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Wed 28th Mar 2012

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JustTheTrick commented on File Sizes Revealed For 3DS eShop Retail Downl...:

The original GameCube Animal Crossing (even with all the included NES games) would fit into the Gamecubes internal flash memory. Once the game was loaded you could in fact open the disc slot and continue playing. @Grumblebuzzz
It was sloppy saves that took up the memory card 59 not the game data it's self.



JustTheTrick commented on Feature: The Mistakes of the 3DS Launch:

For an article that points out the damage of sensational reporting is quite a sensationalising in it's self.

Erm, what console hasn't suffered with slow starts and with a lack of developed software? Was the Xbox 360 console fully operational, in terms of features, on release? Surely staggering the release of features allows early adopters to get to grips with the technology without overloading them.
Constant and consistent poor reporting like this that relies on sensationalising, especially when it seems to think it's rising above it, is bad journalism. Please don't join the ranks of IGN and Gamespot in writing these unfound articles that perpetuate ideas that are pointless and fuel wild unsupported opinions. It's like the rumour that the Virtual Boy caused migraines... there is no evidence to support it so why do current "journalists" refer to it as a health hazard?

Don't be sloppy