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Would You Trust a Goomba to Clean Your House?

Posted by James Newton

The uprising starts now

Goombas are so much more than their common portrayal as easily vanquished stomp cushions would have you believe: they have other skills, like cleaning the house.

That's right: someone made the inevitable leap and combined the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner with the Goomba and created... well, the Goomba Roomba, presumably.

The video below shows the little wonder in action, along with customised Octorok and Red and Green Shell Roombas too. Just make sure you notice when they clean the house or all Hell will break loose next time you leave them alone.

Oh, and don't stomp on them. That really doesn't help.


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ueI said:

I don't have that kind of vacuum cleaner, unfortunately.



Punny said:

Mario should really stop stomping on Goombas. They are great cleaners.



Colors said:

Strokes fake beard thoughtfully
A minion owning a minion that clean's the minion's house?...
Well I do enjoy irony. orders one



Ecto-1 said:

Hehe, I would love to invest in one of these, but alas, the temptation to stomp it into oblivion would be much too strong.



LittleKing said:

The Octorok one has captured my heart. I need one, stat. If someone doesn't plop one of these adorable little things in my lap within ten seconds...



Shining-Void said:

me-o.k goomba clean up the house-leaves house
mario pops out of a bush- YIPEEEEE its a mario time- goes into home
I return home- OH NOOOOOOOOO



Kage_88 said:

Holy Moley those are awesome. My cats would have a field day.

I'd love to see a Chibi-Robo one!



Red-acteur said:

Haha ! Goomba, Roomba ! Pretty sure the guy made this because it sounded similar ^^

And now I have a joke : What is the difference between a Goomba and a Roomba ? None ! They suck both !



BenAV said:

Those look amazing.
I want one... although there isn't much space for it to roam around here.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Die in flaaaammmmesssssss !!!!!!! Oh ... what have i done ?

I much prefer the light brown version of Goombas so this one is a no-go. But the shells and Octorok look so amazingly cute. Loving it. Awesome how creative you can get with these things.



MeloMan said:

Shouldn't it just be GRoomba?

Well, all Goombas do anyway is scuttle across the ground, so this seems rather perfect. Can wait to see the first Youtube vids with someone living out their SMB fantasy with all these Roombas

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