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Nintendo Updates DSiWare to 3DS Transfer List with More Titles

Posted by James Newton

Better than first thought

IGN recently published a list of 19 DSiWare games that cannot be moved to 3DS, but now Nintendo has released an official list of non-transferrable games that runs to just 11 titles.

The list of games stuck forever on your DSi are:

Good news for Domo fans, then. Nintendo also reconfirmed it's working on a 3DS version of Flipnote Studio.

Thanks to Thomas Spargo for the tip.


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JayceJa said:

thats nice to see they seem to be working on reducing that number, assuming the list IGN had was just old and issues were dealt with, not just inaccurate
still, having never got a DSi to replace my DS, its all the same to me i suppose




Tut tut Ign! Anyway, I have flipnote, asphalt 4, dsi browser and real soccer '09 which will stay on my DSi. I am keeping my Dsi anyway. Looks like Pinball Pulse is ok.....



Lobster said:

Nooooo, Oregon Trail! sob

I'm another that never got a DSi to replace my DS. The 3DS was my upgrade. Would've liked to revisit elementary school on a handheld.



sykotek said:

Well, that's much better, now I only have 2 games on the list that can't be transferred.

...still, those two games cost me $16, but judging from the list, this is more likely Gameloft being unwilling to okay the transfers to 3DS and I'm glad Nintendo has been working on it. Sucks that it is some of their higher rated games that are not transferrable.

Edit: On second thought, it is most likely licensing issues surrounding all the Gameloft games on the above list.



jedikitty said:

I hope Oregon Trail ends up getting moved too (though I know it's doubtful) or a new one comes out that we can have on the 3DS. The screenshots look awesome.



Raptor78 said:

C'mon Nintendo.... Earthworm Jim & Asphalt 4!!!!! Sure I have a load of other DSiware games to transfer but I still play those from time to time.



Victoria said:

YEAH!! I can now have Art Academy on both my DSiXL and my 3DS. Lots of copies is like having lots of blank canvases waiting to be filled.



Skotski said:

Well Flipnote makes sense considering they're making a 3DS Flipnote...
...but does that mean some of these will also get their own 3DS version?

.............. you have died from dysentery... in 3D.



Blaze said:

So bad luck for Sudoku fans, but i don't see many complaints. All i see is complaints about Oregon Trail. There's only really 9 you can't transfer, because Flipnote + the Internet Browser don't really count but none of it concerns me anyway.



NintyMan said:

Still no Oregon Trail, but like I've said before, maybe they'll make an Oregon Trail 3D someday. It's still good that there turned out to be less untransferables than first thought.



Dodger said:

Sweet, I get to keep my pinball game after all.

Couldn't care less about Soccer 2009. My little sister gets to keep that one.



TKOWL said:

Still no Flipnote, though I expect they're coming out with a Flipnote 3D in the future.



bboy2970 said:

Excellent! Only 11 titles out of the whole DSiWare catalog is very reasonable! Now I'll be able to hold on to my 3 Domo games (I don't really care either way) and Pinball Pulse (YES!!). Oh, and Art Academy is also transferable now! This just made my day and made the wait for the eShop's arrival that much more painful!!!



Hyperstar96 said:

IGN was wrong about something?! I would have never guessed! </sarcasm>
You can't spell ignorant without IGN.



Hokori said:

sweet even though i didnt care about some of the titles that couldnt be transfered, I can now transfer all of them



pixelman said:

Ugh... I'm so sick of the "IGNorant" jokes.

Anyway, I think it's a good sign that Gameloft is holding back their titles. Probably means that they're planning on releasing new 3DS-optimized stuff. :3



andyp350 said:

@ Victoria - Unfortunately if you transfer any dsiware to your 3DS it will no longer be on you're dsi. So you won't be able to have it on both systems without paying for it twice



Otty_Ott said:

Sudoku Master is my most played DSiWare game. I have tried virtually all of the suduku games on there and Sudoku Master is the best. Sigh...



motang said:

I am so glad I kept my DSi, there are lot of titles on that list that I have.



edcomics said:

I'm honestly happy that Pinball Pulse is transferable. I like having my pinball on the go.



Dave82481 said:

there are only 3 that i will lose asphalt being the only one i really play much but it will be worth losing it to be able to play super mario land and other gb, gbc games as they come out.



FriedSquid said:

Well, that sucks a little. I've got Sudoku Master and I was hoping to transfer it, but I guess not, then. Oh, well... I didn't play it much, anyway.



blackknight77 said:

I'm glad Pinball Pulse and Art Academy makes the jump, but not having EJ on my 3DS is very disappointing. I'm not happy Nintendo and Gameloft



Token_Girl said:

Sweet, Pinball Pulse is transferrable now. That's all my games! Sucks for those with earthworm jim/Oregon trail though. At least EWJ is on VC.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Wish I could transfer my Flipnotes that I worked on before my DSi started glitching. And I spent 8 bucks on Asphalt, there better be a good downloadable racing game on 3DS, I don't think I wanna pay full price for a racing game.



cnm_nintendo said:

The only DSiWare that's going on my 3DS is every single game of the Art Style series. I have downloaded over 40 DSiWare And I don't want to transfer them all o-o



Henmii said:

It's better, but still not ideal. Hopefully there are not much people affected by this!



tweet75 said:

nintendo is still getting it wrong until you can download it on multiple personal systems from the shop with one purchase like sony does. This is one area that sony wins, nintendo loses.



Raptor78 said:

Going through the list everything makes sense with one exception...

Flipnote Studio and the DSi internet browser - obviously because improved versions being released
Asphalt 4 - Asphalt 3D retail
Sudoku Student, Master & Sensei - Hudson Sudoku 3DS retail
Real Soccer 09/10 - old licenses
Oregon Trail & Lets Golf - 3DS eShop versions in development

... so why "Earthworm Jim"???
There are other Licensed games on DSiware and they are being carried over, mabey it is because there was and Earthworm Jim 3D on the N64 and they are planning on rereleasing it ala Zelda:OoT.



SpicyDuck said:

Yay going to go get a eshop card this weekend can't wait!!!!!
Or maybe I should save my $ for Loz Oot....
omg... hardest decision in my life at the moment



SpicyDuck said:

Yay going to go get a eshop card this weekend can't wait!!!!!
Or maybe I should save my $ for Loz Oot....
omg... hardest decision in my life at the moment



SpicyDuck said:

Yay going to go get a eshop card this weekend can't wait!!!!!
Or maybe I should save my $ for Loz Oot....
omg... hardest decision in my life at the moment



SpicyDuck said:

And I'm going to push the update button on my 3DS every hour until it finally works..



SpiritChaser2010 said:

@SpicyDuck-currently I am doing the same thing, checking every hour lol! Even though I love Nintendo dearly, it is a darn shame they didn't have E-Shop and the Browser ready when the system came out. Plus not having the alarm clock? I gave up my "normal" alarm and went by the DS one instead So at least I shall be able to transfer the Animal Crossing Alarm Clock over from my now daughter's DSi...and my Art Academy...woot! That is, WHEN the update finally hits!! xDDD



Rocky said:

Yes, it appears the original list was correct and not this new list.

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