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Tue 12th Jul 2011

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mOOgBunny commented on Review: 3D Ecco The Dolphin (3DS eShop):

Seems like the score is solely based on the fact that Ecco presents a challenge.
Not a good sign of the times when a game is knocked down because it actually presents a challenge to the player.
Ecco is as it always has been a sublime experience & in all honesty any effort you may have to put in is rewarded ten fold.
It looks wonderful in 3D & plays as well today as it did the day I originally bought it.
Streets of Rage received an 8 & all this got is a 6, there is no justice in the world... Especially for dolphins!
SoR is great but lets face it, penny per minute Ecco wins hands down, both are quality titles but SoR is a walk in the park & seems to have been awarded an 8 for it.



mOOgBunny commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

@Damo Yeah out in the sticks but near Leicester. That is a real shame about Telegames, thought the site looked a little static.
I just remember the shop being like a little treasure trove full of exotic looking goodies, sometimes you wouldn't even know what you were buying been addicted to Japanese packaging ever since. Didn't like the town shop so much, it was less Gremlins & more Gremlins 2 if you get my drift. The money I must of spent with them over the years, it hurts to think about it, £110 for SNES Streetfighter, £90 Super Star Wars, what was I thinking??? just to get them early??? Those days are long gone (thought it was meant to be the other way round), now it's £4.49 Sega 3D all the way.
Pretty envious of the Neo Geo, lovely machine, another one that got away, I still hope to change that one day. I hope...



mOOgBunny commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

I admit Altered Beast isn't the ... fullest ... of games but boy does it make me feel good & I think that is where it's strength & longevity lies.

Memories of having flogged everything ST & getting my Mum to rush me down to Kilby Bridge Motors to pick up either a PC Engine or a Mega drive, the imports had landed! Yes my import game shop was in the back, well front of a garage, those were the days, full of wonder.

Altered Beast was the weapon of choice for both systems & they both looked amazing compared to my recent ST gaming. The Mega Drive won, pretty much hands down, although it did take at least an hour to decide, I put it down to being simply mesmerised by both systems as to this day I still crave a PC Engine. Still have the Japanese Mega Drive & the copy of Altered Beast & they both work just fine.

This is simply one of those games that fills me & I guess many others with so much warm gooey gaming history goodness that we will forever be at its command to "rise from the grave".

My 3DS had laid dormant for 6+ months before the Sega 3DS games started hitting the eShop & so far I love them all & for the first time in I don't know how long I now anxiously await the Thursday eShop update.
Please Sega don't make us wait so long for the next round of awesomeness.

Just checked my old game shop out & they are still about & still linked with Kilby Bridge, I remember they moved into the nearby town for a while & then got involved in Jaguar (thank goodness as I loved my Jaguar) & GBA games, thought they had gone, excellent, glad they still exist.



mOOgBunny commented on First Epic Mickey 3DS Screen Shows Scrooge McDuck:

Oh yes, looking forward to this. Still play Castle of Illusion & Quackshot (Japanese versions of course, love the box artwork) on my MegaDrive. Think I was the only person on the planet to love Fantasia aswell. My 3DS & I may yet be friends.



mOOgBunny commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games So Far:

My Favourite Games

1. Zen Pinball
2. Ridge Racer 3D
3. Resident Evil Revelations
4. Xevious
5. Nintendogs plus Cats Demo
6. DOA Dimensions
7. Shaun the Sheep Videos (I know it's not a game but great 3D & each one makes me laugh out loud).

Nowhere near enough negativity in the posts, so here we go.

My Biggest Disappointments (light touch paper & stand well back)

1. Pilotwings Resort (How to ruin a classic franchise, not a good start).
2. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
3. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
4. Any other game that I have already purchased multiple times before excluding Ridge Racer, of course.
5. Any Virtual Console game that is not from the PC Engine, MegaDrive, Snes or Neo Geo. Oh wait there aren't any so that's all of them.
6. Complete lack of Virtual Boy games in Virtual Console. (Why???).
7. Nintendo Video (Yeah, yeah not a game. Give us 3D movies & shows, not shovel ware).
8. Plants vs. Zombies (It could easily have been the best version of this wonderful game).

Rant over. As I run for the hills.



mOOgBunny commented on Zen Pinball 3D Lights Up North America on 12th...:

I've not played any Zen before this & I love it, best pinball game since the Pinball Fantasy days. Perfect for portable play with a great 3D effect. My most played 3DS game & joint favourite with Ridge Racer 3D. Actually quite excited about the DLC, I will be happy to pay for new tables. It's also got a great 3DS home menu sound byte & nice graphic & thats what really counts.



mOOgBunny commented on Nintendo Video Application Launches in Europe ...:

I was so looking forward to this but after reading "Iwata Asks" on the Nintendo site my enthusiasm has faded to yet more 3DS disapointment. No user control of content, videos there one day gone the next. The interview is an interesting read though with insight into some very worrying views expressed by Nintendo Staff. Including seeing Nintendo fans as people that are unable to make their own choices & that a one star review could mean something is not that bad?? (if you aren't sure Nintendo, 1 Star = Awful). On the other hand it goes some way to explaining the difficulties involved in releasing licenced media simuitaneously world wide. Interview seemed like it was conducted awhile ago, so maybe things have changed, I hope so. I guess some of us will find out in the next couple of days.