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Sat 26th May 2012

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toonlinkuser commented on Talking Point: The Good and Bad Sides of Moder...:

Instead of this, they should just put in good parental controls so 10 year old's can't go on if their parents don't allow them. And people that do post curse words and phallus's can just have their account revoked for a certain period of time. For the first strike, maybe 3 days. For the second strike, a week, then a month, then a year, etc. That is the only way to avoid spam filled forums and cursing 12 year old's.



toonlinkuser commented on Now You Can 'Like' Wii U on Facebook:

Does anyone else notice that has a D-pad in the middle, a camera at the bottom, and circle pads at the sides? I think this might confirm that circle pads are really being used.