone is so caught up in this Wii U stuff that no one is making comments about the lady in the back...Am i the only one seeing her?



DarkCoolEdge said:

Thanks for telling, it's nice that you explaining to us. I'm looking forward to Zombi U, Trine 2, Little Inferno and Nintendo Land reviews. Don"t care about Mario, I'll buy it anyway.



Xilef said:

Nice to hear. I've already decided what retail games to buy so i don't really need any reviews of those however so far only IGN has made rebiews of the download only games so i'm looking forward to reviews of those games.



sinalefa said:

So that explains it. I will be looking forward to them, specially for the first party games and Zombi U.

I still believe you could do them one at a time instead of all of them together, but then again you are the bosses here, not me.



DrMonk said:

Thanks Damien! I was wondering what was going on, but had just figured you guys were actually playing the games fully (and with online features) before publishing your reviews (unlike some sites). Thanks for the update, and shame on Nintendo for not getting one of the biggest Nintendo sites review copies.



StarDust4Ever said:

Umm, don't most review sites get advanced copies so they can upload the reviews on launch day? Just sayin...



erv said:

I love reading this site, look forward to when they hit. At least review with care instead of with rush, and take your time instead of being first. That way, we can all discover quality games. Thanks for your efforts!



Banker-Style said:

I demand a woman as beautiful as Stacy Keibler will come free with my Wii U when I buy it.
That Green dress is fantastic,shows her in a new light.



Sun said:

Don't be sooo benevolent when writing the reviews! Can't wait for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed one.

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