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Nintendo Narrows Wii U Release Date Window

Posted by James Newton

Early 2012 goes right out of it

Nintendo's always said Wii U will be launched between April 2012 and the end of next year, but kiss goodbye to dreams of getting the machine before June.

Nintendo of America now states the console will be available between the beginning of E3 and the end of 2012, giving us a six month period during which Wii U could see release..

The company also confirmed it won't be showing anything new at CES, contrary to yesterday's rumour.


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nick_gc said:

I'm not fussed. Happy to wait for it. I reckon it's probably going through some changes anyway.



daznsaz said:

im guessing their still working on it.think it will be a right good console when its ready for us.will be getting the ninja gaiden game,looks proper smart.jumping the gun a bit now though,3ds will get me through the wait



WolfRamHeart said:

That is fine by me. Gives me plenty of time to save up for it. I never expected the system to be available before June anyway. I am REALLY looking forward to this year's E3!



stromboli said:

I think this was obvious and there was no question about it, especially with some of the upcoming Wii releases like Xenoblade, Pokemon, Mario Party and others. Nintendo will want to release the Wii U around Christmas, and show off a lot of the launch games in E3.



Red-acteur said:

I'm sure they might pull off a "we release it tomorrow !" at E3 or something like that ^^



JakobG said:

Well how else were they going to present the final form of the Wii U on E3?
I just hope they'll have the Wii U games to bridge the gap.



Haywired said:

Absolutely fine by me as I have more than enough Wii/3DS stuff to be getting on with until then. I didn't want it to release too early. I guess E3 2012 will be the full reveal/media blow-out, then release Christmas 2012 (just as the Wii had it's full reveal at E3 2006, then release Christmas 2006).

Also, is Iwata playing a very easy version of Find Mii on his Wii U controller?



WaveBoy said:

Good. Early 2012 would of been too early. Besides I've got too much Wii titles too catch up with hehe.



JettiBlue said:

totally fine with me too! better not rush it and do it properly, have console smoothed out and better launch games prepared. I can wait until next Xmas



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm definitely waiting on the Wii U, I've got a huge enough backlog on my Wii (+ Virtual Console & WiiWare) Gamecube, DSi XL, PS3, PS2, PSP & GBC that another system is merely going to just add to the weight of it all. Unless they come out with some really top notch launch games I doubt I'm even going to buy it in it's 1st year of existence.



kyuubikid213 said:

Totally fine by me. I'm planning to get a job at the start of 2012 simply to be able to afford it! If it's "delayed" then that just gives me more time to save up!



JimLad said:

Whenever New Super Mario Bros WiiU is ready I hope.
It's about time they started launching consoles with Mario games again.



RonF said:

Totally expected. I always guess it will be released in between September and November 2012.



NintyMan said:

Not surprised here. I predict a November 2012 launch, and while some might want it sooner, I don't want a repeat of the 3DS launch and Nintendo doesn't either. They should have plenty of time to develop a first-party title to release with it.



Blaze said:

Good. Get it out Late 2011, in time for Christmas and with some very good early support. Preferably a Mario or Zelda title at launch. Nintendo have to learn from the mistakes of the 3DS, they can't do that again. In the meantime, I can play my 3DS and Vita!



warioswoods said:

The closer to Christmas, the better. They need to generate buzz just as the holidays are closing in.

The more I think about it, by the way, it feels as if Nintendo might be making a brilliant move by pivoting away from motion controls as the selling point. Microsoft has been trying to plug Kinect as the "next big thing" in motion controls this holiday season, and consumers are feeling fatigue with the concept, having seen it year after year, now with different hardware from a different company.

Something truly new for living-room, family gaming will need a different idea to capture everyone's attention again. Motion can be part fo the equation, but it probably won't be enough to create a "hit" holiday item ever again.



aaronsullivan said:

I bet Nintendo would LOVE to release it a week or two after E3 just to get a fever of hype to translate right into sales, but even if Nintendo is hoping for it, I have a feeling realities (games being done, hardware production ramp up, important third party titles not quite ready) are going to put the release date in a more comfortable zone: September to November.

Part of me wants the surprise release that is early, but I really want the launch to go right so I'm hoping Nintendo waits until everything is close to perfect. After the 3DS launch I don't think anyone at Nintendo would have it any other way. The best case scenario is that everything is actually close to perfect right after E3 without any crazy rushing. Nintendo could even enjoy a greater window without "next-gen" console competition. Unlikely but desirable.



misswliu81 said:

if they are going to release it after summer, then that's ok with me.

the key thing isn't really the date but the pricing and the launch line-up; if nintendo get it right, it wouldn't concern me at all that it is out in say november, december.



rjejr said:

Wish there were a link to the statement, couldn't even find it on 1UP. I'm guessing some translation error correction will be posted within the next few days.

Why would anybody think it would be out BEFORE E3 when they've already announced a proper unveiling - or some such - to be at E3? They can't launch it before they unveil it.

If they try to launch it "during" E3, well that's not gonna work either as cell phone photos of all the boxes saying "Nintendo - do not open until E3" will be posted all over the internet.

Announcing the launch at E3 June 5 - 7 (I'm guessing pre-E3 show presentation) then releasing 2 weeks later when HS and college grads have money to spend and free time on their hands may be a good idea. After July 1st they might as well wait until Oct., 10-11-12 (yes I'm aware it's 11-10-12 for many of you) works for me. Something has to release on that date. Maybe Diablo 3 on the PC?

Well whenever, it's going under the tree next year regardless.



Kirk said:

I don't care if it's a little bit later than expected. As long as they totally nail the hardware, including the firmware, U.I. and various features and services, the controller (really need to get this spot-on), and release it with at least one major f'n game from one of their main franchises. Something like a brand new 2.5D Mario platformer along the lines of Super Mario 3D Land but way suped-up for WiiU would be absolutely perfect imo. Also, they have to release it at a decent mass-market price too and show they've genuinely learned from the 3DS launch fiasco.



cyrus_zuo said:

Christmas release.
I'd be surprised (happily) if it were anything else.
The negative about that is that they've eaten into their first mover status by a year by moving it from Spring to Winter. Hopefully it is well worth the delay .



JaxxRaxor said:

I fully expect the Wii U to launch during the Q4 of 2012, so October, November, or December, with a early-mid launch in November the most likely in my opinion. I never thought at all that the Wii U would see release in the first half of 2012 because for home consoles that never happens.



FluttershyGuy said:

This is a relief, as I'm not gonna have enough rupees for Wii U anytime in the near or distant future!

I think it'll be another November console release, and no way it gets released close to E3. I don't want to see it before it's 100% finished, because I remember getting a half-baked 3DS back in March!



Metal_Slugger said:

Well so much for that. I was hoping for a beginning of the year release. All is lost I guess. The world will burn up before it's released. Oh well I will just enjoy my 3ds till the end days.



FloY said:

i hope they do what microsoft did with the 360 Slim... and make it available the week after E3!!



Neram said:

Obviously holiday 2012. I doubt they want to make the same mistake as the 3DS and release it too early with a crappy launch. Nintendo nearly always launches their systems around the holidays, with the exception of I think the SNES.



Maggots said:

Too far away ... November is too far... I still want it May... Games are there... might as well release it



IronMan28 said:

I'm not that excited about Wii U...but I wasn't that excited about DS and look how that turned out for everyone. Maybe everyone should check out any console I'm not excited for lol...



miletich3 said:

Now we know the Wii U is gonna be released on Christmas or Thanksgiving. Let's face it, all consoles such as Wii U will be released on November or December, even when the rumors of the world ending in 2012 are just rumors and nothing else.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'm not so sure about a release just in time for the Christmas season. With the Wii U Ninty might be interested in releasing it September or October so it can build up some credibility for its hardcore games before the megasale-days begin. If it proves to have amazing and unique core games before it might convince PS360 owners to get it for Christmas.
But no matter when it's released i really hope it doesn't feel as imcomplete as the 3DS still does. While it's already gotten a lot better it won't really feel great until the messaging app comes out tomorrow.



MeloMan said:

"Nintendo's always said Wii U will be launched between April 2012 and the end of next year, but kiss goodbye to dreams of getting the machine before June."

Wait, isn't that statement contradictory? If it's between April and end of year, but not before June then... that eliminates the 2nd quarter 2012 as a possibility as well. Well, whatev, I'm fine with a holiday release because now with Xenoblade coming to NA, you don't want it competing w/ the WiiU in terms of sales (even though technically you can play it on WiiU). You need another E3 to get the buzz generating and show off some software. Lastly and most importantly, by holiday season there needs to be some decent software to play.



Maggots said:

the only way I'd be okay with this is if it gets better than what was at E3...

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