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Sat 5th May 2012

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mr_chun commented on Review: Bomb Monkey (3DS eShop):

Totally agree about the score-keeping. Jools has a makeshift leaderboard up on the official Bomb Monkey site, but it still stings a bit.

However, the game is really addicting and one of my favorite action puzzle games ever. I put it right up there with Tetris and Puyo in terms of gameplay.



mr_chun commented on Review: Amoebattle (DSiWare):


You did list the length of the missions as a negative, saying that shorter missions would "suit the portable nature of the game a bit better". To me, that implied that the game wasn't suited for its purpose of being a mobile game.

But I contend that RTS games could never really be truly mobile, so that was never really Amoebattle's purpose. The genre generally requires a long time commitment, and any RTS fan going in would expect that of Amoebattle.

IMO, of course.



mr_chun commented on Review: Amoebattle (DSiWare):

I hate that it's become commonplace to knock a handheld game for not being "mobile". There's a difference between handheld and mobile.

IMO, mobile games are simple, sometimes shallow games that can be played for a little a time as a few minutes. Easy to pickup, play, and put away when its your turn for checkout at the grocery store or whatever.

But not ALL handheld games should be pigeonholed into the "mobile" category. Many handheld games are not designed with mobility in mind- I myself play my 3DS, DS, PSP and other handheld systems at home almost exclusively. So a long mission or cutscene doesn't bother me, cause I don't need the ability to shut it off quickly. If I'm out and about, I'll choose to play a shallow mobile game instead of, say, Metal Gear Solid 3D.

As such, I think its unfair to penalize Amoebattle for not being mobile- it's not a mobile game. It's a handheld game. It was put onto iOS devices and the DS to make use of the touch screen. Not so you could play it at the doctor's office for five minutes.