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WayForward's Shantae Heading To 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by Katy Ellis


In the July edition of US gaming magazine, Nintendo Power, it has been confirmed that WayForward's classic Game Boy Color title, Shantae, is finally coming to the 3DS Virtual Console.

Way back in June 2011, we reported that WayForward was looking into porting the GBC classic to the 3DS VC. It looked like the 3DS port was dead in the water until this June when we reported that WayForward was waiting for Shantae's ESRB rating. Now the time is finally upon us.

Shantae was originally released in North America by Capcom in June 2002 and received rave reviews at the time. Let's hope the Virtual Console version is as good as we remember it!


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MeloMan said:

Yaaay, now I can play the prequel I always wanted to play. (fingers crossed)



RupeeClock said:

"Way back in June 2011, we reported that WayForward was looking into porting the GBC classic to the 3DS VC."

I see what you did thar.



Geonjaha said:

This is only the third time we're hearing about it...
Still no confirmed release date? C'mon now..
What's worse is that Europe hasn't been confirmed to be ever getting this, and if Tripworld is any indication; releasing GB/GBC games in new regions is far too difficult to pull off. :/



Tsuchinoko said:

@MikeDanger1 Still waiting on VVVVVV after all this time. Highly doubt it. We did finally get Rayman though.

Japan never got the DSiWare game, so doubt we'd get this.



Capt_N said:

Shantae is apparently in competition w/ those apocalyptic world-end predictions made in tabloids every year. lol



Lalivero said:

About time! This game is one of the hidden gems of the Gameboy Color that, due to it being released so late, was forever lost in the shadows of Nintendo's newest handheld at the time, the Gameboy Advance....til now.

A must download for anyone who considers themself a lover of platformers, imo.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Was originally planning to get this right away, but with the Fluidity sequel and me not liking RR I'll wait on this. Probably read a lot of reviews/user opinions and wait until I at least know it's save to spend the points and I can get another eShop card.



MeWario said:

Can somebody answer this for me... I downloaded Shantae (dsiware) and really enjoyed it but does that game make this one redundant? Or is this one different enough to get excited about? (I want to get excited about it =P)



accc said:

This article isn't telling us anything that we didn't already know.



TimboBaggins said:

GREAT NEWS!! @MeWario Absolutely worth the purchase, the dsi sequel was a fully fledged new game, not a remake or rerelease. So if you liked the sequel, you will probably like this completely different game. However, remember, this was the GBC, so it isn't going to look nearly as pretty as the dsi sequel did, but the gameplay should be the same.



theblackdragon said:

@LazyGamer: no offense, but as any Earthbound fan knows, an ESRB rating does not necessarily equal a VC release. we did report on WayForward having submitted the game for a new rating back in June, though, as linked in the article above. :3



hYdeks said:

its in Nintendo Power? I subscribe and haven't seen it :S looks again



Sabrewing said:

This had "enhancements" like greater color depth and an item shop when played on a Game Boy Advance... Will those be part of the download?



Lunapplebloom said:

Aw yeah! This is awesome news. I can't wait to get my hands on this gem I missed back in the day.



Knuckles said:

@hydeks Its in Vol. 280, with a Pikmin 3 Subscriber cover. In the download section, pg. 38

@Katy It is the July issue, not the August which is the most recent issue.



Rect_Pola said:

Sweet! I wonder if it'll be a clean VC port or if they're going to break out a little remastering.



Holmfry said:

"Let's hope the Virtual Console version is as good as we remember it!"

..oh, it is! I still have my original and still pick it up to play from time to time. The game is a work of art, and I'm glad to see it finally get the attention it deserves by becoming readily accessible to everyone.



yosoyyo said:

Answer me please: if you were rating the game how many stars you give to it
the maximum is five.I am spanish sorry.



GreenDream said:

(Art by lunarmew, of the Shantae wikia)

Wayforward is THE way forward for respectable Nintendo eShop titles!

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