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3D Beauty Clock Timing a Release on 3DS in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And it's free

Nintendo's download services have seen some peculiar releases in their time, with the 3DS eShop slowly joining in the fun. Today, courtesy of Andriasang, we bring you Beauty Clock 3D.

From the creatively-named publisher Beauty Clock Co., this is a free app due for release on the Japanese eShop next week. A total of 360 women pose with hand-written signs for each minute of the day: with 1440 minutes in the day that means that each model will potentially appear in about four different minute displays, though we don't know whether the photos are duplicated to cut the number of images to 720. With a video every hour, a timer, alarm and the ability to mark favourite photos, it's quite a package.

That's way too much analysis for this app, but it certainly scores quite highly on the strange scale. If such an app ever made it outside of Japan, would you download it?


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koolkris200 said:

Yes I would Buy this because you could watch different models do different things each day or minute or hour



Flowerlark said:

I don't think I'd want it. I'd rather see video game characters showing the time.



Alienfish said:

Weird, I already have plenty of sites online to waste my time going to though. I really don't need an app to waste even more.



Oregano said:

Huh a third party app for free? I thought Nintendo didn't allow that....



3dbrains said:

I hear it is a free download in japan and there are only 360 individual images.



Kagamine said:

Um, why wouldn't anybody download this? it's free and models tell you time... How much more do you want!?!?!



3dbrains said:

A built in alarm clock to the system menu would do the trick.
Although I got dsiware's photo clock.
Thinking about it, I could load my 3DS with porn photos, copy them to system memory, and I can 1up this app.



alLabouTandroiD said:

What @chewytapeworm(#2) said.
Can't imagine starting the app just to see the current pic. I'd only find it cool if

  • it was used as a screensaver and would be started automatically after you haven't done anything for some minutes
  • it could be assigned to the top-screen like you could with photos on the DSi
  • it was shown on the screen that doesn't get used in a game
    * it was used as an alarm clock


Marakuto said:

Finally an alarm clock! When it comes to the West I'll use it for waking up standard!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I wouldn't spend money on it, but the male portion of my brain hopes this comes to North America.

I wonder if it only has Japanese models or if there are also some Western beauties included.



Millenia said:

I'd probably download and check it out since its free of course. But, they should make a version with male models as well



RR529 said:

Free means download. Heck, I don't even like Pokémon anymore, yet I downloaded Pokédex 3D and collected all the Pokémon, lol!



Hokori said:

/needs japanese 3ds, if it comes to the west it better not be "westernized" because i want those women



Capt_N said:

@VintageBoy as well as sexist, & stupid!

Actually, while on the subject of alarm clocks, I wish Nintendo would just allow their current, & any future clocks to be integrated right into the system menu, that way it can run, while I'm gaming, or something else.



oninowon said:

I don't get people's objection. It's not like they are from Playboy. They look more like fashion magazine models.

As some have said, it is free and it is an alarm clock which some may find more useful than others. I just wonder if the alarm sound will be loud due to 3DS sound being subpar.



famestephy09 said:

Deffinetly iyd download anything free and try it at least. If it has alarm that would be great. And the picture thing sounds cool.Though the model thing is strange I would give it a try.



duellii said:

I'm a girl, and I downloaded it xD (Yes, I have a JP 3DS). When I first saw it on eShop, I dl'ed it because its free hahaha )) I really don't care for the clock nor the models but the alarm clock's quite useful ^^,



Hokori said:

/needs to find a way to change region..... Of 3ds to Japanese.... Kawaii 'o clock.... :f

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