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Real Life Skyward Sword Controls Don't Work

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Though kids have better luck

We rather liked The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, stating that it's 'as good a Zelda game as we've ever played' in our perfect 10 review. We simply felt that everything blended beautifully, including the immersive MotionPlus controls.

Not everyone felt the same about the control scheme, however, with some complaining of inaccuracy and inconsistency in the MotionPlus responses. Well-known YouTube channel Mega 64 has taken a unique twist on the problem by taking the adventure into the real world. It's brilliant stuff: check it out below to see for yourself.

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XCWarrior said:

I do not like having to recenter as much as I seem to on some play sessions, but it works well for the most part. Still a great game.

Very funny video though.



2-D said:

Haha, saw this yesterday. Very funny stuff. The kuribo's shoe video is brilliant, too

I thought the swordplay was pretty much perfect, although I have to say I had trouble getting the skyward strike to charge on occasion.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow that's like the lamest video I've ever seen... I want the minute & a half of my life back



King_Boo said:

that's about how the game was for me, just reversed, in that the last 20 minutes of the game I finally got the controls to do what I wanted.



Spoony_Tech said:

That was more annoying then funny! And that kid at the end looked like all of us trying to chop at the bamboo!



Kage_88 said:

Heh. I like Mega 64.

Still, despite the occasional annoyance, I was fine with Skyward's fact, I feel like playing it now...



advance_melee said:

i have the same problem where i have to recenter all the time. I love the game but the annoyance in controls is what kills me me.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

The game works just fine. I think people simply don't have any talent. Go back to call of duty.



Neram said:

I think the controls are actually so easy that people tend to over think them and make it harder on themselves to get used to it, if that makes any sense.



Gold_Ranger said:

Skyward Sword controls were terrible.
Re-calibrate ever few minutes, re center every 30 seconds...
Sword not doing what I was doing
rolling instead of throwing
throwing instead of rolling...



AltDotNerd said:

The game worked fine for me, the only problem I had was the Gust Bellows reticle kept getting out of sync with my remote, but a simple push of a button fixed it.

However, regarding all the people who complain the sword controls don't work, I KNOW they're swinging the remote like they're a freaking Jedi. The point of the game is PRECISION swings, not like this:



abINC4L said:

I feel bad because I waited for this game and got the golden Wii mote and everything and I've hardly played it. I'm only on the 2nd field dungeon >< although I've been playing the hell out of Xenoblade




I'm no gaming ninja, but I found Skyward Swords control brilliant. Why is centreing annoying? I find archaic joypad with thumbsticks in your hands gaming controls far more annoying and detached. I suspect if this was a MOVE game you'd argueably get less complaints



Lyndexer said:

It worked fine with me, too. Maybe your Wii remote wasn't carged enough and it screwed up a lot? I use a charger to charge my Wii remotes.



GanonDorf said:

I didn't even finish the game because of the horrible controls, and I'm a huge Zelda fan :/ Great movie though!



Link-Hero said:

I never had had trouble with the controls. They worked great for me. The only times I had to re-calibrate the controller was whenever I start up the game. I also rarely had to re-center the cursor. You must be doing it wrong.



rtr0GMR1 said:

That video was pretty funny...what wasn't funny was how bad that game sucked. It would have been a perfect 10, if you at least had the option to play with a classic controller. I'm with Ganon, I couldn't even bring myself to finish the last 2 dungeons because it was just that crappy. First Zelda game I have never beaten...



Lyndexer said:

I laughed so hard when it worked for the little kid. People become hypocrites these days. "that ain't my life style".



CaPPa said:

The controls work fine in Skyward Sword, so I can only put people's problems down to they either have faulty equipment, they have an incorrect set up or they are just doing it wrong.

Some people just do better with certain types of controllers. My wife could not play a single game with a dual analog controller but she does ok with the Wii remote, likewise I've seen people who would claim to be seasoned gamers who just cannot use the Wii remote properly at all.



WaxxyOne said:

There are people who thought the motion controls worked well in Skyward Sword? Weird.

Personally if they would actually make use of the sensor bar they made me pay for when I bought the Wii, that would go a long way toward making me more happy with the game.



JimLad said:

HAH, you need the Triforce of courage to go out and do that.
I never actually had problems with the controls really, it was the world layout and lack of memorable characters that let me down.



Sean_Aaron said:

I had to re-centre the reticule (press down on d-pad) a lot towards the end of the game; not so much early on. My main problem was being too impatient with my swings and doing my arm in on the early boss fights.

Detection of thrust seemed to be the main control problem; especially against the scorpion bosses where you had a limited window for the attack. I ended up doing a lot of mad flailing and finding myself agreeing with people who bemoan motion controls.

In this respect I preferred the controls in Twilight Princess which relied upon a combination of buttons and motions and made you feel like Link was actually growing more powerful over the course of the game. In this one the sword gets stronger, but you're doing the same things.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the game because that degree of precision wasn't required too often and I found the story and tone preferable to that in Twilight Princess, so I've decided to hang onto it. Besides my daughter might want to have a go someday!

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