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Jack Tretton Wishes Nintendo Every Success With Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

"Nintendo has a great heritage in the business"

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton has wished Nintendo every success with Wii U, ahead of the official launch in just a few short hours.

Speaking about his own company’s heritage on the latest Official Playstation Blogcast, Tretton took the time to talk about Wii U; he was very willing to compliment the Japanese giant and its new console.

Asked for his thoughts on the system, Tretton replied:

Rising tide lifts all boats. Any time there is attention to the industry, any time there is attention to gaming it’s a good thing for us.

It takes a village of creativity to ultimately push technological boundaries. I think Nintendo has a great heritage in the business, they certainly surprised a lot of people with the success of the Wii. They’ve got great heritage in their first party development, and I’m interested to see what happens with it. But I think anything that draws attention to gaming is good for companies like us that live and die in this business, so I wish them a lot of success.

So there you have it, a very humbling response from Jack Tretton, who believes every console brings something unique to the table and drives the industry forwards with their individual innovations. Naturally he went on to say he feels the Playstation 3 is still the most state of the art console out there, but it’s nice to see one of Nintendo’s biggest rivals wish the Wii U success.


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Wonder_Ideal said:

I wonder if Mr. Tretton will be picking up Nintendo's new console.
Anyways, it's nice when companies can be civil towards their rivals, and let their work speak for itself rather than bash the competition.



Megumi said:

At least he's wishing Nintendo luck and all that, unlike other people...I can't remember their names. (were they from Sony too or M$? >.>)



LegendaryQ said:

I'm guessing this is good sportsmanship. So, good for them, glad to see Sony is being respectful to its competitors at the moment.



Mike1 said:

This guy is still full of crap. Surprised by the Wii's success? He was the one back 2007 that said the Wii is nothing but a fad.



meppi said:

Well at least he's not calling the system a babysitting tool and saying how anyone over 20 wouldn't want to be seen playing it in public out of embarrassment like he did with the 3DS.
Or try to make the wiimote out to be a joke by comparing it to a lollipop before ripping it off and creating an actual lollipop themselves...

Needless to say, I just can't take this "friendly competition" thing seriously at all. Certainly not from this guy.



turtlelink said:

@Mike1 How does that make him full of crap? He didn't think it'd sell well back than but it did. If I where him, I'd be surprised too.



TechnoEA said:

Jack is a business man first, but he's still a person at the end of the day. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually owned a lot of the Nintendo and Microsoft products.

@Mike1, How is he full of crap ? A lot of people were surprised by the Wii's success even Nintendo was.



TingLz said:

Great, now the Wii U will fail!! >:[ Every time Tretton bashes a system, it succeeds >:[




Kagamine said:

I've always wondered if Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft Executives own competing consoles.



Syntax said:

What great sportsmanship, also do anyone remember the mk7 Tretton invasion?



Chariblaze said:

@Kagamine I believe Reggie was quoted E3 2011 as being some sort of fan for Killzone. And while not an executive, Sakurai owns things.



tweet75 said:

he should show gratitiude to nintendo...because if the nes never would have existed and been the success it was in the late 80s the playstation brand may have never existed



NintyMan said:

Good, some decency from him at last. None of the "welcome to 2006, Nintendo" nonsense. This is the way respectable rival companies comment.



Silvervisiona said:

The Wii U is the best thing that Sony could hope in the near future. Wii U will ensure third party multiplatform games will continue to feed the aging PS3. The PS3 price is right for many people, and will provide a well worth investment in the coming years since the PS4 isn't coming out right away. Sony doesn't need a PS4 right away, Thanks to the Wii U breathing fresh air into the industry, Nintendo deserves nothing less than a Thank You from its competitors.



Void said:

The only reason I see him wanting Nintendo to succeed is because Sony is putting a touch screen into the controler for the PS4.
Or what @Silvervisiona said, that makes sense to.



GameLord08 said:

It has been made indubitably clear here, folks. The PS4 will be sporting touch-screen controllers, possibly with huge colourful squares on top to boast superior gameplay accuracy to the GamePad.

@TysonQ7: You do realise that that "Wii owners, buy an Xbox" stunt was an obvious PR marketing statement on Microsoft's part that was clearly blown out of proportion? Good grief.



Mk_II said:

Heritage? He's talking as if Nintendo has died and gone to heaven.



Ren said:

yeah, I feel the same way. They've done well, have a storied history; but good luck with this one, it's a long shot for the time being. fingers crossed.

nice of him to be all professional about it.



C7_ said:

Normally I'd be angry and say he's looking down on Nintendo, but this is legit nice and I'm happy that it's not trash-talking and doomsday speak for once.



Spoony_Tech said:

Like was said by a few here. He is just blowing smoke to the fact that they are coping Nintendo again. Why pick now to wish Nintendo success. Hidden agenda is all I have to say.



sinalefa said:

It would really be the end of the world if Pachter was the one saying good things about Nintendo, so I am not really worried.

I guess he internally believes that the success of the Wii U will extend the life of his asymmetrical combo, injecting much needed sales to Vita and a longer lifespan to the PS3. Until he realizes that maybe fans are more interested in Nintendo's IPs in HD than in assymetrical gameplay. Only time will tell, but I much prefer to read his sweet words than his poison.



CyberNature said:

Yeah, you BETTER give Nintendo some props, Tretton. After having "borrowed" the Wii's motion controller design, and having your Vita getting the stuffing kicked out of it by the 3DS, it's about time you gave Nintendo some respect.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Tech_101 Yeah Sony has done this in the past, only to copy Nintendo completely. Uggh I hate the industry at the moment and right now it's either awesome if you love (or have always loved) Nintendo at the moment or you see Sony and Microsoft being complete kissasses.
@sinalefa Don't listen to pachter, even for an analyst he is never right on the money with Nintendo. He always predicts price drops and sales etc, but in fact he doesn't seem to understand their strategy at all and never gets it right. I watch his videos from time to time, but I'm always rolling my eyes because he is such a hypocrite. When I mean he's a hypocrite, I mean he's nearly always dissing Nintendo and their strategies, but he has a ton of DS or other nintendo products sitting behind him like he's a fanboy.



Hokori said:

Yeah I can't wait till next year when I'll be playing my 3DS in public as a......TWENTY YEAR OLD



Hokori said:

^thanks I'd actually be more embarrassed playing COD BO declassified in public with the up down tap in public looks wrong >.<



SCAR said:

Very true. Anything gaming related WILL attract others in the the business' attention. All the video game companies kinda copy each other in a way, to make the OVERALL market better and to keep up with standards. I like PS and XBOX, but Nntendo always has a more simplified/special way of doing things in my opinion, and even though everyone is a "fanboy" nowadays, everyone will always want to play Nintendo, and we all have gaming in common no matter what console you have.



TysonOfTime said:

Yes, I do. But you don't see any other companies saying that about other consoles do you?

No? Then my point remains. This is a good addressing of a competitor, rather than the one that treats it as though it doesn't exist. PR or not, MS's only real public response to the WiiU is something that acts as if it doesn't exist.

Plus it was stupid.



SuperMinusWorld said:

As nice as this was coming from Mr. Tretton, no one in business does or says something without some sort of ulterior motive. Doubtless, this'll make some headlines (bringing attention to Sony and their consoles). Still, it is better than that Microsoft rep idiot quickly chiming in with a "Boy, no better time than now to buy an Xbox, when Nintendo's next big console is coming out."



TheRealThanos said:

Yeah I can't wait till next year when I'll be playing my 3DS in public as a......TWENTY YEAR OLD

Nice, now let me top that by playing MY 3DS as two of you...
(two and then some to be honest... )
Gaming and love for it has no age...

On topic:

Indeed very decent of the man and all other statements (especially the 'buy an Xbox' one) should only be seen for what it is, and that's a marketing ploy.
But still fanboys will rally to the cause to start a flame war against the other consoles again, like always.
Why don't we just let everybody enjoy his or her console of choice and be nice and play games?
I for one hope that neither Sony nor Microsoft will bomb next generation, so everyone can enjoy games on whichever platform he/she chooses.

And like Jack said, anything that draws attention is good for the industry in general, so I'll drink to that.
Here's to the Wii U and the other two upcoming consoles.
May the last two be on par with Nintendo...
(and just in case you didn't get it, that last part was just sarcasm)



GameLord08 said:

@TysonQ7: No such thing as bad publicity in this industry. Even further, from the amount of attention it needlessly gathered (thanks to the outrage that was exhibited here), you could also say Microsoft were more than successful in their blatant marketing ploy.

This, on the other hand, is something entirely different; Tretton only offered an informal statement commending Nintendo on their efforts. It wasn't a formal addression of the competition, or anything. No idea why people are treating this like some sort of extravagant headline comparison.



TysonOfTime said:

Oh for certain. What MS did there was smart on their part. Personally it upset me a bit, but they sure can stir things up, and I can respect that.

And I guess you're correct on the Tretton debate. Not really an addressing of the console itself. But I just feel it's good on the man that he can compliment the efforts of the competition.
A day where everyone from one side can publicly respect the opposite will be a good day in my eyes.



Drewroxsox said:

Naturally, Sony will be waiting in the wings to see if the gamepad's where it's at...



sketchturner said:

This is much classier than Microsoft saying this is a great time for Nintendo fans to pick up a 360.



DashDG said:

Nintendo and Sony are great, I have all their consoles. Nobody needs Microsoft in the middle...



ThreadShadow said:

What Jack was really saying:

"Dear Nintendo,
When Sony goes belly up, may I please come work for you?"




That wasn't nice of him really. He just wanted to say PS3 is better. I think Nintendo does a lot better job with the public statements and sounds nicer. What he says still sounds hostile towards Ninty just under the surface.



FloY said:

screw you WiiU for you under your christmas tree!



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah i have to call BS on this too deep down i know hes holding what he rly wants to say but at least he did try to be a good sportmanship least for the media if you can call it that



Hokori said:

@TheRealThanos I know there are older people who do that, but I just can't actually say its true from experience until next year since I'm only 19, but Jack Tretton said no one OVER 20 would be caught dead with one, so next year I can be part of the proof



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@HarmoKnight i'm 20 and even though I don't usually have the need to take my 3DS with me wherever I go, I'm not afraid to open my 3DS out in public and play, especially when we are away on holiday or visiting relatives. Normal people just need to realise that there are us Ninty fans who aren't wee little kids, because you know not everyone chats on Nintendo life.



Tsuchiya said:

Naturally he went on to say he feels the Playstation 3 is still the most state of the art console out there

No Sony, no.



BlueAce127 said:

I wish things were like this in the smartphone world...
Pfft, Samsung and Apple will never be like this... Hahaha.



hamispink said:

It's good that he is wishing Nintendo good luck, though it is probably true that Sony is looking at the success of the Wii U with great interest. It would be interesting if Sony bundled vita's with PS 4's and marketed it as direct competition to the Wii U. It could conceivably benefit both companies, as It would increase the odds that developers would actually use the secondary screens in meaningful ways.



cusman said:

Jack Tretton is leading by example. There aren't enough gamers in any console loyalist branch to adequately support their chosen master-platform. Gamer's need to re-align themselves as gamers and stop being fan-boys and may the best games win your attention and not necessarily just the games that happened to come out on your master-platform.



Mike1 said:

Because when he wrote that in an article in EGM in 2007, the Wii had already outsold the PS3 by millions, and no one could find one in any store. A year after a system come sout, and you can't find one, that tells you that the system is going to be a success.



Mike1 said:

Because when he wrote that in an article in EGM in 2007, the Wii had already outsold the PS3 by millions, and no one could find one in any store. A year after a system come sout, and you can't find one, that tells you that the system is going to be a success.



Mike1 said:

The article where he wrote that in EGM, the PS3 could be found in any store at anytime, yet the Wii was sold out everywhere. Yet, he still bashed the Wii. The guy even bashed the Wii last year. This may be a nice gesture, but he's still full of crap.



darkgamer001 said:

I wonder how long it'll be before he changes his tune and calls it a 'babysitting device'.
Or maybe, just maybe, the change in tone is due to the fact that Sony isn't doing that well at the moment. Sometimes companies need a few humbling moments....the attitude of a few guys at Sony was downright disgusting, reminiscent of Sega's attacks back in the day. Mutual respect is much more constructive for the gaming industry

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