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Let Animal Crossing be the Soundtrack to Your Day

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Music 24/7

One thing that you may think about occasionally is that, unlike characters in video games, movies and TV shows, we don't have a music soundtrack following us through our daily lives. Animal Crossing on GameCube, meanwhile, followed the same clock as us and its characters had an active soundtrack for every hour of the day.

Courtesy of a comic artist/programmer Brian Lee, you can now have the original Animal Crossing soundtrack accompanying you through your day as long as you have a web browser open. He's created a website that uses your computer's internal clock to play the relevant game music for that time of day, basically by looping the relevant YouTube videos. At the turn of each hour it'll update, so that you can hear every track if you stay up all hours. In addition, if you click the rather small 'ww/cf' button at the bottom left of the screen it'll play music from Wii and DS entries City Folk/Wild World.

Check it out here: we'll be trying it in Nintendo Life Towers, will you give it a go?


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bezerker99 said:

This is awesome! Great idea. (This was just ANOTHER reason why the Gamecube Animal Crossing is the best out of the bunch, IMO. The fact that the music changed hourly was cool - IIRC, none of the other AC's do this)

/me turns down his radio and listens to 10 o'clock beats.



Morpheel said:

@berzeker99: As far as I know, EVERY animal crossing to date does this. Or am I missing something?

I can't wait to play AC 3D.... It's taking so long D:



OptometristLime said:

The dynamic music has been a staple of Animal Crossing. Each iteration has its own unique mix of time-sensitive day and night tunes, but the concept is too important for the series to drop.



CommanderAudio said:

I havent't played Animal Crossing in 15 months, but this soundtrack is SO AWESOME.

I'm getting Animal Crossing 3DS on launch day, especially if it has a soundtrack like this..



Whopper744 said:

Sounds cool.
When I first saw the article, I was hoping for an announcement that you can listen to your own music in the game. I really wish they would put that option into some games. Would love to fight to some songs on Smash Bros for instance. How about 'Eye of the Tiger' on All Star Mode?



bezerker99 said:

@Morpheel - IIRC - Wild World and City Folk just repeat the same 3 or 4 minute tune over and over and over every hour of every day. The original Animal Crossing for G'cube had a different tune that would play each hour. It made that hour within the game unique and special.



Mowzle said:

I love the way the music changes every hour in Animal Crossing, and it also had some really lovely tunes that played in the wee small hours. Wild World is the only game I've played, but I love watching the YouTube videos of the GameCube version.
I may have to get out Wild World again - the 3DS version is SUCH a long time coming.
I must try this, thank you for the tip.
Edit:- The hourly tunes in Wild World were quite noticeably different during the night time hours, but maybe the daytime tunes had less variation.



bezerker99 said:

Of course, it's been a while since I played these games. I'm listening, hoping to hear a different tune here at the top of the hour. I'm City Folkin' it up atm. lol



TheGeekCentre said:

OK, now I seriously can't wait for the 3DS version! I never played the Gamecube version, so it's really nice to hear the music from it. It's been a long time since I played Wild World, guess I'll get back into it!



Silvercube said:

The Gamecube version was (and still is) the best AC. Had tons of Nintendo (NES) games you could play inside the game. The fact that there were three other houses that your friends/family could live next to you in the game was cool. My brother and I used to send each other mail and visit one another (our own individual house) in the game.

Genius idea to create a site to have the music play. Extra bonus points if on holidays the game plays holiday music lol. I spent my life on that game. For 2 years, I played and played. Never quite had the same feeling with the future releases.

Animal Crossing 3DS, I'm waiting for, hope it's better than the Wii game (as most people who played the Gamecube and DS games knows that the Wii version was rather disappointing). Hopefully the 3DS version has tons of new features to differentiate itself enough from the other games.

The problem with most sequels is that the ingenuity factor is not as fun as it once was since the idea was already done before. Hopefully Nintendo has created new and exciting features for the 3DS game.



Onett said:

"you can now have the original Animal Crossing soundtrack accompanying you through your day as long as you have a web browser open."

Looks like I may have to pre-order this game.



Gullwing said:

I'm such an AC fan myself, so having an actual site with music from the game that changes every hour, is extremely satisfying! :3 Can't friggin' wait for AC3D!



sc100 said:

I didn't start playing Animal Crossing until the Wii version. Now that I play it basically every day I wish I had played it when it came out for the GameCube. The ability to be mayor in the upcoming 3DS version should add a lot to the series and make for a totally new Animal Crossing experience. There is a lot of other new stuff as well, like swimming, greater clothing customization, new furniture, etc. I hope it comes out in NA when it comes out in Japan!



grumblebuzzz said:

I love this! The Gamecube AC soundtrack is the best. It would be nice in AC3DS if they gave you the option to use this soundtrack.



Victoria said:

Makes me want to fire up the game! I sure wish they'd hurry up and relase this for the 3DS.



iPruch said:

I love Animal Crossing soundtrack and how well each piece fits in with the current part of the day. So this website is a fantastic idea for me! Added to bookmarks



Millenia said:

Oh I just love this. Brings back a lot of memories for me. I'm always wanting background music when I'm just browsing online so this is perfect!



mr_chun said:

This is awesome. And reminds me of how useless City Folk was... it didn't even have new music lol.



lanabanana said:

I agree with the comments above, this makes me want to buy Animal Crossing 3D even more!



ReZon said:

Brilliant - what a fantastic soundtrack this game has. City Folk should have followed this soundtrack instead of Wild World's.

A nice relaxing 7PM tune.



WiiLovePeace said:

I played the Wii Animal Crossing & just couldn't get into it, I don't think the style of game that is Animal Crossing suits me. Listening to this music though... it's freakin' awesome!!! Maybe I'll play the gamecube version someday, though I'll probably get bored pretty quick.



SuperUberBear said:

I get mocked for playing Animal Crossing. I feel socially accepted on this page lol. Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon are the only games I know where you can properly chill out whilst playing. Why have we always got to be saving the world instead of going for a spot of fishing? ^_^



CrimsonLoftwing said:

This is so amazing. <3 I've always loved the Animal Crossing series, at least since 2005. I'm so happy that this was made. I open this site most of every time I use the computer!



Pinkerton said:

absolute best idea in the whole world!! now I don't have to listen to the god awful CF music! o/

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