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Mario's Presence in UK is 'Smallest in the World'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We need to promptly improve this situation"

It's become apparent from the weekly UK software charts that Nintendo titles are struggling to make a significant impact in the country. Today's financial report statements from Nintendo revealed an interesting statistic about the sales of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 throughout Europe, and the news wasn't all good.

Nintendo produced all-format top 20 software charts for January to March in Germany, France, Spain and the UK. In the first three countries both Mario 3DS titles earned top 10 places, which is a decent achievement. In the UK, however, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land were 13th and 14th respectively, making it the poorest performance for the 3DS big hitters.

It's not great news for Nintendo UK, and no doubt the company as a whole will be working hard to improve those results for the next financial quarter.


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Reala said:

Good never liked Mario much anyway, /me whistles toot toot Sonic warrior



NintendoLee said:

You'd think the UK's main game seller had stopped selling NIntendo games or something this quarter.



BenAV said:

They should make a crappy Mario dance game and sell it exclusively in the UK.
They might not buy the good Mario games but maybe they'd enjoy that.



TheChosen said:

Small? I think thats a rather good spot, especially for a portable game.

Also, rest of the list = not crap. Grow up people. (Well, maybe Zumba Fitness, but it has its own market).



Haywired said:

Well considering the article just the other day showed the top 10 best-selling games of all-time in the UK (single SKUs) with Mario Kart Wii at number 1 and New Super Mario Bros. at number 7, then I think the issue is more about the 3DS in general in the UK, rather than Mario in the UK.



PixelatedPixie said:

Well, it's worth pointing out that those games placed at 1 - 12 are for systems which have been on sale for about 6 years and their install base is therefore much larger than that of the 3DS. I don't find it at all surprising that games for a system that has only been out for one year might sell less.



Nin-freak said:

Just Dance 3 is still up in the top 10? UK fails Same with Australia and Wii Fit.



Kirk said:

Maybe UK consumers realize that the prices for the games is just too high.



iPruch said:

Remember that GAME financial problems and no Nintendo games stock at all because of those problems and it makes more sense. If that wouldn't had happened, then I'd say UK gamer's tastes are really bad. But hey, Mario can't be number one all over the world, there are always exceptions.



V8_Ninja said:

When one of the most prominent game stores of the region implodes in on itself, it's expected to see a fall in sales of every game in that region.



Geonjaha said:

I think thats just due to the console not being as popular in the UK. I own a 3DS and 6 games (two of which are Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land).



Chris720 said:

I personally don't find UK a massive gaming country. We're just happy with our afternoon tea and crumpets... you Americans and your video games. Relax... eat crumpets and drink tea.

butters his crumpets and sips his tea while relaxing in a leather chair It's the British life for me Governor.



Oregano said:

... and this is exactly why people branding any and every 3DS game a flop based on just the placement in the UK charts is annoying and yet people continue to do it!

AFAIK although the UK is the largest individual market in Europe it only takes France and Germany to equal it so although some titles may struggle in the UK that doesn't speak for the whole of Europe and definitely not for the whole world.



KrazyBean said:

Mass Effect 3 is not a 'noob' game.

Anyway. I must say that I am getting bored with Mario. He hasn't actually brought anything new to the table after Mario Galaxy came out. If there was one franchise from Nintendo that I really enjoy though, it has to be Zelda.



onlyaman said:

It is interesting that Nintendo is just figuring this out now. They have always performed poorly in the UK compared to other regions. Time for Mario FIFA.



accc said:

They should give away krimpets and tea with all of their games in Britain, they'll shoot straight to the top of the charts.



Mandoble said:

Nintendo's end of 2011 fiscal year is written in blinking red with a net loss of 474 million €. If you look at the first page of that report it is also significative that in US Vita has catched 3DS sales, in Europe PS3 is already ahead and 360 matching 3DS while 3DS stalls and 360 has a rising tendency. The very only market where Nintendo keeps strong is Japan.



mOOgBunny said:

@accc They should give away krimpets and tea.
Crumpets my good sir, crumpets. Although krimpets do sound pretty yummy, can we get them in UK?



EvilLink said:

I'm from Scotland and lived here all my life and have grown up with Nintendo and could unfortunately count how many people like/play Nintendo games/consoles on both my hands so to speak. Most people, as far as I can gather, who play games here are all about PS3 or Xbox360. I don't grudge the fact that some might not like Nintendo games like Mario or Zelda if they've given them a go and simply don't like it, or that maybe they own some Nintendo consoles, handheld or home, and don't play them much. What really gets me frustrated is people in the UK who might claim to be 'Hardcore' because they only play one genre, being FPS, like COD or Battlefield. This type of person, which I know a fair amount of since I'm surrounded by them, automatically assume Nintendo games are for 'kids' or those who aren't 'hardcore' and don't purchase a Nintendo console. What is also frustrating is those who DO own a Nintendo console in one shape or form and just say it's 'crap'. Nintendo has somehow branded itself in being a 'kiddie' console for non 'hardcore' computer game players (I apologise for the inverted commas). In order to improve the sales of Nintendo hardware and software in the UK Nintendo really has to advertise in such a way as to purge this type of thinking. Better hardware will increase interest from third party developers which in turn will mean more games from third party's. These games could well entail genres and gaming series (like COD....) which would encourage the urge to buy a Nintendo platform. What Nintendo really need to do in this order, is: More/better advertisements for Nintendo; improve hardware dramatically; get on board more third party developers; improve/expand the FPS genre; improve on line gaming (which they seem to be doing); lastly, less milking of Mario. This will cost money and time but will in the long run increase sales in the UK and probably everywhere else! More FPS game with on par or better graphics with current gen platforms will reel in those who atm don't even bat an eyelid at Nintendo.

I think that covers it all? =)



BeatOli said:

I live in the UK, and I think it's no surprise that the "mainstream" games are in the top 12, I much rather prefer Mario, the black sheep games and I'm preparing for Pikmin 3. Considering the higher ranking games in the sales chart are on consoles that have a much larger install base than the 3DS it was to be expected they would sell more.



Djrr-ific said:

@onlyaman and others..

The UK isn't a region.. Europe is the region, and UK is just a part of that...
Nintendo UK doesn't exist.. it's Nintendo Europe.. and so it's just one country that performs badly, because in the others, France/Spain/Germany/Netherlands, Nintendo is doing just fine...

and by the way, it's only simple logic that Nintendo doesn't perform as well here, hardware wise, because most "gamers" only play FPS's and those games aren't available for the 3DS(yet..)



Kirk said:

You know how to easily fix this Nintendo...

Stop making cookie cutter sequels whenever you release a new 2D/2.5D Mario platformer on your home consoles.

I'm gagging on a proper full-on new 2D/2.5D Super Mario Bros platform game that would live up to the legacy of the best classic 2D Mario platform games like SMB, SMB3, SMW, Yoshi's Island and actually be deserving of the SMB4 title.

Basically, give us a TRUE Super Mario Bros 4 game, with all the polish, quality, flair and excellence that entails, and I promise you it will sell a crap load of units in the UK.



JustTheTrick said:

Nintendo isn't really in trouble. It's just bulls**t journalism that says it is. Now stop posting such crap as if it were news.



Henmii said:

I guess the sales in Germany are also pretty high. On German television you see a lot of Mario commercials. And in Holland you see also quite some Mario commercials. Maybe England has less Mario commercials?



JimLad said:

The gaming charts don't belong to gamers anymore.
But if Nintendo want to be in the charts they just need those multiplatform games on their system. Hopefully WiiU will be that system.

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