Nintendo's download services have seen some peculiar releases in their time, with the 3DS eShop slowly joining in the fun. Today, courtesy of Andriasang, we bring you Beauty Clock 3D.

From the creatively-named publisher Beauty Clock Co., this is a free app due for release on the Japanese eShop next week. A total of 360 women pose with hand-written signs for each minute of the day: with 1440 minutes in the day that means that each model will potentially appear in about four different minute displays, though we don't know whether the photos are duplicated to cut the number of images to 720. With a video every hour, a timer, alarm and the ability to mark favourite photos, it's quite a package.

That's way too much analysis for this app, but it certainly scores quite highly on the strange scale. If such an app ever made it outside of Japan, would you download it?