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Mon 23rd Apr 2012

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Silvercube commented on Let Animal Crossing be the Soundtrack to Your Day:

The Gamecube version was (and still is) the best AC. Had tons of Nintendo (NES) games you could play inside the game. The fact that there were three other houses that your friends/family could live next to you in the game was cool. My brother and I used to send each other mail and visit one another (our own individual house) in the game.

Genius idea to create a site to have the music play. Extra bonus points if on holidays the game plays holiday music lol. I spent my life on that game. For 2 years, I played and played. Never quite had the same feeling with the future releases.

Animal Crossing 3DS, I'm waiting for, hope it's better than the Wii game (as most people who played the Gamecube and DS games knows that the Wii version was rather disappointing). Hopefully the 3DS version has tons of new features to differentiate itself enough from the other games.

The problem with most sequels is that the ingenuity factor is not as fun as it once was since the idea was already done before. Hopefully Nintendo has created new and exciting features for the 3DS game.



Silvercube commented on Kore Gang Publisher Needs Your Money for a Re-...:

Please try The Kore Gang, don't let the review on Nintendolife or other reviews persuade you from at least experiencing the game.

Have you ever played a game you enjoyed that took many years to develop and struggled to be released? The Kore Gang deserves a second chance.

I personally played the game when it was released in the US. I saw mixed reviews, but I did not let that deter me from trying the game. The game has imaginative levels, cool gameplay elements, and a really fun sense of humor.

@Aviator: Taken from the FAQ on The Kore Gang website: "We need the money to pay the costs for the rewards (cost of goods sold, shipping costs, etc), and we need the money to market the Wii version in the North American market. "